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Trivia Quiz for Beginners


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Mmm... and I like talking to a man who likes classic films enough to remember their quotes.


CineSage_jr wrote:


"What did the Ancient Order of St. John of Jerusalem send to the Emperor Charles?


By gad, sir! Why, they sent him a jewel-encrusted falcon (otherwise known as the Dingus, the Black Bird, the stuff dreams are made of)."



Also sometimes known as... The Maltese Falcon!


Good answer, CineSage... Your turn at bat!


Dan N.



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> There never has been a Pope Pius XIII...


Au contraire, Mr. Sage . . . there is a Pope Pius XIII, who is the head of a splinter group of Catholics called the True Catholic Church. I think he lives (if he is still alive) in Washington state.


However, unless they've made a movie about his papacy, I'm still in the dark on this one.


"The Pope of Greenwich Village?"

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Judith is right. There IS (or was) a Pope Pius XIII, the Holy Father of what they call the TRUE Catholic Church... and yes, they are (or were) headquartered in Washington State.


However: The movie we are all searching for has nothing to do with that pope. The film in question contains a fictional character called Pope Pius XIII, and from all appearances, he is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. But remember, he's fictional. He's a character in the movie.


Okay, here's another clue for you: Esme.


Dan N.



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