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A play/movie - on a ship


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Everyone here has been great tracking down what I consider obscure info on movies from my past that I thought I'd try one more...


I saw this as a child in the early 60's, but I haven't seen it since. It took place on a ship (a cruise ship, I believe) and the people on the ship would each go into a room where a character (God?) would talk to (interview?) them about their lives.


The ship was actually going on a one way trip to eternity - again, I'm relying on a faint memory.


Then somewhere in the last 10 years I saw an advertisement for a 'revival' of a play that seemed strangely similar in plot. Anyone?

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Once again, late to the party.


I really, really wish I had seen that. I remember it as a 'kind of eerie' movie. I'm always curious as to my reactions when re-viewing a movie after so many years.


Perhaps it will appear again.


Has anyone seen it and thought it to be good?

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Epiphany! I just realized that the movie TCM recently play was not Outward Bound, but rather Between Two Worlds. This latter movie (featuring John Garfield, Paul Henried, Eleanor Parker, Sidney Greenstreet, Sara Allgood, Georges Couloris and Tobias) is a remake of the Outward Bound.

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