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ichi the killer a horror film?


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I was perviously posting about the subject of cult films, and was curious what is the very defintion of a horror film, i was curious what others think does a film like The Audtion, or ichi the killer? or the japanese guinea pig series fall into the horror category? to me a horror film is anything staring ben affleck and jenefer lopez in the same celluiod moment together lol

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Audition is definitely a horror film. Ichi, not so much. Probably more Sci-Fi. Though I can see why someone would see it as horror. I am a big Takashi Miike fan. The Guinea Pig series would be horror in the grand guignol fashion of extreme gore. A horror film should have the tension of something horrible happening or about to happen. Like waking up tomorrow and finding out that every movie on tv and in the theater has Bennifer in it. Chilling.

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Audition is most definitely horror. I remember that one part where he's talking to or just got done talking to Psycho Lady on the phone, she looks down, and that thing in the bag suddenly makes some godawful sound and jumps.


I must have jumped a foot off the bed, no movie has scared me like that in a while.Then, when the thing finally starts emerging from the bag near the end, I practically had one eye shut!


Ichi I would say is more a gory crime drama or something, but it's no horror film.

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