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Superfly vs. Shaft


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M'Lady and I found Shaft highly overrated, and Roundtree's acting was appallingly bad (and not in the street slang sense of the word). He was poorly cast: he's supposed to be a cool badass, but he constantly looks around furtively left-and-right when walking or crossing the street like some neurotic scaredy-cat, obeying the 1-2-3-4-cross learner. And his laugh! What a lame laugh! :P


We both, on the other hand, found Superfly to be actually quite good albeit very low-budget in its production (at times it was distinctly akin to the pornography films of the day in its cinematography and editing; indeed, the bathtub scene was a delicious moment of pre-video softcore). Superfly was a superior film to Shaft in part due to the moral ambiguity of the plot (which is often refreshing if done intelligently [which was not the case in Shaft]), and to the legitimate anti-establishment element of the plot (which was lacking in Shaft: despite its wanting to acheive that, it merely drifted into pseudo-controversial formula). And O'Neal's acting was quite believable, and Sheila Frazier was quite the foxy lady B-). A nice bit of timetravelling afforded by the film with the underground club sequence with Mayfield's dated 'Pusherman' tune.


Please run Superfly again, TCM Programmer.

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Nice handle there, Sam.


I totally agree - after watching "Shaft" [a realistic candidate for 'most overrated film'], I found "Superfly" down-to-earth and refreshingly gritty.


It's unfortunate that Ron O'Neal didn't find a place in mainstream moviemaking.


The soundtrack was maybe a touch dated, but not annoyingly so.


I wonder who got to be the "bubble wrangler" during that bathtub scene...whoever it was must have had quite a time.

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Thanks wordmaster; back atchya.


Yes, and I wasn't dismissing Mayfield's music whatsoever; the soundtrack complemented the film marvellously, and I liked it very much, too. I suppose instead of 'dated,' 'period' might have been a better choice of words.


Far be it from me anyway to dispute the sensibilities of someone from Beautiful BC (Vancouver being one of my favourite places on this big blue ball hurtling through Space).


"Bubble Wrangler" lol :D

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