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Norma Shearer - Her Silent Era

not K

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I'm not sure what you mean... who's "they"?


By "if they ever did silent movies with Norma Shearer", do you mean did the studios ever make any with her? If so: yes, she made many silent features in the 1920's.


Or do you mean does TCM ever play her silent films?

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Remember, many of Norma Shearer's silent films are either lost or incomplete, so they are really hard to come by. However, in the past, TCM has aired HE WHO GETS SLAPPED, OLD HEIDELBERG (aka THE STUDENT PRINCE), and A LADY OF CHANCE, all of which show Norma at her silent best.


Still, I think it's fantastic that TCM dusted off LADY OF THE NIGHT, not only because of Shearer, but because it also offers a glimpse of Joan Crawford in a small, uncredited role.


Good grief -- how am I going to live till September 24?

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Let me just say that I am indeed very pleased, to see TCM finally giving us a look at the Silent Norma Shearer!


All I have seen of her Silent career thus far is HE WHO GET'S SLAPPED (1924), and OLD HEIDELBERG (1927), and in neither film is She cast in the Starring role.


Coffeedan, I am to not real sure how I missed out on A LADY OF CHANCE, but apparently I did? How recent has it been since the last time TCM ran this movie?


I have mentioned this here before, but Norma was already a major star by 1925! There must be at least a few Silent films of her's still around in which she was the Star, tucked away in the vaults that have gone virtually unseen for some 80 years!


Thus I'm elated about the news of the debut, of A LADY OF CHANCE! Does anyone have some information on who composed the Brand New Musical Score, for this movie?

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