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Name please


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This site has been so good for filling in my vague memories of films that I haven't seen in a long time. Here's another one...


Sci-fi 50s/60s -


B/W - they're being attacked by invisible creatures that enter bodies of (dead?) men. Apparently it's happening all over as the band of people (scientists, I think) are now living in a complex in a mountain with a large door that let's them in and out to fight the monsters in the dead mens bodies.


They end up capturing one by having him fall into a liquid cement-like material and pull him out covered in it (it hardens around him). They take him back to their 'lab' in the mountain and perform experiments to find out how to stop them. They find out that certain pitch sounds can kill them.


They make a 'sound gun' and attach it to a vehicle and go out and start killing them all. (They leave the body they're in and kind of curl up in a clear liquid ball and disintegrate when the sound gun is aimed at them.)


help please.

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I posted your question on another movie board and here is your movie...




Invisible Invaders(1959)with John Agar,John Carradine,Jean Byron-

It's out as an MGM Midnite-Movie Double Feature DVD with Journey To the Seventh Planet,also with John Agar.Cheers!

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wow. Many thanks Shiloh.


Sorry it took so long to respond. I just saw your post.


That's right! Invisible Invaders. I really thought the word 'Invisible" was in the title, but I kept putting it with 'Invaders From Mars' - and I knew it wasn't that movie. That's frustrated me for about a year or two.


BTW...I also saw Journey to the 7th Planet as a child and remember liking that as well. I will find and buy that DVD double feature, just for kicks.


and to go off on another tangent...


I'm a little bit of a history and Civil War buff. There was an old Disney serialized movie called something like "The Little Drummer Boy From Shiloh" that I remember enjoying. Where exactly is Shiloh?

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Hey there Larry...


Glad to have helped you out with your movie..I'm not sure where Shiloh is...My Shiloh is my German Shepherd (my pride and joy)!!!


Yep there's alot of great old Sci-Fi movies out there....I'm getting quite a collection myself but always looking for more....Nice talking with you!

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Thanks wordmaster. I was thinking Tenn, but was quite unsure.


And, I was also thinking that were might have been 2 separate engagements at Shiloh in the Civil War, but again, I might be incorrect. (Never start a sentence with the word 'and" - Miss Stosak - my 5th grade English teacher.)

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