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I may have seen this movie many years ago, but I'm really enjoying watching now on this Memorial Day.


My father fought in WWII (European theater - Air Force) and my wife is Filipino. Because of my now personal connection to the Philippines, this movie has taken on a much greater meaning.


I visited the Philippines (and China) a few years ago. They have preserved the island of Corregidor exactly as it was when the war ended. You can visit the island as a tourist. It's a little eerie and gives a few goose bumps to visit such a door to the past.


The movie lends it self to some authenticity by using real Filipino actors in many roles (Though many of the Japanese soldiers in the movie do not appear to be real Japanese).

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I'm not familiar with the Aggie Muster regarding Corregidor, patful. Care to share?


You would absolutely love going to the island where it all happened. It was mind boggling for anyone with a sense of history. BTW... the Filipinos have much reverence for MacArthur (along with their own war heroes).

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Patful, thanks for sharing that link and info.


The picture from Corregidor brought back memories of my trip there. It was taken at the entrance to a series of tunnels carved into a hill. That became their last redoubt against relentless bombing/shelling before being overwhelmed.


The Philippine government has reopened the tunnel and recreated things as they were and made a walking show through it of the final drama that unfolded there.


Personally, I view such sites as sort of sacred ground. The historical meaning of what happened at such places is not lost on me.


And thanks to you, I now know something new about it.



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