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Your Favourite Performances from 1929 to present are...


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I've been looking forward to seeing Craig's Wife and Anthony Adverse for what seems to be like my entire life.


And I really have had my interest piqued in Desire and Beloved Enemy.


I saw the Garden of Allah several years ago on DVD; it was a real sensual movie without much substance. But you really must see Basil Rathbone in this unusual role.


I can't say much for Dodsworth or Come and Get It - - each has some good parts to it but for the most part I thought they were stodgy and in need of some good editing. What little I liked in Dodsworth came from Mary Astor - - I followed her career right to the end and it was fabulous at the end.


The ill-fated Frances Farmer was the best thing in Come and Get-- she had a great deal of potential.


I know my memory is fading on Rembrandt, so I must see it again.



**1936 I think was the best year for tap dancing--Fred Astaire scored in Swing Time with Bojangles of Harlem and Eleanor Powell scored with Swinging the Jinx Away in Born To Dance. They really were the first two tap dancers in the movies to bring the technique of ballet into complicated and sophisticated tap dance routines. For which some people were thrilled about and others really just hated it. But by doing so, they paved the way for Gene Kelly in the 40s.

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Before we hit 1937 I would just like to mention that I am going with that year with regards Jean Renoir’s film, Grand Illusion.  It was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1938 but released in 1937.  

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I do too. I just thought the idea of him being punished for not following rules by sending him off to be Robert Taylor's leading lady in Knights of the Round table or by him becoming the head of William Powell in the photo captioning thread too good to pass up.


However, in that I screwed up my list of to-see films, I am taking my punishment and watching Knights of the Round table....sometime....




"Zounds! Madame, I hopeth you but jest about yon Sir Larry being my leading lady here. Me thinketh me prefers fair Ava. And yet, gadzooks, even with her, what those foul mouthed film scribes said about this Arthurian epic - "a knights in armor clanker that moves like a clunker."


"Aw, those critics - a festering collection of be-slobbering, beef-witted bum-baileys!"

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Sorry Bogie, I'm going rogue and posting my 1937 now.  


I got the threads mixed up and compiled my list in the wrong thread.


Winners in BOLD




Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (mostly because of the Wicked Queen and Dopey.  Snow White is probably my least favorite Princess.  Prince Florian ranks low on the hot Disney prince meter for me too).


Stella Dallas

The Awful Truth

Double Wedding

Green Light

Black Legion

Nothing Sacred

Stage Door


I picked 'Snow White' as best picture, not because it's my absolute favorite from this year, but because it was the most innovative picture made that year.




William Powell, Double Wedding

Humphrey Bogart, Black Legion

Cary Grant, The Awful Truth

Cary Grant, Topper

Roland Young, Topper




Irene Dunne, The Awful Truth

Barbara Stanwyck, Stella Dallas

Katharine Hepburn, Stage Door

Carole Lombard, Nothing Sacred

Constance Bennett, Topper




Asta, The Awful Truth

Ralph Bellamy, The Awful Truth

Humphrey Bogart, Kid Galahad

Walter Connelly, Nothing Sacred

Errol Flynn, The Prince and the Pauper




Anne Shirley, Stella Dallas

Andrea Leeds, Stage Door

Lucille Ball, Stage Door

Ann Sheridan, Black Legion

Judy Garland, Broadway Melody of 1938




Errol Flynn in the title role in The Perfect Specimen




13-year old Judy Garland singing "You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do it)" to a photo of Clark Gable in Broadway Melody of 1938




The ladies in Stage Door (Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Andrea Leeds, Lucille Ball, Ann Miller, Constance Collier, Eve Arden)




Ann Miller.  At 14, she produced a fake birth certificate to appear in this film.  It's very impressive that she can hold her own dancing alongside Ginger Rogers in Stage Door.




Eve Arden--who sports a live cat wrap through much of Stage Door.




Barbara Stanwyck in Stella Dallas




Joan Fontaine, trying to hold her own with Fred Astaire in The Damsel in Distress

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I fear the wrath of King Bogie, so I will wait until tomorrow.


See earlier posts in this thread about how Lawrence's attempts to decide for himself what Topper actors were supporting vs. lead led to an interesting decision bout how to deal with this.


I came up with an idea



Of course, knowing you are not a fan of Robert Taylor.......



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Top 10 rules of Bogie's thread:



1. Thou shalt mention only categories related to the year in the thread title.


2. Thou shalt list winners according to the lead/supporting opinion of Bogie.


3. Thou shalt ignore the Oscar year ruling.


4. Thou shalt use this thread as a way to list as long a list of movies as possible in the to-see thread.


5.Thou shalt be awed by the way Bogie always remembers the name of the roles played.


6. Thou shalt consider the fact that those of us like myself who type with one often screw up and hit the wrong button before hitting enter and therefore follow the rules of Bogie for the sake of bad typing skills.


7.  Thou shalt always list silly categories that we have invented ourselves.


8. Thou shalt consider punishment for not following rules watching the movie Knights of the Round Table  24 hours a day.


9. Thou shalt consider the fact that Bogie and Lawrence often list obscure movies whose names I do not know.


10.  Thou shalt hope that Bogie has a good sense of humour.

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Dear Bogie: I promise that I shall seriously try to comply to these rules because I think the fine of watching a Robert Taylor period costume movie is cruel and unusual punishment.


But it's a great way to keep your subjects in line.


As a princess - - even though I'm just a princess of the buck and wing-- I think I would have threatened my subjects with--


Tony Curtis in the Black Shield of Falworth or Paul Newman in The Silver Chalice-- but these are only alternate suggestions, nothing really beats Robert Taylor in The Knights.

