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Need Movie Title Please!!!

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Hi All,


I am trying to remember the name of a movie from probably the 80s or early 90s. Either a teenage boy gets sucked into an arcade game, or the things in the game come out. I remember at the end of the movie the arcade is destroyed and the boy unplugs the game. I would really like to get this for my husband, but have no idea what the title may be. It isn't the movie Tron. Thanks for any help you have!!

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Crap! I know a movie like this but I can't remember the title if you are trying to remember the same movie I am. Did the boy who was a teenager live in a trailor park? He was the best at the game and the aliens sucked him in to play for real against the baddies? He always had the high score. The lead good guy alien looked like a brown turtle? Anyway maybe if this is your movie perhaps someone else might know the title and if it isn't I apologize for butting in excuse me.BTW the movie I saw came on TBS alot in the late 80s I can't recall any stars names but the boy was dark haired, the lead.

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After tons of searching, I found the movie. It's called Nightmares, its actually 4 short stories in one movie. You'll have to look it up and see if its the same one. Emilio Estevez is the guy who gets sucked in the game. There's also a skit with a giant rat, and another one with a smoker in need of a cig. I really want to get it for my husband, but now its oop. Let me know if its the same.

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I think the movie you're referring to is "The Last Starfighter." It was made in 1984 and starred Lance Guest. It also featured Dan O'Herlihy as the "turtle" commander and featured Robert Preston in his last on-screen role.



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