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So..... is "Ted" Cruz Insane?


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Somewhere in another thread, I said he was. I believe it was SansFin who quipped in response "you say that like it's a bad thing".


Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. I suppose it all depends on whether you agree with his extreme vision for the U.S.


Here's a basic recap of that vision. As Johnny Carson might have said, "wild, wild stuff".





In contrast to most candidates that run for president, Ted Cruz has a clear vision for the future of the country. The problem for many Americans is that it is a terrifying vision.


Contrary to what Cruz believes, what is best for America is not best for the world, as evidenced by recent polls that show the United States is seen around the globe as the greatest threat to world peace.


- Garry Leech

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He could be the first american president to say ay.


You raised him, you made him nuts.


Poor little Rafael, taken to Texas where no Canadian should ever go. The dumb-down is just too severe from the natal intelligence Canadians have as a birthright. You end up with your customary intelligence quotient, but completely looney-tunes from being immersed in a pool of miseducated Texans through way too much of your life.

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I think Ted Cruz may be insane. I fear him much more than I fear Trump.  I understand Trump -- he's merely another repulsive New York City landlord who tries to BS his way to what he wants. And I know there are many poor slobs who fall for that approach. But Cruz is scary!


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So, if one wants America to progress along with the rest of the world (unlike Marco Rubio) would it suit democrats to go up against Ted Cruz in November because he should be easier to beat? 


Always hard to predict something like that, but it might be easier to beat him.  And one could always play "The Canadian Card." But if it's Cruz vs. Sanders, that would be even more difficult to predict. 

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