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Beyond The Rocks

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That was a great movie! I've read the book(by Elinor Glyn),and I recall the settings being different,amongst some other things-it seems like I remember Theodora and Josiah honeymooning on the French Riviera,I don't recall anything about the Alps in the book. I need to go look at my copy. I remember one of the characters in the book always liking to listen to Russian gypsy music at the late suppers they were always having al fresco at some French restaurant.

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I was kind of iffy on the music track at first,but it grew on me as the movie progressed-it fit. A silent that I have from which I love the music is "Our Dancing Mothers" with Alice Joyce.She's pretty forgotten now,but she was very attractive,with huge brown eyes. I enjoyed her more than Clara Bow in that picture.

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Far from being a great movie. Not every silent movie is.


Strictly old-fashioned melodrama with a thin storyline, awfully coy performance by Gloria Swanson (garish make-up with cupid-bow lips), and accompanied by music that seemed totally inappropriate at times. The only performer who came across well was Valentino in one of his more natural performances.


I think it's great that these films can be restored, but this one was certainly not top of the shelf kind of stuff. No big loss if it was left adrift.


And what were we supposed to make of the ending? Her husband allows himself to take a bullet in the desert so she and Valentino can spend the rest of their lives together. What's the message here??? When you're old, you should kill yourself?

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daddysprimadonna: When you say "That was a great movie" I was under the impression you meant it was actually a great film. It wasn't. And that's the only point I was making.


As I said, not all the silent films were "great" or even deserved restoration, as many of the TCM showings have proven. When you sounded a bit overboard in your enthusiasm, I thought it was because you did consider the film itself "a great piece of classic cinema." Not.



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Then we agree, I just didn't express myself clearly:) I meant "that was a great movie",as in "that was an enjoyable movie", not as in "that was an awe-inspiring movie". Nope,all silent movies are not great. I quite enjoy lots of them that could never be considered great,simply because they're amusing or interesting for some tangential reason,like the clothes,the setting,a glimpse of the manners/mores of a former time,an off-the-wall subject,etc.

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