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Ironically, as I attempt-(if it takes?) to post this very, very, serious of motion picture topics The 1951 release-(obviously chopped-up), that literally sent the legendary: L.B. Mayer-(1885-1957) packing, after 27 years as "Mogul of Moguls" at M-G-M is playing & on TCM *J. Huston's own favorite "Red Badge of Courage"

NY, put Oscar winner-(Best writing "Boys Town' '38) *Dore Schary-(1905-80), entirely in charge. Mr. 0sborne, earlier, filled-in those watching on the rest, a wee-bit. It wasn't just this powerful Civil-War film, but the 2 had disagreements-(putting it mildly) starting a few yrs prior


However, I wanted to suggest a few other: "Memorable Memorial Day Movies" that folks can either rush & rent-(check 1st if on DVD/VHS,etc) Or, for anytime.

As much as I love this station It has mostly focused on the biggest war to date, that is>WW11. But, there's nothing on Vietnam-(the longest war this country has ever been involved-in: 1964-75) & it's difficult to find cinema on Korea-(1950-53)(always a running joke. The marvelous tv series was on from 1972-83, but, we were only involved for 3yrs?)

& strangely, "The Revolutionary War, has hardly been covered by Tinsel-Town?




(Revolutionary war motion pictures):

"The Patriot" (2000) (**1/2-out of 4) (As I noted, there are far & few between on this one. Please submit any others? This epic, starring *Mel Gibson, was worth a look, but not a heavyweight. *J. Williams, of course, earned another Oscar nod. for his grand music He's now the most nominated individual-(just passed *Walt Disney)of all-time!


You gotta' include *"The Duke!" In between: "The Alamo" (1960) (UA) (Mostly known, as being *John Wayne's directorial debut.-(his 2nd & last '68's "Green Berets" is literally a mess?) & as most fans know, he was basically copying his mentor: *J. Ford's style here. & it's a fine war-epic *** at best. However, it's not exactly "The Searchers" & or *Ford's own superbly somber 1945 WW2 film "They Were Expendable"-(also starring: "The Duke") Still, it was nommed for BP?

It's 2004 re-make, was not even as strong as this one.



"The Red Badge of Courage" (1951)-(see above)

"Glory" (1989) (Another underrated by the A.M.P.A.S. release. Sure, it won 3, but wasn't even up for the biggie that year? *D. Washington took home his 1st "Golden Boy"-(s. actor) & it's phenomnal score was ignored, by: *James Horner?)

"Gettysburg" (1993) (***1/2) (Originally a tv mini-series. But, Ted Turner-(look fast for a cameo) Released it to theaters & at 248min-(or 254min). This is the longest I ever went & saw-(had intermisson) It took 10yrs for a sequel

2003's only ok at best "Gods & Generals" (*Duvall, replaced M. Sheen as Gen. Robert E. Lee.) This made more then 1st though? At $8m & 15m. respectively. A 3rd novel is slated by WB's to film "Last Full Measure"

"The General" (1927) (I know it seems silly. However, this is among all-time great comedies. With: B. Keaton, at his zenith!)


(WW1 or for yrs> "The Great War):

"The Big Parade" (1925) (MGM) (silent) (John Gilbert, at his own shortly lived pinnacle.

They of course didn't have Academy as yet, but if they did, this likely woulda' won)

*"All Quiet on the Western Front" (1930) (Univ.) (USA Today's Mike Clark, did a superb 2002 Oscar pc.-(inc BP poster & all!) & even conducted a poll, of readers pix, as all-time best Best Picture winners. Mr. Clark, voted 4- this 1 himself! It was an anniversary edition, due to it being: 75th Academy Awards!)

"Paths of Glory" ('57) (1 of the great war-pix, & in anytime & by a then 29yr old: Kubrick!)

