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Re-hash of 72's "Poseidon" is literally, all wet!


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(*-denotes Oscar) I know this re-make has been out for a couple of weeks-(has taken-in about: $40 some million. td) Not exactly a B.O. blockbuster, they wanted it to be


& the main reason I am reviewing this on here-(as opposed to the many other reg. type of new releases sites)

Is due, to TCM & it's marvelous addition-(actually started in early 03 with *Jack's "About Schmidt") Titled "This Month on TCM"-(P.S. If that is not correct title, please correct me)

When they show 1 or 2 new releases per month, playing at theaters & this lame re-make was-it for May)


To begin with I grew-up with "the disaster movie genre," literally Though 1972's "Poseidon Adventure" (***1/2-out of four) is arguably the best of the lot-(though Ebert & the late: Siskel, always voted for 1970's "Airport")

It's 2 time Oscar winner: *Gene Hackman's, underrated work in the original, that really puts it over, for me anyway.-(likely aken 4-granted, due to it's special effects)

& '74's tacky at times-(subplots) "Towering Inferno" (***)-(which actually made more $$$ than any of them) Was also a fav. of mine, as a kid due to: Steve McQueen-(1930-80) & he, at that stage, was also my hero/Idol & or Role Model,etc-(age 9 to 15)-(TRIVIA: He & *Newman, actually fought over top-billing & given, most read from left to right Steve, said it was cool. If you notice, their names are literally side by side on opening credits)


For starters, this has nobody even in his (or *Hackman's) league this time-out-(sadly, fellow Oscar winner: *Richard Dreyfuss, has what amounts to a payday of sorts, here? & a good actor: Andre Braugher, also coulda' phoned-n his role)

I like K. Russell, ok, but he's not exactly a heavyweight actor & they of course, cast gals fav. Josh Lucas, to help bring in the girls. Plus, the closest this huge production has to a female star, is "Phantom of the 0pera" lead: Emmy Rossum?

As for it's visual effects-(cgi) they are of course strong enough

Any filmmaker these days, doing anything such as this on the water, has to have some degree of guts. Given, *"Titanic" (1997) raised the bar about as high as it can possibly be!

Wolfgang Peterson, fared much-better & on the water too-(plus under-it) with his superb 1982 "Das Boot" I was letdown-(though, didn;t have high expectations for this one to start with)

However, when I saw he was behind the camera, it looked to be a better situation?

Also, helming 1993's terrific at every point: "In the Line of Fire"

The '72 version was nommed for 8 Academy Awards-(winning 1 for the now famous song: "The Morning After") & a special non-competitive 1 for it's special effects.

The fairly recently gone: *Shelley Winters-(1920-95) was it's sole acting contender

Don't expect such treatment with this epic though

Maybe not even a technical shot?


Overall, not a lousy movie, but one that just lays there & is immediately forgotten, shortly after leaving the theatre


(**-out of 4 stars)


Thank You


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