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gender swapping a tv show?

Susan Hopkins

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I'm thinking of writing a story based on an old sitcom. Can i float my idea past you guys and get your opinion on it? 

I'm trying to write a story set in the world of the sixties sitcom "My Three Sons". I'm planning to explore what would happen if Robbie, Chip and Ernie were magically turned into girls, especially if it were just before the California-set years (as opposed to the Bryant Park-set years) - I can just imagine Chip getting excited about California but forgetting his transformed body - "Sun, sand, bikini girls - wait, I don't want to wear a bikini!". 


On the one hand, the new girls won't want to be asked out by anyone they know, so they won't want to stay in Bryant Park, but, on the other hand, they'll be aware of how girls are treated in the California beach culture.

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In the spirit of the old "exposure to radiation and experiments give you superpowers", i was thinking of this: Their father is an engineer and the sons get exposed to experimental fuel or other magical liquid material and get transformed into girls. A gender swap of teenagers (and at least one of the sons is almost an adult at this point) is not inherently perverted as they are all legally able to work and one could even drive legally IIRC. 

I plan to explore the clash between wholesome sixties sitcom and the toxic for girls 1960s California beach culture. .


I might even try to get it published. Even if I have to use names like "Doug Steveless" and "Uncle Chuckie"


Here's my planned dialogue for one scene after the transformation. Tell me what you think: 


Steve Douglas directed his frown at Uncle Charley, before looking at no on in particular, just the calculations he was making. "Now, I have an opportunity for a promotion. That will mean a substantial raise. It means a move. To our California plant. 


"California," Robbie said. 


"Beach girls! Bikinis! Chip echoed. 


"I don't want to wear a bikini!" Ernie said. 


"Oh, that's right," Robbie said, hitting a brick wall..

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