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Trivia Quiz for Beginners

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Don't know where Gilda went.


I'm thinking of a movie that has no less than two remakes and whose screenplay

was written by someone whose cremated remains were unclaimed by

the executrix of the deceased's estate.

What was the movie and who was the screenwriter?

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Thanks, but I cede the floor.

I'm tuckered out from the last few days of Trivia, and I've still got one going on "Famous Lines from Movies."


C'mon, Newbies - show your stuff.

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I am thinking of an actress whose career consisted of many uncredited walk-ons,

yet she also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She might

also be considered one of the "most-engaged" starlets of her day,

but also had a happy marriage. One of her post-Hollywood careers

was as a real estate agent.

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Dan you're the man! =0)



Thanks, Gilda, that's nice of you to say.


But the truth is, in the last several weeks on these Trivia boards, I have been stumped repeatedly, only to discover that someone else -- Charlie T., or Judith, or Bill McC., or Vallo, or any of several others -- come up with the correct answer, and leave me gasping in awe.


There are so many great cinema buffs on these boards, it is almost frightening. I suspect that there is, truly, NO honest question you can put by them indefinitely. Their capacity for research is seemingly infinite.


Color me shocked and awed. My hat's off to my fellow Trivians. You have a question about the movies? Ask it here. These guys (and gals) have the answer.


And now... I cede the next Trivia question to Gilda!




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A well-known actor in his home country, this thespian starred in one of the films of a prominent European director who fled his homeland for political reasons. He also played a close relative of one of the most striking and unique artists of the 20th century. More recently, however, he was seen offering his services to one of Europe's top super-agents.


Hope I didn't make it too easy! =0)

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