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Please help me find two movie titles


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I am looking for titles of two movies that I saw on TV circa 1959. My guess is that

they were made in the 1940's (possibly 1930's or very early 1950's).

1. The first has an opening scene with a little girl named Billie riding in a car with her family. A grown-up Billie does a voice-over and describes her family as

"gypsies, peddlers, bums". I remember a scene when a teacher calls her name

during roll call, but her desk is empty because she has gone on with her family.

Another scene I remember is when Billie and her family are camped outside a

building (possibly a school). Some children look out the window, see them, and

sing tauntingly "gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, gypsy!"

2. The second movie contains a spoiler, because I'm giving away the ending in my

description. It starts out with an orphan brother and sister who are accompanied by an old man, and possibly two. I don't know the relationship between the old man and the children. The children grow up, and the brother becomes a famous

boxer (at least I think it's a boxer), who comes to be called The Killer. The problem

is that the brother and sister fall in love with each other. They can't understand why, and are ashamed of their feelings. At the end, they find out they were actually adopted from two different people, so they are not related by blood. That

means that their romance is not immoral, and at the end, they walk hand in hand.


Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Number 2 sounded familiar, but I've definitely seen Number 1. I even searched through Keywords and Characters named Billie at IMDb for an hour. Just couldn't come up with a title. So somebody was reading your post and trying to help. Are you sure of the name Billie?

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I don't think this is it. I checked the movie cast, and Ann Blyth is listed as

Killer Mccoy's girlfriend, Sheila Carrson. In the movie I saw, The Killer fell in love

with his sister, so her name would also be Mccoy. (At the end, though, he and

his sister find that they were both adopted, so that there is nothing immoral or

illegal about their romance). Thank you very much, though. The more responses

I get, the closer I come to finding the names.

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As I said before, I'm not 100% sure that the characters's name is Billie. I'm also

not 100% sure that The Killer was a boxer. I saw so many movies during that time

(on Million Dollar Movie) that I could be confusing some of them. I remembered a

scene in the movie with The Killer. He and his sister are among a large crowd, and

the crowd is going about its business. The sister says something like, "I'd like you

all to meet my brother, The Killer!" Then everyone in the crowd stops, runs over,

and asks for autographs and shakes his hand.

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