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Sergeants 3


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have a copy,


When was the last time you saw this movie,


I remember seeing it, and I think it was on TV,


I didn't go to the movies much for westerns or comedies,


but I really enjoyed this one, would like to see it again.


anybody else ?

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Well, I last saw it in 1962 when it first came out and I actually saw it about 20 times. I was working as an usher at the first-run theatre that ran it in my home town. I can't remember the last time I even saw it listed on tv. It was actually produced by Essex-Claude productions which I think Sinatra was involved with so I guess United Artists may have lost the rights to it. Of course, UA became part of MGM and MGM was gobbled up by Sony so who really knows what happened to it. Just another example of good films that just vanish.

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I searched the Internet for Robert's Rare Videos and cannot find it.

Is he still in business?

If so, where does one get in touch with him?

I saw this movie when it first came out and several times on T.V. before Frank pulled it and placed it in his vault because of copyright non-sense.

I recently wrote Barbara and said it should be released on DVD now. Uncut and with all the goodies.

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It is, of course, a western remake of the 1939 "Gunga Din."


You may be thinking of "Soldiers Three" which showed a couple of months ago. (But then, I don't think I've seen "Sergeants Three" recently enough to recall any of it.) >>


I remember Sergeants Three being a remake of Gunga Din, with the Rat Pack of course, as well.

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>>I searched the Internet for Robert's Rare Videos and cannot find it.


it's Robert's hard to find videos.

Try here:http://www.robertsvideos.com/index.php3 and they have it on VHS for $25.00 Try here:http://www.robertsvideos.com/product.php3?invid=62178&ref=/browse.php3


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The only problem is that it comes in VHS and incredibly it has copyguard on the duplicated VHS copy.


Not so incredible at all. If you're lucky, it's a second generation tape from a commercial vhs, made on the (old-style) Go-Video recorder. That system (they had to change it, because those machines will pass the DVD signals through to another recorder) was legal because it passed the tape's signal directly to the copied cassette, macrovision and all. In other words, you could copy the tape, but others (without appropriate equipment) could not. Any machine that copied the tape without macrovision was illegal.


So, unless someone Go-Video'd a copy that had ALREADY been Go-Video'd you probably got a very good copy (but still not technically legal, since the copy was sold).

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