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Runners up:





CARY GRANT - in a class by himself. Quite by accident, while visiting MGM in Culver City back in the 70's, I caught a glimpse of him as he was walking from a parking lot and into the Thalberg Building. A group of friends I was with spied him and quickly surrounded him and he was very gracious. He could charm the birds out of the trees and looked absolutely fabulous. Although we only saw him for about 5 minutes, Mr. G. impressed me -- he seemed genuinely pleased to be greeted by his fans and there weren't any "movie star" ego vibes. A real gent.

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> Jean Arthur...(sigh) "Easy Living" and "You Can't

> Take It WithYou" primarily but she's such a treat in

> everything. She's lovely, funny, self confident

> without being too conceited. One the best

> romantic/screwball comedy actors.


Yeah, I'm a pushover for a dizzy, cute dame like Jean Arthur. Add Mr. Deeds to that list for me.

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Gary Cooper, definitely. There is something about his hands! Lol! I know it sounds, nutty but I can't help it, whenever I look at him, I do feel instant attraction.


Other guys that make my pulse race: Clark Gable (he was the first movie star I remember taking notice of---and it's lasted ever since), Frank Sinatra, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, Yul Brynner, Cary Grant, Robert Ryan, Robert Montgomery, Errol Flynn and William Powell.


Though not as high on my list as the others, I do certainly see the attraction of Bogie---some quote/unquote "homely" men can be sooooo attractive.


Below is one of the sexiest pictures I've seen of Coop:




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  • 1 month later...

Gary Cooper, definitely. There is something about his hands! Lol! I know it sounds, nutty but I can't help it, whenever I look at him, I do feel instant attraction.


Well, you knew I'd agree with this in the main, eh? :P


But for me, it's not his hands. It's his overall almost little-boyish adorableness that pulls me in, every time. He's so doggone CUTE that it's totally magnetic.


But I know what you mean about hands though, because although that's not the main thing for me regarding Gary Cooper, it IS a significant part of my attraction to Rudolph Valentino.


I don't know if you've watched many Valentino films...but NO ONE moves like Valentino. Certainly his hands, but really all of him. Take a look and you'll see what I mean! *lol*


As for my list of men who make me swoon, no one who has read my posts will be surprised. The top 3 are about tied, really - it depends upon my mood at any given moment which one of the three will effect me more:


Gary Cooper

Rudolph Valentino

Errol Flynn


Gary Cooper at his cutest in films like Ball of Fire or Mr Deeds Goes to Town....Valentino in the tango scene of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (a scene that I have watched about 14,000 times, to the point where I have it completely memorized) or in various scenes of The Eagle and The Sheik (gotta go take a cold shower after I watch THAT one! *lol* ), Errol Flynn when he takes charge of the ship in Captain Blood....or pretty much any scene in The Charge of the Light Brigade...


Totally "take my breath away moments" all.



Runner-ups: Gregory Peck, Charles Boyer (especially when he speaks - goodness!!!), Clark Gable (only certain roles though - not all).


And believe it or not, Charlie Chaplin. Not when he's 'in character' as the Tramp...but I am fascinated by the pictures of Chaplin at work (and I have a ton of them, because I own a whole half a bookcase full of books on Chaplin) - in street clothes, but often in the Tramp get-up...just not acting 'in character'. He might be directing, showing people around the studio or whatever...but there is something about him that draws me in and puts me at awe.


Maybe it's just that I honestly think he is the most brilliant individual the movie biz has ever seen...and I am almost fixated on trying to recognize the genius in every picture of the man I see.


I don't know.


Maybe it might be more accurate to say that I swoon for Gary Cooper, Rudolph Valentino and Errol Flynn....while I worship Chaplin. *lol*

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I love every inch of that long drink of water, Gary Cooper. Just an all-round, nicely-put-together guy. Even his nose! lol! Now that is crazy, I know. But I can't help it.


I remember when I was a teen I saw a Rudolph Valentino film on TV and was quite intoxicated by its heady romanticism. It was probably THE SHEIK or SON OF...I do know precisely what you mean about his attraction---I just wish I could see one of his films on the BIG screen---that would be an experience! I've read the expression "eyes that smouldered" but never thought they applied so aptly to anyone as him.


Oh yes and how can we ever get over Errol! When I watched the recent documentary about him on TCM my fate was sealed! He was not only breathtakingly handsome, he was fascinating. I love to learn about men whose lives off-screen are larger than life, daring. I just wish he could have acquired a happier ending to it all. He had so much to offer.


