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Popeye & Betty Boop shorts!


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Hi Ben and Robert

Turner Classic Movies Host,


Of the the 600 paramount cartoon filmed in black and white and in technicolor, Two of the key figures in black and white and technicolor cartoon that came from paramount vaults and soon to be seen in digital color technology by Dynacs Digital Studios in los angeles were Popeye and Betty Boop. Our two stars of these two months. In case you haven't heard, It was A.A.P. and U.M&M. T.V. Corp that had us not seen before in 50 years. Now Jerry Beck, the man behind cartoon research help digitally restored these popeye and betty boop cartoons in their original format. With the help of Jerry Beck and the folks of turner classic movies, Paramount's Popeye and Betty Boop and Friends are part of tcm's two month cartoon stars for july and august. So on the way to paramount's cartoon vaults while waited for the newly remastered seriefo fleichscher and famous studios favorites. Is there anyway to keep popeye and betty boop's digital age come true restored through original splendors when jerry beck makes his interview with ben mankowick, the son of joseph l. manckowick?



Just a reminder The William Fox and Daryl F. Zanuck Festival is all about the thirties. Can you spotlight also fox films and twentieth century pictures from the nineteen thirties and tell me how right after terrytoons: the remastered series uncut and digitally restored these film were all in celluliod which is next month besides Popeye and Betty Boop? This is film preservation month.



Signature, Always,


Ronnie Peterson

Cary, N.C.


P.S. Tweniteth Century Pictures comes first before Fox join them beside Fox Films owned by bill. The man who put silent and talkies to hollywood.

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i checked the schedule and neither betty boop or popeye cartoons are showing this month on tcm. hopefully next month. i love pre-code betty boop. they're fantastic with their surreal enviroments, jazz scores, and risque betty.

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I'm here to lend you hope. You see, TCM doesn't show shorts/cartoons on their schedule -- even if they really are going to be broadcast. Only recently did TCM poster "MGMWBRKO" start posting advance notice of short subjects in this Shorts Forum (see other thread). So maybe Betty Boop will pop up when least expected. There's also a Cartoon Forum here on the TCM Message Board, if you'd like to post there...

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they do post what cartoons they are going to show during cartoon alley though under the this month tab on the main page. thats true that they don't post what shorts they show in between movies when there is extra time though.

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