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I'm looking for help to find the title of a movie. I saw a foreign film on TCM about 3 years ago, which has recently popped back into my head. I had only seen the final half hour then, and would like to find it now so I can see the whole thing. It was a black and white movie which I would guess to be Italian, though I'm no positive on this. It was more of a poetic film of dialogue rather than a story. The filming style involved mostly stationary shots with few zooms or cuts. Two scenes I remember are:


-A scene in which a man is speaking to a crowd in front of a large building (perhaps a church?). There is some sort of wooden lattice next to him, and he is speaking to the crowd about vanity and human pride, at one point quoting the phrase 'Vanity of vanities, all is vanity'. He is in something of a fury as he speaks, and certain members of the crowd are attempting to talk him down from his fervor.


-The other scene is of two men walking on the outside walkway of a public bath. The scene is in the evening, and the steam from the waters make for a very gloomy setting. The men are walking along, speaking about the nature of God and sin.


I'm sorry that this is all I remember. I'm hoping to get lucky and get one person to stumble across this thread who knows. For all reading, thanks for trying, and happy watching.

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