And William Powell----but I've gone on and on about him in the thread dedicated to him elsewhere.


Thanks for sharing,


Miss G

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Regarding Gary Cooper - I don't think you are crazy in the slightest. I feel the same way. I just adore him. I think my favorite is that twinkle he gets in his eyes when he smiles. It's just adorable. And there is a little-boy awkwardness and shyness about him that is totally appealing. But you are right - every inch of him is just fine with me! *lol*


I think it also helped that he was such a 'regular guy' off screen - never got a huge ego, but said often that he considered himself very lucky.


As for Valentino...yeah, smouldering is what it's all about. This is a guy who you'd WANT to abduct you and drag you off to his tent! You really ought to see the tango scene in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. TCM plays that film a couple of times a year...and it's a *great* movie in it's own right, for sure. But good lord, the man sizzles in that scene! I believe it's about 12 minutes into the film...so if you don't get a chance to watch the whole thing (which is over 2 hours, IIRC), at least watch that! For it is at that exact moment that about every woman alive in 1921 fell in love with Valentino.


I don't see TCM play The Sheik or The Son of the Sheik, but both are available on one DVD for a reasonable price. It's fun to watch both of those films. I think The Sheik is about the only classic film out there that actually makes me sorta 'hot and bothered'. Wow! *lol*


And yes, I agree about Errol Flynn being fascinating. Actually, he had one of the most interesting lives of anyone in the film business - traveled all over the world (alot of it sailing), did alot of interesting things, met alot of interesting people. I own rather a huge collection of books about Errol Flynn (I believe I own every one that has been published in English except for one) and I too wish things had turned out differently for him...after the 1942 trial, things went downhill rather quickly, and it's a shame. I would have loved to have seen him in films into his 60's. He was just so charming and funny. And had that twinkle in HIS eye too!! If you ever get a chance to read his autobiography, you will love him even more. The guy had a WICKED sense of humor! It was great!


As for William Powell, I don't really swoon over him, but I adore him. "My Man Godfrey" is one of my favorite films ever...and I love all the Thin Man films too!

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I read MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS a very long time ago and have since tried to find a copy but most of them seem to be astronomically expensive. I do remember how much I loved Errol's sense of humor. Have you ever read any of the novels he wrote? I would very much like to. Can you recommend a good biography---other than the one that tried to make him out a Nazi spy, of course, lol! He was a really fine actor, by the way. Had such a sense of "immediacy" on screen---crackling with energy and zest for living. I find the real life love story-that-never-was between him and Olivia de Havilland to be one of the most interesting in Hollywoodland, because it really had it's flowering, fruition and demise all right up there on the screen.


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Well, there is a paperback edition of "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" that is out now...and it is reasonably priced - I believe less than $15...or at least in that ballpark. Check it out on Amazon.com


As for recommended books about Errol Flynn...well, you already know to avoid the "Errol Flynn was a Nazi Spy" trash. There are three authors who wrote books like that - the second two using the first guy, Charles Higham - as their main 'source'. If you could call him a legitimate 'source'.


But whatever.


Skip right by anything by Higham, David Bret, or Michael Freedland as these are the three stooges who wrote the "Errol Flynn was a spy" garbage.


The legitimate biographers, fortunately, outnumber the trash merchants. Tony Thomas, who is pretty much acknowledged as Flynn's "official' biographer, is good (and he has 3 books out there - including "The Spy Who Never Was", which might interest you as it is a direct refutation of the work of Higham) as is Thomas McNulty (his book is very expensive in new condition - like $65 - but you might be able to find it used on Amazon.com...and it is VERY good). Earl Conrad has a pretty decent book out also.


Those would be my recommendations as the best Flynn authors out there. Just look up Errol Flynn on Amazon.com, and then look for these author's names. You can get good deals on used volumes in particular.


Oh...and just as an aside...I'm glad you asked me for this info... because you forced me to go look up Errol Flynn at Amazon...and as I was rooting around I found the ONE book in English I didn't have - and for a very reasonable price! Until now, I'd only been able to find one copy of this book out there...and it was outrageously expensive! So today was my lucky day! The Errol Flynn library is surprisingly extensive (because he was Australian and because he began his acting career in Australia and England, there were several books published in Australia and England)...but as of today, I'm officially DONE! W00t!


