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Trivia Quiz for Beginners


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Trivia Quiz for Beginners


Ok, I?ve got an idea. Maybe it will work, maybe it will not work. This has been tried before in different ways, but I?m going to try it again in this way:


Let us ?old timers? think up some lines from famous movies, lines that are very obvious to most of us, but that might not be so obvious to newbies and young people. Let?s all give the newbies a chance to try to guess what movies these lines are from, and anyone who quickly or obviously knows the answer, please DON?T answer the question. Give the newbies a chance.


If no guesses come in right away, I?ll add some more dialogue from the same film.


Ok, here is the first line, said by a police official to a novel writer. The novel writer doesn?t like the cop and the cop doesn?t like the novel writer:


?I don't want another murder in this case, and you were born to be murdered.?

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Ok, now here are a few more obvious lines from the same film:


POLICEMAN: ?You know, Paine's one of your most devoted readers. He's promised to lend me one of your books. Which one is it, Paine?


PAINE: "The Lone Rider of Santa Fe", sir.


POLICEMAN: That's right, "The Lone Rider of Santa Fe"


PAINE: I'd like to visit Texas one day, sir.

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Hello, Fred. I consider myself a newbie to this sort of trivia challenge. Are participants allowed to do some exploration/research to find the answers...or do we just take guesses off the tops of our heads?


Let me know if it is researching skills that you wish to see rewarded or would you like the players to absorb the clues and 'have the light bulb go off', as it were.


I would like to play, but it would be nice to know and join in with the spirit of the game.



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Vallo, you?re not a ?beginner?, are you?


Wordmaster, yeah, go ahead and do some research if you want. Use Google if it helps. Ask questions if it helps.


Now, for beginners only, what movie are these lines from:



That bird owed me eight-hundred and twenty-five dollars. "I

haven't go that much on me", he says. "I'll have to go to the

bank and pay you off tomorrow", he says. And all the time he's

got a reservation on plane leaving tomorrow morning at daylight.

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Lol, ok Vallo.


Why don't you go out and find some script lines for beginners. Major lines from films that we "old timers" know on sight, but lines that beginners might not have heard dozens of times yet. Lines from classic films.


Some beginners here have often said they would like to participate in a quiz, but those of us who have seen these films more than a dozen times always answer the questions, so let's give the beginners a chance.

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All right now, Fred and vallo...let us have a bit of decorum, please...:)


Thanks for laying down the ground rules for us, Fred...butwould your recent quote be considered a bit of a 'soft pitch'?


"To Have and Have Not", is it not?


I just happened to watch that the other day [yesterday?]...


FYI: I had been wondering why Bacall always calls Bogart "Steve", instead of Harry [the "Slim" for Bacall seemed more evident] so I did a little digging and found out that "Slim" and "Steve" were nicknames that Howard Hawks and his wife Nancy had for each other...now...if only I can find out why Nancy called her husband "Steve"...[sigh]oh, the perils of trivia...

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Not sure about that...could be...I have read that the filmmakers were contemplating using Andy Williams's voice for "How Little We Know" but Hawks thought that Bacall's voice was fine enough, so no change was made...but that doesn't exclude the possibility of his voice being inserted elsewhere...

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Ok, this one is very easy for old timers. But let?s see if any beginners can get it:


GILLIS: Hey, what's this with the door? There isn't any lock.


MAX: There are no locks anywhere in this house.


(He points to the entrance door of the room, and to another door.)


GILLIS: How come?


MAX: The doctor suggested it.


GILLIS: What doctor?


MAX: Madame's doctor. She has moments of melancholy. There have been some suicide attempts.

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Note to beginners: This is the most famous German-language "classic" film. An English sound track was never made for this film. If you've seen the film, you surely heard the mother calling:



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No Marlena. But this Movie is a Marvelous Masterpiece of a Murder Mystery with Much Malevolence, Meanness, and Malice.


I remember the haunting chant of someone in the Mob Making fun of the police chief:


?Loh-mann, Loh-mann, Loh-mann.?

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> Speaking of To Have or Have Not trivia:

> There's a scene where Lauren Bacall's character

> sings a brief song. I've heard that they dubbed in

> the voice of a very young Andy Williams for Miss

> Bacall in that scene. Can anyone confirm this?


I can confirm having read that (many years ago). I've seen the film a few times since then, and there's no way that's Andy Williams' voice. She sounds like a young Bacall might have sounded when singing, so I figure the dubbing story probably isn't true. I'll look through the film books I have and see if it turns up there.


Better yet, just used Google to turn up this review in the New York Times (http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=50157) that says the dubbing story is not true.


Next they'll be telling me Ester Williams couldn't hold her breath under water for 20 minutes at a time.




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