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For some unknown reason I cannot access the Happy Birthday today. I'm wondering if it is due to the over 33,000 views?

In any event I'm temporarily posting today's greetings on this thread.



Born this day June 15th:


Co-star/support Neil Patrick Harris is 33.

Appealing, versatile actor, remembered as TVs juvenile doctor "Doogie Howser". In "Clara's Heart" (Golden Globe nominee), "Animal Room", "Starship Troopers", "The Proposition" good role, "The Next Best Thing", "Undercover Brother", "The Mesmerist", etc.

He has made his mark on Broadway in both musical and drama. An amateur magician, has performed magic tricks on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" , "Late Show with David Letterman", and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".


Lead/co-star Ice Cube is 37.

Dependable actor, in "Boyz in the Hood", "Higher Learning", "Anaconda", "The Players Club", "Three Kings", "All About the Benjamins", "Barbershop", "Torque", "Are We There Yet 2", etc.

Married since 1992 (4 children). A top Rap artist, he was born O'Shea Jackson.


Lead/co-star Helen Hunt is 43.

Diverse blonde actress, won Oscar best actress for "As Good as it Gets". Also in "Rollarcoaster", "Trancers", "Stealing Home", "Next of Kin", "The Waterdance", "Twister", "Pay It Forward", "Castaway", "What Women Want", etc.

Married briefly to Hank Azaria (although they had lived together for years). Her daughter, Makena Lei, was named after a friend's dream which means "many flowers of heaven". The baby's middle name 'Gordon' is in honor of her father, TV director 'Gordon Hunt'. Has appeared in numerous made for TV movies. On the hit comedy TV series "Mad About You" (she won 4 Emmy awards and 4 Golden Globe awards).


Lead/co-star James 'Jim' Belushi is 52 today.

Reliable, stocky actor, in "Trading Places", "Salvador", "About Last Night", "Little Shop of Horrors", "The Principal", "Homer and Eddie", "Only the Lonely", "Curly Sue", "Separate Lives", "Joe Somebody", etc.

Married 3 times (3 children). Brother of the outrageous John Belushi. Appeared on TVs "Saturday Night Live" for 2 seasons. On the TV series "According to Jim".




Lead/co-star Belinda Lee (25) 1935-1961.

Gorgeous blonde British actress, in "The Belles of St. Trinian's", "Footsteps in the Fog", "The Feminine Touch", "The Secret Place", "Dangerous Exile" w/Louis Jourdan, etc.

Divorced from photographer Cornel Lucas. She was killed in a road accident while vacationing in California.


Co-star/support Lucille Norman (76) 1921-1998.

Reliable starlet, in "For Me and My Gal", "The Great Morgan", "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine" w/Dennis Morgan, "Starlift" with an all-star cast from Warner Bros., "Cason City" w/Randolph Scott, etc.

Was married to western actor William Kellogg (1 child). She was also a professional singer.


Co-star/support Grace McDonald (81) 1918-1999.

Pert, sweet-faced actress, in Universal "B" films, including "Dancing on a Dime", "Give Out Sisters" w/The Andrews Sisters, "Behind the Eight Ball" w/The Ritz Brothers, "Mug Town", "It Ain't Hay" w/Abbott & Costello, "Crazy House" w/Olson and Johnson, "Follow the Boys" w/Raft, "Destiny" w/Gloria Jean, etc.

Married a Marine and retired from films in 1945.


Lead/co-star Lash La Rue (78) 1917-1996.

Western hero in black outfit with a flashing whip in 'B' movies of the 1940s and 1950s as Al 'Lash' La Rue. His horse was Black Diamond.

By his own account he was married and divorced 10 times?

Appeared in the porno film "Hard on the Trail", although he didn't indulge or appear nude. In later years he became a preacher.


Co-star/support Joe De Santis (80) 1909-1989.

Essential character actor, in "The Man with a Cloak", "Tension at Table Rock", "Full of Life" w/Richard Conte, "The Unholy Wife", "Dino" w/Sal Mineo, "Jeanne Eagels" as Jeff Chandler's brother, "I Want to Live!", "Al Capone", "Madame X", "The Professionals", "The Brotherhood", etc.

He guest starred in over 100 TV shows.


Lead/co-star Harry Langdon (60) 1884-1944.

Funny, baby-faced comic in silent films, once ranked up there with Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd.

