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Pointless Thread

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Some people's hot

Some people's cold

Some people's not very

Swift to behold

Some people do it

Some see right through it

Some wear pyjamas

If only they knew it

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Pentagili "I want those Rosato brothers dead"

Micheal "No"

Pentageli "MORTE"

Micheal"Now I have business that's important with HYMAN ROTH -- I don't want it disturbed"

Pentangeli "And you give your loyalty to a Jew before your own blood."

Micheal "Come on, Frankie, you know my father did business with HYMAN ROTH --

PentangeliYour Father did business with Hyman Roth, your father respected Hyman Roth, but your father never trusted Hyman Roth --m'avite scusare suiono stanco e suione billiato, And I just want everyone here to know -- there's not gonna be no trouble from me! Don Corleone. Cicci a porta"



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As I sit here trying to think of something pointless to say I realize that I have nothing pointless left to say, plenty of stupid things to say, but nothing pointless at the moment except this pointless rambling about having a lack of pointless things to say. Geez, how pointless this post was!

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