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3-strip Technicolor vs. today?


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(*-OSCAR marker) Hope this logs, TCM is up to it's old editing tricks? 1stly I have to admit, I like B & W over any color cinema myself! & I review over (50) new pix a year at the theatre. So I always can compare the (2) types of color-stock. & In my personal view, 3-strip-technicolor is far superior to any of the new film stock they use today! Closest anyone gets-(Like him or hate him) Is director David Lynch! He uses color like shadows & brightness, that most resembles Technicolor. Most are aware up until 1967 the ACADEMY had (2) separate categories for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY. Color & Black-and-White. Anyway, I listed what I think are the (5) finest examples of 3 strip technicolor:

1.*"GONE WITH THE WIND" (1939)

2. "The Wizard of 0z"-(Most may not know, but this film cost more to make than: *"GWTW!?")

3. "Duel in the Sun" (1946)-(Obviously *SELZNICK again. & one of the main influenes on Scorsese)

4. "The Red Shoes" (1948)-(Another major influence on a young Martin Scorsese/because of the color!)

5. "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938)-(NOTE: Won (3) ACADEMY AWARDS, Color-CINEMATOGRAPHY is not one of 'em?)


"For Whom the Bell Tolls" (1943)-(NOTE: Probably to most, a strange pick? But it's just gorgeous to look at & color jumps out at you! "Phantom of the Opera" (With: C. Rains. Won the C-CINEMATOGRAPHY OSCAR)

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1st of all, what in the....is this site up to ONCE AGAIN??? Just attempting to log-in now, is a MASSIVE

ACHIEVEMENT!-(NOTE: To editor(s) please do something about this site/forums in particular?) It used to just be answering/ or posting, writing any topic & having it even log! Now, it's just logging-in to these forums to begin with. & I thought there may be more on this particular story, topic,etc. But they likely had same ridiculous problem as I!? & We are not even permitted to log-in-(FINAL NOTE: It's the same damn user name, password,etc. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM AT THE OTHER END?/I HAVE NOT CHANGED 1 THING, THESE FORUMS SEEM TO & ON ALMOST A DAILY BASIS!?)


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