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What's tax season like in Canada?

Kid Dabb

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Just curious.


I'm a U.S. citizen living and filing in the States my whole life. I have resided in states which have a State tax, and states which do not have a State tax. I was wondering if someone could lightly touch on similarities and major differences in the way Canadian individuals file returns, e.g. do some Provinces tax and others not? Is there a National tax and Local tax? Do Canadians have government I.D. numbers akin to our Social Security numbers?


Do people ride up to your homes on dark horses with large swords demanding money..

like they do in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. ?


p.s. this has no connection to the inner circle


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Wow.  This is a big topic and I am not expert by any means.  One observation I have is that the people you deal with on the phone from Revenue Canada sure are a lot different than they were 30 years ago.  Back then every time you dealt with someone from the tax department they treated you like a criminal right off the bat.  Very nasty.  That has changed.  People are polite and helpful now.

I have what they call a Social Insurance number which is basically the same as Social Security.  There is a provincial tax rate and a federal tax rate with a basic exemption of so many thousand.

Alberta was always very light on provincial tax if not no tax at all.  But that is because they had so much oil revenue which has disappeared now.

We have a city property tax and a quite high sales or VAT tax.

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That's interesting. Do you have taxes witheld for your Social Insurance which provide for retirement?


I've also resided in states where I was subject to Federal, State, County, City and Personal Property taxes. The Personal Property taxes I speak of are aside from those on real estate and/or homes; such as other expensive items below that level (i.e. autos; boats - even large appliances and furniture in some cases). 


I'm fortunate to be living in a State that receives a great deal of revenue from global tourism. The result is no State Income tax and no local taxes other than sales tax.

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I never thought of it.  Like is it only around HERE, or what.


What I'm referring to is, that since Detroit is the largest city in Michigan, I recall that while living in Detroit, each year along with federal and state , I also had to file an income tax statement for the city of Detroit.  Even when I didn't live in Detroit, but  worked and earned all my income in Detroit, each year I had to file a Detroit city tax form.  I wonder...


Do other big cities in other states have the same requirement? 


Like in Illinois, do those working and/or living in Chicago have to do the same?


Or in New York?  Or wherever?



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