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Ok, what actor played two real-life men who were convicted of selling secrets to the Soviets? The second was a TV movie, but since there really aren't a jillion movies made about real-life people selling secrets to the Soviets, I'm including this TV movie to make it a little more interesting. This is two separate films in which he starred.

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Aftermath, I don't know of any film where Martin Sheen played Julius Rosenberg, so I'm not sure what role you're thinking of, but it's not him. And the role played was not Julius Rosenberg, but in an interesting twist, this actor did play the son of Julius Rosenberg in a third film, although it was a fictionalized version of the Rosenberg story, so the characters' names were not the Rosenbergs. Does that help?

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> There was a TV show in the early 50's called Four

> Star Playhouse. The "Four Stars" were Charles Boyer,

> David Niven, Ida Lupino and Dick Powell.




Actually, "Four Star" was also a TV production company, and a very lucrative one. Powell, Lupino, Niven and Boyer were the principals of that company. Very far sighted of them.


Over to you . . . . .

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Peter Fonda played Dracula in a film called Nadja (1994). I haven't seen it, and Netflix doesn't have it. There's a bunch of other people who've played Dracula too, but I just listed ones I thought were interesting/fun.



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Nena wrote:



"Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance?"



Asolutely correct! This occurs right after she and the Richard Gere character have a private dancing session where they perform a steamy tango (to "Santa Maria"). Afterwards, she is out of breath with the passion of their dance, and she says to him: "Be this alive. Be this alive tomorrow." (For the competition he's entered.)


Okay, Nena, ball's in your court.


Dan N.



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