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Lee Patrick....


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Hello Everyone,


Lee Patrick: remember her?


She was so good as the befuddled, flighty and bewildered Henrietta Topper in the TV "Topper" series.


And as the hard-boiled **** in "Caged".


Also, in "Auntie Mame" as Mrs. Upson of Upson-Downs, chattering away like a magpie about all her recipes to a bored Rosalind Russell.


Ten there's 'Effie', the efficient & sarcastic secretary to Humphrey Bogart in "The Maltese Falcon".


My favourite is in "Summer and Smoke" as the gin swilled, card playing madame. She tells Laurance Harvey as he leers at her innocent daughter (Pamela Tiffin): "If you touch her, buster, I'll cut 'em off".........


What roles do you remember her in?



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Larry, you just made me smile at the image of Roz's withering look to Lee's constant references to her as "Mamie". Hmm, let me think. Oh yes, her portayal of the "other woman" Mrs. Biederhoff in "Mildred Pierce" and from TV, Henrietta Topper, giving Billie Burke a good run for her money.

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I remember Lee Patrick's chorine with the proverbial heart of gold in City for Conquest(1940) fondly. There is one scene in which down-on-her-luck Ann Sheridan is quietly weeping that is completely stolen by Patrick as she babbles on about her longing to return to "Joisey City" and the right guy she left behind. She's a great broad.

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She provides one of my earliest memories of TV from childhood, the way she trilled "Oooh, COS-mewh!" on Topper. Whenever she spoke in that sitcom, I always thought of tinkling chandeliers.

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Hello Everybody,


Thanks for the replies about Lee Patrick, a great favourite.


Susan ?


Yes, ?Mamie!? Roz really loved that, didn?t she??.

She didn?t have much to do as ?Mrs. Biederhoff?, but she made her presence known in that small scene.



Songbird ?


I haven?t seen ?City for Conquest?, but if she could steal a scene from Ann Sheridan, then boy, was she good!!



Jdb1 ?


I sure miss ?Topper?. There is nothing on TV today like it. Nothing?s funny on these present sitcoms.





I?ve never seen ?Money and the Woman? but it sounds interesting. I wonder if TCM can play it?





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No doubt that versatile character actress Lee Patrick is a hoot.

Whenever I see her in a film, I know I'm in for a treat, no matter how short the part.


And Larry, she was a **** as the madam Elvira Powell in the strong prison drama "Caged".

Her final film was "The Black Bird" a spoof of "The Maltese Falcon" and she played Effie once again (for old time's sake).


The last time I saw her was on TVs Good Morning America discussing the classic "The Maltese Falcon". She was aged and had gained quite a bit of weight, but she still sounded like her old self.

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I envy you your first viewing of City for Conquest(1940). It is one of the most enjoyable 'nice guy' movies that Cagney performed in and Arthur Kennedy as his Gershwinesque brother is quite good in his movie debut. The two actors actually look enough alike to pass for siblings. Ann Sheridan is also playing one of her 'nice girl led astray' parts, and she is very tender--and if one doesn't shed a tear along with her by the last scene, well, heck, there's may be little hope for the human race.


In addition to the leads, there's a delightful turn by Elia Kazan as a hoodlum trying to protect Cagney from--yikes--fearsome Jerome Cowan! Lee Patrick, as mentioned previously, is outstanding in only two scenes. And don't forget Donald Crisp, as the most soft-hearted fight manager to ever lace the gloves on a game little bantam weight. Great score too by Max Steiner. And did I mention Anthony Quinn plays a real sleazeball??


BTW, if you ever have a chance to see the George C. Scott comedic movie, Movie Movie(1978), I'd recommend that one as a nice complement to City for Conquest.

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There is one more film I don't think anyone has mentioned, The Sisters, with Bette Davis. She plays Bette's only source of human contact (even if she is a hooker), and survives the earthquake with her.


Gee, I don't know why I replied directly to moirafinnie6. It was just a general comment which should have been directed toward vecchiolarry. Sorry, moirafinnie6.

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