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Hillary Playing the Victim Card is a Betrayal


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So says feminist Alexa Sue Amore.


Young, female progressives are perfectly aware that while Clinton paints herself as the target of a smear campaign, we are in fact the ones being patronized and condescended to by Clinton and her prominent female supporters.


"Whenever Sanders confronts her about her record, Clinton casts herself as the victim of a sexist brand of male condescension. Her defensive, faux-feminist tone derails meaningful conversation about the factual political differences between the two candidates, undercutting young women’s ability to meaningfully participate in the political process.


By cultivating an underdog persona, Clinton sends a harmful message that women in politics are too weak to participate in meaningful debate, and that female viewers will be too caught up in the glorious prospect of a female president to notice her reluctance to discuss the objectionable parts of her record.


As the self-proclaimed victim of a smear campaign, she wallows in, rather than overcomes, the male-dominated political establishment, insensitively invoking women’s shared experiences of sexism to avoid talking about issues.


Clinton and her supporters frequently downplay Sanders’ progressive agenda as too idealistic, while touting the conviction that the symbolic act of electing a female president will substantially improve women’s lives across the country. Many young women simply aren’t buying into this propaganda.


Far from signaling women’s triumph over a patriarchal establishment, Clinton’s election to the presidency would symbolize that a woman can only win the general election by compromising her integrity in compliance with a rigged campaign finance system that serves the same corrupt political forces that have subordinated women and people of color for generations."


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