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I won't play


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A few years ago as part of TCM's Academy Award month, they showed an Award winning 20 minute short film entitled "I Won't Play". It was set on a US Marine occupied Pacific Island in World War II and starred Dane Clark who bragged to his mates that he was a great piano player who was responsible for starting out many headliners on their careers. However, he refuses to play for his buddies who think he is a blowhard. The plot takes a twist when Janis Paige, playing a famous singer arrives on the Island with a USO group.


I have watched TCM carefully during their subsequent Academy Award months, trying to catch it again. The one reelers that TCM uses as fillers are not listed on the TV guides, so I really don't know if TCM has ever shown it again. I have suggested it to TCM a number of times, and wonder if anyone has seen it on TCM in the last 3 or 4 years?


Gus Cerini

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Oh, they'll show it all right, but you won't know when. The best solution is to record a whole day's worth of TCM programming every day on a TiVo hard drive, then scan through it to see if the short's been run.


After TCM institutes its West Coast feed, those in the Pacific and Mountain time zones will also have the option of asking friends in the East to alert them ahead of time of interstitial programming.

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The award winning and wonderful short, "I Won't Play", featuring Janis Paige singing the heart out of "Body and Soul" was played repeatedly during the month of Academy Award films from February 1st thru early March this year. It will probably be played again next year. One way that you may come upon this short for recording purposes is to search for any feature length movies featuring Dane Clark or Janis Paige throughout the TCM schedule. TCM will often show another brief short highlighting the work of a particular artist before or after a given movie of theirs.


I do wish that TCM could include their scheduled shorts in their published monthly schedules. Are you listening TCM Programmer?

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Thanks to you and the others that replied with suggestions on how to catch this little gem.


I've just discovered the TCM message boards. What a wealth of information is out there!



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