TCM of course already aired '41's "S. York" (WB's)

& for us Irish & *Cagney-fans:

"The Fighting 69th" (1940) (WB) (***)-(based on an actual regiment)



(Honorable-mention)>the majority of vets, have generally cited 3 movies as being the most accurate: 1945's "Story of G.I. Joe"-(turned out to be legendary R. Mitchum's sole acting nom?)/ "Battleground" (1949) (MGM)-(also, pt of the Mayer vs *Schary bout) & of course:"Saving Pvt. Ryan" (1998)


*"Best Years of 0ur Lives" (1946) (RKO/Goldwyn)-(I;ve always compared this superb & time Oscar sweeper & mammoth hit, to "Coming Home" (1978) when it came to vietnam. Reasoning: No battle scenes in either)

*"From Here to Eternity" (1953) (TCM is airing this 1 of course. However, there's a fairly good 1979 tv mini-series, you may find in "Movies Unlimited" or elsewhere It starred: Natalie Wood, in D.Kerr's role & covered most of the novel. However, not a great as the '53 version.)-(P.S. To you TCM-ITES out there. Please let me know if you've ever seen or heard of this mini-series? I recently taped it from Lifetime)

"The Great Escape" (1963)-(Given, they are re-making "D. Dozen" This may be next? Almost, more of an Adventure epic & based on a true story!)

*"Schindler's List" (1993)-(This almost stands "ALONE!" An utterly brilliant motion picture on every level & a *Spielberg companion pc to "Pvt. Ryan")(AFI ranked it #9th)



"M*A*S*H" (1970) (as cited, they have dropped the ball on this war? *Bogie, made a fairly-flat '53 1 "Battle Curcus")



"Go Tell the Spartans" (1978) (***1/2) (I listed this, mainly due to-it being U.S. earliest involvement in the nam-(1964) Plus, it's a very good 1 *Lancaster stars & it had misfortune of coming out same yr as both *"The Deer Hunter" & the forementioned: "C. Home")

*"Platoon" (1986)-(listing this, as opposed to what I personally rate as greatest war-epic ever: "Apocalypse Now" '79 Reason: Most say it's the most on the $$$ as far as accuracy is concerned. Plus, it's truly a tremendous flick. I rarely, if ever, go to a new release (3 times!)



"Courage Under Fire" (1996) (***1/2)-(Very underrated & powerful look at the '91 war Stars: *D. Washington-(terrif again) However, many may be surprised how strong: Meg Ryan is here, as a medic?)

(FINAL NOTE: There was a powerhouse FX tv series, titled: "Over-There" I read it was given the axe in "EW" though. S. Bochco, produced this & it was stronger then most theatrical releases. It's on dvd. & please, on this "Memorial Day Weekend" With the likes of typical summer cinema-(mainly, a $$$ machine) Like: "MIP: 3" /"Poseidon" & the strangely lifeless: "Da Vinci-Code" The powerful "United: 93" is excellent & these

folks were obviously "True Heroes!" It's barely making $30m. too?


Thank You


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"Gettysburg" (1993) (***1/2) (Originally a tv mini-series. But, Ted Turner-(look fast for a cameo) Released it to theaters & at 248min-(or 254min). This is the longest I ever went & saw-(had intermisson) It took 10yrs for a sequel

2003's only ok at best "Gods & Generals" (*Duvall, replaced M. Sheen as Gen. Robert E. Lee.)


I didn't know that Gettysburg was supposed to be a TV movie, but always thought that Sheen's performance as Lee, was that of a TV one, at best. The beards were definitely what you'd expect from TV. Duvall was so superior as Lee in God and Generals, but the portrayal of Stonewall Jackson was very out of character from Jackson himself, and it hurt the movie.


Gettysburg was based on Michael Shaara's novel, The Killer Angels. Gods and Generals, was based on a book written by Michael's son, Jeff, who also wrote, The Last Full Measure. I recommend all three, highly. Also, Jeff Shaara's, Gone For Soldiers, about the Mexican war where the cast of the Civil War all fought together.


Jeff Shaara also wrote a two-book historical account of The American Revolution, The Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious Cause, written in the same vein as his and his father's civil war books. I'd love to see movies made of those.

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Great post spencer and a good summary of some other films appropriate for this weekend's lineup. It must be pretty difficult being the programmer for Memorial Day every year given the number of war movies available in the library.

