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the top 3 sexiest men in the movies (old hollywood)


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I suppose it would be easier to break it down to decades. Here's a stab:




Antonio Moreno

Ramon Novarro

Rudolph Valentino




Buster Crabbe

Errol Flynn

Clark Gable

Cesar Romero




Cary Grant

Guy Madison

Gregory Peck




Marlon Brando

Jeff Chandler

Burt Lancaster

Robert Mitchum


1960's (It was a good decade!)


Sean Connery

Alain Delon

Joe Dellasandro

Marcello Mastroianni

Franco Nero

Omar Sharif




Billy Dee Williams

Helmut Griem

Robert Redford




Brad Davis

Kevin Kline

Denzel Washington




Eddie Cibrian

Brad Pitt

Jonathon Schaech




Bobby Cannavale

Vin Diesel

Daniel Sunjata

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Thorough as usual, Jack! I was only going to do up to the Fifties. I agree with most all of your choices all the way through. The Twenties are perfect!


For the Thirties, I would add:


Tyrone Power


The Forties:


Laurence Olivier


The Fifties:


Robert Wagner

Rock Hudson


And I'll throw in the Sixties:


John Phillip Law

Warren Beatty


I'll STOP there!


But, for ALL TIME, the three I would pick are Tyrone, Errol and Burt!

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Compiling a list like this is not unlike consuming potato chips, it's impossible to stop after just three!

If we're going purely on physicality, my short list would include


Guy Madison (absolutely stunning; can't act but who cares?)

Tyrone Power

John Gavin

Errol Flynn

Clint Walker (don't know if he qualifies as "old" Hollywood but a complete

knockout, nonetheless...)

Lex Barker

Tab Hunter

John Derek

Robert Taylor

Gordon McRae

Randolph Scott

Cary Grant

Dana Andrews

the youthful Van Johnson

Leslie Howard (particularly pre-Ashley)

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thanx for being the first one to reply to my question. i just thought it would be fair to do the guys when so many are about the girls. i will give you a list of mine: paul newman

james dean

marlon brando

john gavin

lawrence olivier

gary cooper

tony curtis

montgomery clift

burt lancaster

henry fonda

james macarther

rudolph valentino

gene kelly

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i like clint walker too; i remember watching him in the dirty dozen when i was little and having the biggest crush on him. and i can't leave out warren beautty; he was gorgeous!!!

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Rudolph Valentino was sleek, gorgeous and untouchable which made him all the more desireable. He was the first boy toy of the Jazz Age and both women and gay men wanted to play with him. Buster Crabbe was usually nearly naked in his early movies because shrewd moguls knew the gals and the gays loved drooling over a beautifully proportioned body, i.e., Tarzan the Fearless and later in Flash Gordon. In his Tarzan movie, Crabbe later told one interviewer that the studio "wanted me as naked as possible." And you can see the results in the Tarzan the Fearless flesh-feast. And thirdly, Johnny Mack Brown who turned from silent stud-muffin jazz mad boys to a powerful, charismatic cowboy star. He flashed a smile now and then which could melt an ice berg. His truly spectacular body was usually covered in denim and flannel shirts but his muscles strained the material to show you what all he had. I could go on with other favorites but today's male beauties leave me cold. They're all like surfer dudes you find along the California coast with litle in the belfry and their paltry assets swinging between their legs.

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1. Burt Lancaster

2. Rock Hudson

3. Paul Newman

4. Van Johnson

And before he became everyone's favorite homicidal killer/mother obsessor, Anthony Perkins in the 50's. He was very cute and charming in 'The Matchmaker'.


I have to admit here that I watched Burt Lancaster in 'The Swimmer' for purely shallow reasons. He spends the entire movie wandering around in swim trunks and he was 55 years old. I thought he looked fantastic.

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"Thanks for acknowledging Mr. Romero. It's a shame his early work is overshadowed by the popular Joker in the Batman series."


I guess that's why I'm here instead of the TVLand message board (if there is one). 'Tis my quirk. E.g., I think of Una Merkel before Uma Thurmond. To me Cesar Romero = Khoda Khan in Wee Willie Winkie. I was in awe of this character as a child.

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My personal selection for the top 3 sexiest men in "old hollywood" would have to be:

Gary Cooper (those eyes!!!)


Joel McCrea (the boy-next-door look)


William Holden (the smile, the eyes, the everything!)

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So many to choose from and for different reasons, but for me...


Top 3 sexiest in any role...

Cary Grant

Errol Flynn

Robert Taylor


Top 3 sexiset men in character/roles...

Errol Flynn...as Robin Hood and as Dr. Peter Blood


Rex Harrison...as Capt. Daniel Gregg


Tyrone Power...as Zorro

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