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Don't know the name or who played in it since I saw it when I was much younger.


The story is about when women were shipped to the wilderness in Alaska to be "wives" for the trappers, who had previously paid for them. The women were usually convicts or have "immortal characters".

The local trading post handled the exchange of goods / services and was usually the one making the most money from the deal.

There was one big, mean, nasty, foul-smelling trapper who would come in for supplies and trade his furs. Everyone was afraid of him, even the shopkeeper and his wife.

They were the ones who handled all the trading of wives. The shopkeeper's wife was the one with the brains and greed. They had no children but had kept a young girl child rescued from the wilderness. She had witnessed her parents brutal murder by indians. The traumatic experience left her dumb. Now she was a young teen and treated as the shopkeepers personal servant.


The mean, nasty trapper had ordered a wife from the shopkeepers and had come to town to trade and collect his bride. Because he had showed up a few days after the bride-ship had already delivered its goods, and departed, the shopkeepers had re-sold his bride to another trapper. They were also gone.

The trapper was livid that he didn't get what he had already paid for and was ready to tear the trading post / town up.


To appease him, the shopkeepers wife gave him the mute girl.


I remember the whole story, and have never seen a remake of it. Does anyone else remember it?

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Hi Country, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you're thinking of the 1967 British film "The Trap" which was shot in Canada and starred Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham. I haven't seen this film since the 1970s. I would love to see it again, myself, as I recalled enjoying it a great deal.


Although, it's listed in Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide as having been released on VHS, I suspect that was a long time ago and is most likely out of print. I'm pretty sure it has never been released on DVD, at least under that title, in the United States. I did see a used VHS copy of it listed on Amazon for $50 if you want to see it bad enough.


It's sad that a lot of good films made and released by foreign or independent companies just seem to vanish.

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