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"The Omen" -- 666


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Hello Everyone,


Our news today is full of 666 - June 6, 2006 - and the release of the movie "The Omen". How appropriate; the devil returns........


On that note:

Do you have any superstitions? Will you share with us? Or is sharing them a bad omen?



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I still have a tendency to knock wood, but I'd call it more tradition than superstition. And on the same basis, I honor the show biz ones--no hat on the cot in the dressing room; don't say the last line of the play in the final rehearsal; call Macbeth "the Scottish play" around anyone who's acting in it, etc....


If you wouldn't mind my departing from the heart of your topic for a moment, Larry: I was struck, while reading a review of this movie, by how mainstream extreme violence in films has become. Even though I'm not in favor of censorship, I'm always a little depressed at how people love to see impalements, beheadings, and the like.

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Hi Ayres,


I don't mind any off subject wanderings.

All these threads start off as a certain focus and then someone has a reminder spark about something else related or not and away we go.

I am guilty of doing this myself.


About blatant violence:

Whatever happened to subtilty? The Lubitch touch so to speak??



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