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My great uncle was up late the other night watching a movie and was telling us about it. He was able to recall when he was in the war and was having the same things happening to him. Now keep in mind that I am asking for help 3rd hand (yes 3rd, he told my husband and my husband asked if I could figure out what movie he was talking about) So here goes. It was about tanks I believe coming on the shores of France (?) The tanks had to go over "dunes" and at the top of these dune were secret openings that in the night you couldn't see and the enemy would sneak out and shoot or bomb at the tanks. My uncle was one of the men that in the night time had to sneak up the hill trick the enemy into opening this grate and then drop a grenade in, without himself getting blown up. I know this is rather vague so if any one can help I would be grateful. A family member said that they believed it was something like the 7th infantry???? In this movie there supposedly some real was footage. Thank you for any help.

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