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Christie to bow out


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I knew the guy was a phony many months ago. first he gets in right after trump.


talk about trump-envy. then he says something really out there like he hadn't been ready to run until now. was he kidding? there was talk of drafting him since 2012.


but he wasn't ready to run until 2015? inexplicable nonsense.


the simple fact is that chris christie missed the boat. he had his chance and he let it pass.


christie quite possibly coulda eclipsed donald trump earlier on if he had had a strong no-nonsense populist message like trump but he blew it by being to subservient to a bleeped-up gop establishment.


it woulda taken real guts (and he certainly has that) for him to have challenged the gop establishment and plug in to some of the anger that trump has exploited but ultimately this former federal prosecutor made the mistake of playing it too safe by not knocking the gop establishment.


a wasted run that he shoulda made much earlier.


schtootz. :)

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