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If anyone knows the name of this old movie please let me know.


All I can remember that the man is working hard and on overtime in his "lab"?

His friend tells him he has to take it easy.

The guy ends up going back in time and falls in love with a woman who ends up dying. He comes back in time and flies out of the house to run to her grave.

In the meantime his friend comes to the house at the same time

to introduce him to his sister. He ignores them and runs to the grave which is not far from his house. While crying over her grave he hears a voice ask him what was she like. He turns around to see his friend's sister who looks exactly like the woman from the past.

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Doesn't sound that much like Somewhere in Time.


It's the early 50s Fox remake of John L Balderston's play Berkeley Square, most often called I'll Never Forget You, with Tyrone Power as the time traveler and Ann Blyth as the two women. (Fox also did this in the 30s, as Berkeley Square and with Leslie Howard, but that didn't use the lookalike sister gimmick for a happy ending, which the Power version did.)


Detailed synopsis here:




See also http://imdb.com/title/tt0043668/

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According to Leonard Maltin's book, it is not available in DVD or VHS. Also,

it's known by two other names as well - The House In The Square, and Man Of Two

Worlds. I would suggest E-Bay. Perhaps someone taped it. Or you could ask

TCM to show it, and if they agree, then you could tape it.

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