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Should I even bother posting that my screen goes dark every 2 min?


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If you would care to give me some info (what device you're using, iOS, what version, does it happen all the time, or just to specific movies, and anything else you can think of) I can pass that info along. 


There are several posts in threads on this (and other) TCM board/s that have provided some pretty detailed information as to what problems they (we) are experiencing and on what types of devices, etc.

Can I (we) make an assumption that you are also "passing that info along" to "whomever"?


I feel pretty confident that you have viewed at least some of my posts on this subject.

It sure would be "nice" if "somebody" (anybody) at TCM (other than yourself) demonstrated that they actually share our concerns by actually responding to us.... Any of us.... Even one of us!


I have been a member of these boards for many years, and a TCM fan and supporter for several more.... but this lack of TCM responsiveness to their own "Contact Us" sites has turned into a real sore spot for both myself and many more of us here.





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Agree, tcm doesn't care about the terrible platform it has for streaming movies on demand.  It has only been getting worse and worse in the last year or so I've been watching movies on demand,  to the point that more often than not, the movies are unwatchable. 


Just about half an hour ago (1:00 pm PST) Bachelor Mother froze at the tcm intro!  When I watched The Americanization of Emily on Friday it took twice as long, at least, as the actual running time, because I had to keep backing up and restarting every few minutes.  As I posted elsewhere I don't have this problem on amazon instant video or even with movies on youtube.  Just tcm.  And it happens with every kind of device, computer, browser and cable provider--that is abundantly clear from reading the all the many forum threads on these issues.


So having a moderator come on and ask the same old questions about what kind of computer/device, blah blah blah is beyond infuriating.  Just admit that tcm is out of its depth with its streaming platform--you've taken something on that you clearly do not have the resources to provide.


So either fix it or drop it.  But don't keep pretending that it is anything other than a tcm problem.

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I have a Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1.


The movies will go dark after 20-30 seconds if you don't touch the screen to keep it awake.  The sound will return in about 5 seconds and keep going with the screen remaining off.


It seems to happen with all movies, live and archive.  I am watching Spartacus live at this moment.  A minute ago I tried the archived Battleground.  All with the same result.

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