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Coop made a lot of silent and early talkies but only few same ones are shown over an over again. Do those other films still exist or have they all been lost forever?

If they are still aroung how about giving us a treat for his next b-day celeb and breakin out some things we haven't ever seen again?

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There is the issue of who holds the rights. Coop spent the most part of the late silent, early talkie time at Paramount, so TCM can only lease these films, the silents, if they still exist, from Paramount, and the talkies from Universal, who bought them in the late 40's from Paramount.

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I just saw Design for Living and was bowled over by how handsome and how funny Gary Cooper was. When I think of Gary Cooper, serious movies like High Noon instantly come to mind.


Design for Living was a real treat. Can anyone out there recommend other early Cooper movies that would be in the same vein.


I've never seen any of his silents but I do remember from one viewing how moving his performance was in A Farewell to Arms.

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