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I really liked Gettysburg (once you got over the beards). The movie was long but coming right after the Ken Burns/PBS documentary, it helped visualize a great deal. Amazing how such an important battle began because of shoes. I often wonder if Lee would have lost that battle had Stonewall not been shot and died while riding the picket line after an earlier battle. I also really liked the book.


Richard Jordan died shortlyafter his role was completed. He had signed on to be in "The Fugitive" and his death meant they had to recast his role in that film.


The whole Jeff Daniels/Lawrence Chamberlin sequence has stayed with me for over ten years. The musical score is very good as well, done by Randy Edelman (The Dragon, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr and lots of Olympics music).


I haven't seen "Gods an Generals" yet but it is on my Netflicks list.

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Lee really screwed up in that battle, and for all Longstreet's protesting the battle plans, he was the one the south blamed for losing it for years after. I also wonder how that battle, or the war, would have turned out if Jackson hadn't been killed. It was a bit of luck for the north, that his own men shot him. I was hoping that Gods and Generals would show his eccentric quirks. It's good over all, it just doesn't capture Jackson. But you get plenty more of Chamberlain, who I also liked in the movies and books.

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To Izcutter, first & foremost, thank you about "The TCM Challenge!"-(NOTE: However, though this is thee grandest of all. I cover sev. websites & especially at Oscar time & near to-it anyway)


I've never really checked-it out Can you believe that?-(P.S. to Izcutter, path & Mongo,etc)


Please do drop me a personal line & just fill me in on exactly what it is? If it's trivia Then thats my main dish!?


Matter of fact I hope to open own website titled: www.oscartraxxandtrivia.com



Please let me know though, ok


& I wanted to chime back in here & cite what: Winston Churchill-(1874-1965)

cited, as more of an inspiration to the British people, then any of his speeches

I'm of course speaking of 1942's Oscar sweeping: *"Mrs.Miniver" (M-G-M)(***1/2)

(& speaking of fun-facts & trivia. However, the subject matter is not!

During filming of same yrs superb: "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (Warner Bros.)

Pearl was attacked & *Cagney, after hearing it via radio. Told entire production,etc That I think it's time for a prayer & swore, to then make the most patriotic motion picture up to that stage of the game!


However, the forementioned *"Mrs. Miniver" swept 6 Oscars & "Yankee Doodle" took home 3-(though, as many know on here. During those WW2 years The Academy gave out placques, as opposed to regular "Golden Stattues"-(they were later able to turn theirs in & get the "Golden Boy," though *Jimmy Stewart, kept his sole Oscar in his fathers hardware store, for about 20yrs until he passed away. He's also the most highly decorated movie-star to serve as well!-(Of course Audie Murphy-(1924-71) was not in Hollywood as yet) Though the 6'3 & 1/2 & only 139lb *Jimmy, had to put on at least 10 more lbs to even join? He stayed in, until 1968 though)


As for '93's "Gettysburg" Yeah, the beards were a tad tacky-(especially: Tom Berenger's) But, 1 can tell it was made for television, due to lack of blood-(ala: "Glory")


Thanks again!


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Again, to Izcutter, I think, given the fact that :Gettysburg," was originally a made for television mini-series The staid AMPAS, completely "snubbed-it" & it's score in particular


It seems all that Ken Burns does is exceptional.


As a kid, I was able to visit the actual "Gettysburg"

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The TCM Challenge was started by Path. The basic premise is to schedule a week of TCM programming following the same rules as TCM programmer.


This month we have been running the Return of the Holiday TCM Challenge which was to program a week that included a major holiday. We have had some wonderful schedules posted over on the thread.


That Challenge ends tonight at midnight. Voting for the schedule will begin later this week or early next week.


The winner of the Holiday Challenge will then be the host of the next challenge and be responsible for the theme and running of the challenge.


It's alot of fun putting together a week's worth of programming and TCM Programmer has posted that he is watching the Challenge threads and will be using some of the ideas that we have all come up with.


If you have a minute, take a look at the thread. If you are intriqued, I invite you to join us for the next Challenge and will be sure to let you know when it is .

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