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It’s time for 1937.  We will be on 1937 for one week so plenty of time for everyone to respond.


Here are Oscar’s choices for 1937.  Winners in bold. 


1937 Oscars


Best Actor


Spencer Tracy, Captains Courageous*  

Charles Boyer, Conquest

Fredric March, A Star Is Born

Robert Montgomery, Night Must Fall

Paul Muni, The Life of Emile Zola


Best Actress


Luise Rainer, The Good Earth*  

Irene Dunne, The Awful Truth

Greta Garbo, Camille  (1936)

Janet Gaynor, A Star Is Born 

Barbara Stanwyck, Stella Dallas


Best Supporting Actor


Joseph Schildkraut, The Life of Emile Zola*  

Ralph Bellamy, The Awful Truth

Thomas Mitchell, The Hurricane

H.B. Warner, Lost Horizon

Roland Young, Topper


Best Supporting Actress


Alice Brady, In Old Chicago*  

Andrea Leeds, Stage Door

Anne Shirley, Stella Dallas

Claire Trevor, Dead End

Dame May Whitty, Night Must Fall


I will comment on Roland Young and Dame May Whitty’s nominations in the next post.

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Bogie's Rules?  I should have Michael Palin read this in his faux female royal voice....


Leading vs. Supporting Categories (IMHO)…


In 1937, Oscar put Dame May Whitty in the Supporting Actress category for Night Must Fall.  I think she was clearly the leading actress in this film.

Roland Young probably belongs in the lead actor category for Topper.  His part was equal to if not more central than Cary Grant’s.  No doubt he ended up in the Oscar supporting category due to billing.


"Rules?  Do not speak to me of rules!"

- Colonel Sato.  The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

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Best Juvenile Performances of 1937       (my choices shall be in preferential order from now on)


The Dead End Kids (Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell, Bernard Punsly)


Dead End ****


Mickey Rooney  Captains Courageous

Deanna Durbin  One Hundred Men and a Girl

Freddie Bartholomew  Captains Courageous



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The following are my performance picks for 1937, in approximate order of preference:





Fredric March, A STAR IS BORN

Ronald Colman, LOST HORIZON


Charles Boyer, CONQUEST


Honourable Mention: Roland Young in Topper, Robert Montgomery in Night Must Fall, Victor Moore in Make Way for Tomorrow, Charles Boyer in History Is Made At Night, Ronald Colman in Prisoner of Zenda, Fredric March in Nothing Sacred, Paul Muni in Life of Emile Zola, Claude Rains in They Won't Forget, Henry Fonda in You Only Live Once.





Katharine Hepburn, STAGE DOOR

Carole Lombard, NOTHING SACRED


Barbara Stanwyck, STELLA DALLAS


Honourable Mention: Jean Arthur in History Is Made at Night, Luise Rainer in The Good Earth, Bette Davis in Marked Woman, Sylvia Sidney in You Only Live Once, Greta Garbo in Conquest.




Douglas Fairbanks Jr., PRISONER OF ZENDA

Walter Connolly, NOTHING SACRED

Joseph Schildkraut, LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA

Humphrey Bogart, DEAD END



Honourable Mention: Alan Hale in Stella Dallas, Thomas Mitchell in The Hurricane, Adolphe Menjou in Stage Door, Ralph Bellamy in The Awful Truth, Charles Winninger in Nothing Sacred, Lionel Barrymore in Captains Courageous, James Finlayson in Way Out West, Eduardo Ciannelli in Marked Woman, Adolphe Menjou in A Star Is Born, C. Aubrey Smith in Prisoner of Zenda, Jean Hersholt in Heidi.




Dame May Whitty, NIGHT MUST FALL


Andrea Leeds, STAGE DOOR

Claire Trevor, DEAD END



Honourable Mention: Mary Astor in The Hurricane, Marjorie Main in Dead End.




Freddie Bartholomew, CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS




Best Synergy of the Year:


Freddie Bartholomew & Spencer Tracy, CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS


Honourable Mention: Irene Dunne & Cary Grant in The Awful Truth.


Best Film Ensemble:




Best Dance Moves of the Year (Outside of Fred and Ginger):


Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, WAY OUT WEST






Most Heart Breakingly Honest Film of the Year Award:



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Great choices, Tom. You'll see many repeated with my lists. You also have very few films I haven't seen, for a change. Way Out West, Heidi, History Is Made at Night, and They Won't Forget are the only ones.  And Fire Over England I have taped, but haven't watched yet.

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Just a note here about one of my choices: Dame May Whitty as supporting actress in NIGHT MUST FALL. I read Bogie's statement that he considers her performance to be a lead role in that film, and a very good case can be made for that position. Dame May is definitely in the film a lot.


However, and this is where I stacked the deck, I admit, she gives such a great performance in that role, in my opinion, that I wanted to give her an award. If she had been in my best actress category she wouldn't have won it, therefore I put in in support.


But for those posters who categorize her in the best actress category, I more than understand.


Also, in anticipation of this week's performances, I watched Stella Dallas for the first time last week. Stanwyck gives a lovely performance, which I acknowledged. But I was also impressed by Alan Hale as her happy-go-lucky friend, whose company with her causes some friction within her family. Nobody ever seems to talk about his performance, the emphasis always being upon Babs. But I think Hale gave her great support, and I placed his portrayal high up on my Honourable Mentions List.

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  • Bogie56 changed the title to Your Favourite Performances from 1929 to present are...

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