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help - one more time


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This board has been so good I thought I would try for an obscure movie one more time.


It's an old B&W that was shown on Christmas Day oh..., maybe 15 years ago.


All I can remember is that much of it took place in an old colonial type house with the screen door/porch, etc. and the catch was that there was this tree in the back yard. The tree was either the 'Tree of Life' - or the 'Tree of Death'. I can't remember which. If you touched it, I think you would die soon (I think). Near the end of the movie, a character touched the tree and ends up climbing up into it. As long as that person stayed in the tree he/she wouldn't die, so the person plans on staying there so he/she won't die.


It sounds crazy, but that's what I remember about it. Anyone?

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I think it's 1939's "On Borrowed Time" with Lionel Barrymore and Bobs Watson and Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Mr.Brink an agent of Death.

Try here:http://tcmdb.com/search.jsp?methodName=allSearch&keyword=onborrowedtime&Go.x=10&Go.y=17

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