He made many 'B' films in the 1930s, and in the early 1940s made comedy shorts for Columbia Studios.

Married 3 times (1 son). Was at one time associated with Laurel & Hardy. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


In memory of those who died this day June 15th:

Handsome, tough-guy actor Steve Cochran in 1965 at age 48, fabulous songbird Ella Fitzgerald in 1996 at age 79, superior character actor Hume Cronyn in 2003 at age 91, and lovely French actress Suzanne Flon in 2005 at age 87.



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Just last night our local access channel ran a perfectly dreadful Frankie Howard movie, (Howard is the dreadful part), The Runaway Bus(1954), which caught my attention for a time since it featured a rather subdued, (for her), Margaret Rutherford and character actor George Coulouris. There was, however another character played by Belinda Lee as a pulp fiction reader who seems to embody every walking cliche of a would-be blonde bombshell, circa early fifties.


She was, as you mentioned, exceptionally beautiful, and not bad at playing comedy. I thought that she bore a resemblance to Kim Novak. I remembered after seeing her and reading your mention of her that the character of the model turned actress played by Julie Christie in Darling(1965) was said to be based, at least in part, on the life of Belinda Lee. If anyone else is curious, this is a link to a page which shows her image and gives more description of her very brief life and career:


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Unfortunately, I'm still unable to access the original Happy Birthday thread, so I will continue to post the birthdays on this thread. Perhaps someone can try to access the original thread which is on page 3. Thank you.



Born this day June 16th:


Lead/co-star Arnold Vosloo is 44.

Tall, intense actor, remembered as the High Priest Imhotep in "The Mummy" (1999) and the sequel. In "Buried Alive", "Hard Target", "Progeny", "Endangered Species", Con Express", "Agent Cody Banks", etc.

Married twice. On the TV series "American Gothic" and "Nash Bridges". Has done some stage work.


Co-star/support Laurie Metcalf is 51.

Talented, appealing actress, remembered as Jackie on TVs "Roseanne" (she won 3 Emmy awards). In "Desperately Seeking Susan", "Making Mr. Right", "Miles from Home", "Uncle Buck" funny role, "Pacific Heights", "JFK", "A Dangerous Woman" w/Debra Winger, "Leaving Las Vegas", "Bulworth", "Steel City", etc.

Married twice (3 children). Began on TVs "Saturday Night Live". Also on TVs "The Norm Show".


Co-star/support Ann Carter is 70 today.

Former blonde child actress, in "I Married a Witch" w/Veronica Lake whom she resembled, "The North Star", "The Curse of the Cat People" good role, "The Virginian", "The Searching Wind", "The Two Mrs. Carrolls" w/Stanwyck, "Ruthless", "The member of the Wedding", etc.

Last on screen in 1952. Not much is known about her adult life.




Lead/co-star Faith Domergue (74) 1924-1999.

Exciting, dark-haired beauty, made a splash in the movie "Vendetta". Also in "Where Danger Lives", "The Great Sioux Uprising", "This Island Earth", "It Came from Beneath the Sea", "Cult of the Cobra" eerie chiller, "Blood Legacy", "The House of Seven Corpses", etc.

Married 4 times (2 children). She was one of Howard Hughes starlets. Also appeared on TV programs.


Co-star/support Frances Raffety (81) 1922-2004.

Reliable starlet at MGM, in "Eyes in the Night", "Presenting Lily Mars" "Girl Crazy", "Dragon Seed", "Mrs. Parkington", "Bad Bascomb" w/Wallace Beery, "Lost Honeymoon", etc.

Married twice (2 children). Starred on the hit TV series "December Bride" w/Spring Byington. Was a lifelong friend of Alexis Smith.


Lead/co-star Flip Wilson (53) 1911-1964.

Dimpled, pudgy cowboy star, skilled with a bullwhip, in westerns from 1948 thru 1952. His sidekicks included Andy Clyde and Fuzzy Knight.

After his career ended he entertained in circuses and rodeos. He was born Ronald Charles Meyers.


Co-star/support Jack Albertson (74) 1907-1981.

Essential character actor, won Oscar best support for his fine performance in "The Subject Was Roses" (also won a Tony award for the role). In "The Miracle on 34th. Street", "The Harder They Fall", "Man of a THousand Faces", Don't Go Near the Water", "The Shaggy Dog", "Days of Wine and Roses", "Roustabout", "The Flim-Flam Man", "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", "The Poseidon Adventure", "Dead and Buried", etc.

