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"Honey,who shrunk the kids", on TCM ? i must have had a BAD dream! Movies like THAT can be seen on any Cable or over the air station.TCM is NOT ABOUT THESE KINDS of Films.Don't turn into another AMC,which,at one time was a pretty good channel.

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Don't worry. We've been down this road several times before. See thread "The End Is Near". No commercials. This is a rare instance but probably necessary instance to try and increase (broaden) their viewership. The TCM programmer who sometimes comments here has emphatically answered "No" to your question.

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Ed Wood did direct Bela Lugosi, an undisputed classic film icon, several times. And Oscar winning screenwriter William Goldman claimed that Russ Meyer is probably the only true autuer filmmaker in American Cinema. It's when they start showing Andy Milligan movies that things are going to get wierd.

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> So what do you think of Rob Zombie stopping in to

> host Ed Wood and Russ Meyer flicks???


> Talk about "the end is nigh".... LOL


I think they brought in the Zombie because his films are inspired by Russ Meyer, especially "Pusscat". Rob's reading of the cards for the camera is certainly far from convincing compared to Mr."O" or even Ben M. I also think he does better on stage with all the scarey make up to hide behind. Maybe the obvious would be his stage name.

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