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I had lunch with Cary Grant and will never forget the experience.


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As a contribution to Cary Grant, I wanted to mention his friendship with his Dentist, my father, Dr. John J. Jaffin. My Dad was called "The Dentist to Broadway", who grew up with Cary when he came to the States. I was lucky enough to meet and eat lunch with him at the Plaza Hotel. My Dad had talked about Cary coming in from California to have his teeth done for the longest time. Each time, my Mother was invited, until after the fifth time, she told my Dad to take the kids to the city that Saturday. Well, Cary called my Dad and we met him at The Plaza Hotel. It was like being in one of his movies. We were seated already and waiting for Cary. My Dad was talking about what a great friend he was, but when Cary came by the table, he walked right by my father. Just as my Dad's jaw dropped in disappointment, Cary whipped around and said "my dear Doctor". After the lunch we said goodbye and that was that. But two weeks later, Cary sent both my brother and myself autographed and personalized pictures along with a letter telling us what a good friend our Dad had been to him. It is a time I will never forget.

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That is a great story.


He seems to have had a wicked sense of humor. Supposedly, he received a telegram from a reporter that read, "How old Cary Grant" to which he responded "Old Cary Grant fine. How you" There's a line in His Girl Friday, where Grant says he writes a great telegram. I've always assumed it referred to that particular incident.




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I am totally green with jealousy~!!

You are so lucky~!!!


I am equally as jealous of my Mom who met

Clark Gable when she was 14.

He signed her autograph book, then flipped her a

nickel and with a wink said,

"Call me when you're 18, Claire."


I would have loved to meet either or both of these guys.


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Well, Cary called my Dad and we met him at The Plaza Hotel.


Just remember that the next time Cary swung by the Plaza, he got a bottle of bourbon poured down his throat, was strafed by a crop-dusting biplane, and ended up dangling from Abe Lincoln's eyebrow atop Mt Rushmore (with a few harrowing adventures in-between).


By the way, jjj, do you and your brother still have your autographed photos of Old Cary Grant?

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How exciting to meet Cary Grant! Swoon!

Last night the PBS series American Masters ran the biography of Cole Porter and Brendan Gill related how he had asked Cole Porter why Fred Astaire wasn't chosen to portray him in Night and Day, since they had a more physical resemblance. Porter replied, "If it were you, would you turn down Cary Grant?"

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I too had the great honor to meet Mr. Grant..in the mid 80s he brought his traveling road show to Oklahoma City University and I, as I press member, got to break bread with him..The great part of the evening though was that I was able to take my dad, a sort of big shot around town, as my guest..It was the only time I was able to do something like that for him and it was a magical experience. Mr. Grant was humble, articulate and employed every single atttribute you would hope to see from him.

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