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The last one to know again...The Way We Were


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*****SPOILER ALERT*********I finally saw The Way We Were today and was amused. I'm just throwing this out to my fellow TCMers. Let's see the part of the movie when Streisand is lying in bed and looking straight ahead and the following scene when she and Redford are in a clinch that's what amused me. I have seen these 2 scenes when they show Steisand clips or Redford clips or at the Oscars when they show clips. Plus let's don't forget when they show love movies and praise the romatical aspects of the movies. Those scenes are so etched in my mind that it amused me to see them in there proper context and frankly it ain't sweet or at least mutually romantic. See I always thought esp. that looking straight ahead look by Steisand followed a moment of passion between the 2 players and well it don't. I laughed outloudand I'm the last to know-oh well. I'm so happy I finally watched this film. I cried. I so hoped Hubbell and Katie could work things out. However I did appreciate how J.J. appreciared Katie to atleast Hubbell he knew they would be lost without each other.

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