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Race & Hollywood Series


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The Race & Hollywood Series is a wonderful series that TCM has been doing for the month of May. As a bi-racial woman (father black, mother white), I have been intrigued by some of the story lines- especially dealing with light skinned blacks "passing" back in the day."


I find it sad, though, to watch and see how racist hollywood was, but I guess it was only a reflection of society. I bet G-d is up there shaking His figurative head at the inhumanity and ridiculousness of humankind.


Keep up the good work, Ted & Company.


Ps. Love those Betty Davis flicks, too!

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I was disappointed tonight with the "expert" discussion regarding some of tonight's films. In particular, the identification of Shaft and Superfly as pioneer films. Before there were either of these films there were: Putney Swope and Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song. The success of these films both critically and at the box office paved the way for the others.

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I'll probably get villified for this, but I have found alot of the discussion during the "Race And Hollywood" thing to be dull and annoying. Frankly, Bogle is a bore. There also seems to be a thread of guilt-mongering in some of it. True, many of these films were groundbreaking works, either for good or ill. However, I dislike the tone of trying to make White people today feel somehow guilty for what was done to/vis-a-vis Blacks on film, sometimes as much as 79 years ago. How precisely do the attitudes of then, whatever they may have been, impact me, now? If we want a truly color-blind society, we need to stop dredging up the less-than-stellar aspects of the past, and repeatedly rehashing them over and over again ad nauseum. Let's move forward.

P.S. Man, can Lena Horne belt 'em out!

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