And yes...Errol and Olivia were just adorable together. And you can tell, from reading his autobiography...and from listening to her chat in the documentary that comes with the Errol Flynn boxed set of films, that they really did love each other. It's just that the timing was never right...and Olivia was smart enough to realize that the best way to KEEP loving Errol Flynn was to NOT get involved with him! *lol*


If you do not own this documentary, keep an eye out for it on TCM. Olivia is just wonderful in it, and has some great stories about their on-screen romance that was a phantom of what might have been - from BOTH of their perspectives. It is very touching to watch - on a few occasions, she actually tears up while talking about him...which I think is very sweet. Especially given that he's been dead over 45 years.


Oh...and by the way, rumor has it that Olivia is FINALLY writing her autobiography. And lemme tell you, I'll be the first one in line.

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Thanks so much for that information! I definitely will look for the authors you recommend (and avoid the others). I'm happy to see there are that many books out on him---when I first did a cursory search on him it seemed a bit meagre, but I am happy to be wrong!


I did see the wonderful documentary when TCM aired it, and I recorded it, but I still want to get the dvd boxed set(s) one day. It was very interesting, made me appreciate him even more as an actor and I was quite moved by it, too. Olivia was grand----I will be right behind you in line for that autobiography!


Thank you again for getting back to me with that.



Miss G

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Oh! And speaking of books about actors on our mutual 'lists'...


Sadly, I have only been able to find 4 books about Gary Cooper.


Now, the good news is that they are all pretty decent - and two of them are downright outstanding! And one is by his daughter, which is great. But you'd think there would be more than 4 out there! You know?


I've not exhausted my search on Coop, though - in fact, I've really only started, so I might come across more. But we'll see.


I have HEAVILY researched the topic of books related to Errol Flynn and books related to Rudolph Valentino (you can drop some SERIOUS cash on Valentino, by the way! There are Valentino-related books out there that go for in the several THOUSAND dollar range!)...and I'm fairly knowledgable about books related to Humphrey Bogart and Charlie Chaplin. But I still need to do a fair amout of rooting around out there on Gary Cooper.


Wish me luck! :D

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Rudolph Valentino. Oh gods was he sexy. **fans self**

Ronald Colman. He had such a sexy voice.

Harrison Ford. He just has that rugged look that I can't resist.

Ewan McGregor. It's the accent. I'm a complete sucker for a Scottish accent (and Australian accents too.) **rolls eyes**

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Tia Carrere! As I said before ,when she walks people in front of her should be tossing rose petals in the air. I would drink her bath water after she was finished! She is a rose in a valley of lilly's. God worked overtime for perfection when God created Tia Carrere! ( I kinda like her) :)



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I know what you mean. I find there are but few "meaty" biographies on Cooper or Gable. So far I have only two biographies on Coop---the one by his daughter (lovely) and the one by Jeff Meyers, "American Hero". I wish one would be done that focuses exclusively on his movies and naturalistic acting style.


Have you heard anything about when or if that documentary about Coop and Hemingway ("True Gen") was ever completed or released? I've visited Maria Cooper's website and the site for the documentary but cannot make out whether it ever went to dvd or not. I would think it would be an excellent program for TCM to pick up. I wonder if they ran into any legal issues.

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Hi there!


Well, yeah...there is not much in the way of really meaty stuff on Coop. I really love the book by his daughter though - some great pictures in there! And I love the Jeff Meyers book too - I thought it was pretty detailed and balanced.


I own two others (although I can't remember which ones right now, cus I'm at work), but neither is as good as those two, I don't think.


There are a few books out there in addition to these four, but so far, I've only been able to get my hands on the four. I had ordered a fifth, but when the Amazon seller looked, it turned out he didn't have it in stock after all.


But the good thing about collecting Gary Cooper books, I suspect, is that none of his bibliography will be made up of 'trash books'. Outside of his one affair, which was no big secret, the man lead a pretty squeeky clean life. So I doubt there are any books out there in the cagegory of Higham's book on Flynn.


One I DON'T have is the one that is part of the Pyramid History of the Movies. I haven't tried to order this one yet, but it will probably be very basic. I own the Errol Flynn book from this series, and it is very basic. Good for someone who is totally unfamiliar with him to get aquainted...but not really a book that's gonna add to the knowledge of fans in our category.


I'll get the Gary Cooper volume eventually since as a collector, I plan to get ahold of all of the books on him, if I can. But I'm not expecting any breakthrough information in that one.


And no...I've not heard anything on additional documentaries. I have one documentary on DVD which I recorded from TV - don't think it was TCM...maybe public TV? I can't remember.


But I bet that in the December TCM schedule, there will be any documentaries they can get their hands on, anyway. I'm gonna go and look now, in fact, as I'm curious!

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