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Two movies starring Tyrone Power...

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Why aren't "Nightmare Alley" and "The Luck Of The Irish" available on video tape or DVD? And why have they never been available? At all? EVER? "Out of print" videos were, at least, once available for sale... but these two Tyrone Power movies NEVER were. And how do I get a copy of these two movies on both VHS tape and DVD?? I know that some of you love these two Tyrone Power movies as much as I do. Please advise. Thanks. (P.S. "Nightmare Alley" is the 'film noir' movie of the two titles I mention here.)

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> "I did consider marrying Tyrone Power. But I decided

> he was too fond of the boys for it to work out."

> -Alice Faye


I'm curious about that quote, as it was quoted by someone on another board as having been said by Alice to a family friend - which I doubt. I interviewed her myself for a column I was doing, and I asked her point blank about it, and suddenly, she knew nothing about it.


I just finished Mai Zetterling's autobiography All Those Tomorrows, which contains a chapter about her affair with Power which is fascinating and lasted two years - I think he was seeing the woman who became his third wife while he was seeing Mai.


I wouldn't have any trouble believing Power to be bisexual, but not from anything I've read - it just seems entirely possible, as many actors dabbled in bisexuality. But in his case, I think I would go with bisexual rather than gay. Personally, after reading Mai's book, I don't know how he lived as long as he did.

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Please don't post e-mail addresses on the threads. There are many reasons why it's not a good idea. Ask people to PM you - or PM them and then tell them in the thread that you have done that. (Some people don't routinely check their messages.)


So, please click on the little symbol to the upper right of your post and revise/edit it to get rid of the address.

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