Brother of Mabel Albertson and Frank Albertson. On the hit TV series "Chico and the Man" (won Emmy award). Also a veteran of vaudeville, burlesque and the Broadway stage. No marital status available.


Co-sar/support Ona Munson (51) 1903-1955.

Attractive, dependable actress, achieved screen immortality as Belle Watling in "Gone With the Wind". Also in "Five Star Final", "Dramaic School", "Scandal Street", "The Shanghai Gesture" good role as Mother Gin Sling, "Drums of the Congo", "Dakota" w/Wayne, "The Red House" good mystery, etc.

Married 3 times. Was in vaudeville and on the musical stage. Sadly, she was plagued by ill-health for the final years of her life, and committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills.


Lead/co-star Stan Laurel (74) 1890-1965.

Outstanding comedy star, the skinny half of the fabulous team of Laurel & Hardy. In over 200 films including silents and talkies (many shorts).

A few of their best included, "Babes in Toyland" aka "The March of the Wooden Soldiers", "Our Relations", "Sons of the Desert", "Way Out West" perhaps their best, "Swiss Miss", "Block-Heads", "A Chump at Oxford", "Saps at Sea", etc.

Mr. Laurel was married 5 times (2 children). Was a writer, producer and director. Received an honorary Oscar in 1961. The teams final film "Atoll K" aka "Utopia" was a dismal effort. Suffered a nervous breakdown on the death of his long time film partner and friend, Oliver Hardy, and according to his friends, never fully recovered.


In memory of TVs 'Superman' George Reeves who died this day June 16th in 1959 at age 45, and prominent director Nicholas Ray in 1979 at age 67.




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Born this day June 17th:


Lead/co-star Jason Patric is 40.

Reliable, good-looking actor, made a splash in "The Lost Boys", a good horror film. Also in "Solarbabies", "Denial", "Frankenstein Unbound", "Rush", "Sleepers" good drama, "Your Friend and Neighbors" for which he won a few awards, "The Alamo", "Narc", etc.

Son of the late actor/playwright Jason Miller. Grandson of Jackie Gleason. Dated Julia Roberts. Turned down the leads in "The Firm" and "The Passion of the Christ" duh. Also a stage actor.


Lead/co-star Greg Kinnear is 43.

Talented, breezy actor, Oscar nominated best support for "As Good as It Gets" playing a gay man. Also in "Sabrina", "You've Got Mail", "Nurse Betty", "Someone Like You", "We Were Soldiers", "Auto Focus" good role as the promiscuous actor Bob Crane, "Stuck on You", "The Matador", "Bad News Bears", etc.

Married since 1999 (2 children).


Co-star/support Thomas Haden Church is 45.

Talented, glib actor, Oscar nominated best support for "SideWays" for which he won numerous awards. Also in "Tombstone", "George of the Jungle", "One Night Stand", "Goosed", "3000 Miles to Graceland", "Monkeybone", "Spanglish", etc.

A single guy, he was through with acting when offered the role of Jack in "Sideways", now he is on a roll. Was on the TV series "Wings".


Co-star/support James Shigeta is 73.

Dependable Asian-American actor, won Golden Globe award for Most Promising Newcomer. In "Flower Drum Song", "Bridge to the Sun" good role, "Paradise Hawaiian Style", "Lost Horizon" musical remake, "The Yakuza", "Die Hard", "Drive", etc.

He has done some TV work. A song and dance man, he played Vegas and various nightclubs.


Co-star/support Peter Lupus is 74 today.

Reliable, muscular actor, remembered as Willy for 7 seasons on TVs "Mission Impossible". In "Muscle Beach Party", "Hercules", "The Escapist", "Hangfire", "Assassination", "Think Big", "The Nutt House", "Carlo's Wake", etc.

His wife is a fitness consultant. Posed for Playgirl in 1974 (a gifted gent).




Co-star/support Beryl Reid (76) 1920-1996.

Dandy, British character actress, in "Belles of St. Trinian's", "Star!" w/Julie Andrews, "The Killing of Sister George" (Golden Globe nominee best actress), "The Beast in the Cellar", "Psychomania", "Joseph Andrews", etc.

Married twice. She won a Tony award for her stage work.

While in retirement, she lived in a cottage surrounded by cats.


Lead/co-star Ralph Bellamy (87) 1904-1991.

