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Whaddya say?


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This has nothing to do with politics, so it might be removed.


The last non political thread I tried was!  :wacko:


Anyway....this has to do with those otherwise simple and familiar words that many people seem to mispronounce and nobody minds it, really, but it still happens...

(note:, parts of words in caps is only to point out the mistake made, not any sort of accent or it being said louder than the rest of the word)


The first on my list is one I've mentioned a few times as a personal "peeve".


SHERBET:--many people still say "sher-BERT", and nobody else seems to notice.


TONSILS:  I've heard plenty pronounce it TOWN-sils....


HORSERADISH:--How often have you heard people say;--HORSH-radish?


We had just been through what I STILL hear people, many even full grown adults, call---


VALENTIMES day.  Not Valen-TINE'S day!


I also know some who say---


PUNK-in pie, not PUMP-kin.


Both my current wife and my ex, plus several others I met, reduce to one syllable the word---


MIRROR--and say MEER.


And I've met people who inform me they have a TOE-let in their house, and not a toilet( toy-let).


My brother-in-law just yesterday told me he had a BLOW-nee sandwich for lunch.  not bologna, which in lunchmeat vernacular is pronounced  "Bah-low-nee".


Know of any others?



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Sometimes it's hard to break a bad habit of mispronunciation.


For me, it's the word "mischievous". When I read the word, it's always pronounced properly in my mind (miss cha viss).


But when I speak the word, I always say "miss chee vee us", and then exclaim "damn it, I did it again!"

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My wife used to catch me saying "heighth" instead of just "height" and would correct me, but I've gotten better with this and now make it a point to leave off that "h" whenever I say this word.


I used to tell her, "Well, why is there no continuity here? Wouldn't you think if it's 'length and width', why shouldn't the third dimension be called 'heighth' ?"


(...ah, but such is this crazy hodgepodge of a language known as "English"...there's little if any continuity at all in it) 

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1.  NIP:  got to have the "y" in whaddya, otherwise it makes no sense.  It is a corruption of the compressed three words, "what do you".


2.  GregorypPeckfan: " 'nuff said "  is also a deliberate corruption of "enough said" and can't really be counted as a mispronounciation in this case as the examples I'm looking for are NOT done intentionally.


3.  Vautrin:  Odd one on your Dad.  I usually hear "CHIM-blee"---the "b" clearly said, as the mistake.


As for dogs---


I used to have two SHIH-Tzus  which their vet and breeders pronounced "SHEET-zoo"  but most people prefer to say it like a profanity---"**** -zoo!"


In other examples---I have a sister in law who says the "sal" in SALT to rhyme with SAL like in "My Gal Sal", where most(if not all) others say "sawlt"  She also pronounces the "L" in SALMON


Many people, and notably JIMI HENDRIX pronounce it "FUSS-trating"  instead of FRUSS-trating"  (Hendrix says this in "Manic depression")


Of particular note....a friend and I about '68 or so got into a friendly disagreement about how to pronounce "sadist".  My always saying "SAD-ist", and he, SADE-ist, but upon turning to Webster's to settle the matter we discovered either pronunciation was acceptable.




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