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Universal's Demille Box Set - Not even any trailers? :<(


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I'm glad the Universal is putting out lots of films that would otherwise never see the light of day but come on guys, can't you at least put some trailers on there?


I've seen the CLEOPATRA trailer on TCM! It's available. I've come not to expect much from Universal's box sets but talk about bare bones...


Warner Brothers and TCM Archives continue to set the standard for DVD releases of Classic Films...



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Do you know if the films in this set are sold separately? I thought I'd break my self-imposed rule about not buying DVDs when they don't have added features, and purchase Cleopatra. But I won't buy an entire set that has no supplemental material!

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Unlike Warner's, Universal's packaging precludes sales of the individual titles (when're we going to get a Charles Brackett-Billy Wilder collection, Universal?), as their earlier horror film, Mae West, Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich box sets demonstrate.


Still, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to have the films in the DeMille set. Now we need a second set of the Technicolor DeMille film of the 1940s to round out the titles controlled by Universal.

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