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Wake Island


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I am a little disappointed that the commentary of the Wake Island film failed to mention the mass execution of prisoners by the Japanese in 1943. The movie was a tribute to the men on Wake Island in 1942 and was released before Rear Admiral Shigematsu Sakaibara ordered the slaughter of 98 prisoners in 1943. These types of footnotes should not be overlooked when discussing these films. Is it not bad enough that so many war crimes of the Japanese were over looked by the Allies after the war. Don't reduce price that these men paid for political correctness today! History should be told as is and let the viewer decide.


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I didn't watch Wake this time around. However, when I saw it a month or two ago, they did mention the surrender and executions. The film was a perfect piece of propaganda to get the American public behind the effort and therefore showed them fighting to the last man. But I'm sure the public well remembered the events leading to the surrender. I can imagine them leaving the theatres angry and buying more bonds. I still get mad and emotional every time I watch the movie. Brilliant film.

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