Tall, prolific actor in over 100 films, Oscar nominated best support for his role in "The Awful Truth". In "Carefree", "Trade Winds", "Let Us Live", "His Girl Friday", "Dive Bomber", "Ghost of Frankenstein", "Lady on a Train", "Sunrise at Campobello" good role as FDR, "Rosemary's Baby" as Dr. Sapirstein, "Oh, God!", "Trading Places", "Pretty Woman", etc.

Was married 4 times. Also guest starred on TV shows. Won a Tony award as FDR. Frequently played the "other man" in romances and comedies, and he was often fleeced by leading men like Cary Grant to get to the female lead.


Lead/co-star Louise Fazenda (66) 1895-1962.

Popular, slapstick funny lady in over 200 films from silents to talkies (many pre-codes).

She left the screen in 1939 after a small role in "The Old Maid" with Bette Davis.

Was married to honcho producer Hal Wallis (1 son). He was known as the Prisoner of Fazenda around the studio.


Co-star/support Russell Simpson (79) 1880-1959.

Supreme, lanky character actor in over 200 films, remembered for his fine performance as Pa Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath" (heartbreaking when he goes into a diner to buy a slice of bread). Also in "Dodge City", "Drums Along the Mohawk", "Santa Fe Trail", "Tobacco Road", "Swamp Water", "Along Came Jones" w/Cooper, "My Darling Clementine", "Lone Star", "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", "The Tin Star", etc.

Married 49 years (1 daughter Roberta, who has since passed away).

He was a member of the John Ford stock company. His grim, beady-eyed, sharp-nosed, weatherbeaten face was always familiar despite the small roles he appeared in.


In memory of appealing, rugged-looking actor Jeff Chandler who died this day June 17th in 1961 at age 42, and delightful songbird Kate Smith in 1986 at age 79.




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Born this day June 18th:


Lead/co-star Carol Kane is 54.

Distinctive actress with indescribable voice and frizzy hair, Oscar nominated best actress for "Hester Street". In "Dog Day Afternoon", "Annie Hall", "The World's Greatest Lover", "When a Stranger Calls" chilling drama, "Norma Loves Rose", "Scrooged", "Trees Lounge", "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", "The Pacifier", etc.

A single gal, she won an Emmy award as Simka on the hit TV series "Taxi". On Broadway in "Wicked".


Lead/co-star Isabella Rossellini is 54.

Attractive actress, resembles her mother Ingid Bergman. In "White Nights", "Blue Velvet", "Cousins", "Wild at Heart", "Death Becomes Her", "Fearless" good drama, "Wyatt Earp", "Big Night", "Heights", etc.

Divorced from director Martin Scorsese. Has 1 daughter. Daughter of Roberto Rossellini. Has a twin sister. Has appeared on Broadway, and a Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for her TV work.


Lead/co-star Paul McCartney is 64.

Talented icon, and member of the fabulous Beatles, in "A Hard Days Night", "Help!", "Yellow Submarine", "Sgt. Peper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Give My Regards to Broad Street", etc.

Married twice (5 children). Is on the verge of divorce from his 2nd wife $$$$$$$$$. Won Oscar best song "Let It Be", nominated for numerous others.


Co-star/support Robert Arthur is 81 today.

Youthful-looking juvenile actor, in "Roughly Speaking", "Noa Pentiss", "Mother Wore Tights", "Yellow Sky" good western, "Twelve O'Clock High", "Ace in the Hole" aka "The Big Carnival", "Belles on Their Toes", "Young Bess", etc.

He left the screen in 1960 (last on TV in 1966). A bachelor, he has helmed the California based Project Rainbow Organization to help aid gay senior citizens.




Co-star/support Maggie McNamara (49) 1928-1978.

Petite, talented actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "The Moon Is Blue". In "Three Coins in the Fountain", "The Prince of Players" and "The Cardinal".

Divorced from writer/director David Swift. Appeared on TV programs. Sadly, she committed suicide.


Lead/co-star Richard Boone (63) 1917-1981.

Essential, serious actor, in "The Halls of Montezuma", "Man on a Tightrope", "Vicki", "The Robe", "The Raid", "Dragnet", "The Big Knife", "Lizzie", "The Alamo", "The Shootist", etc.

Married 3 times (1 child). His hit TV series included "Medic", "Have Gun, Will Travel" and "Hec Ramsey". He was nominated for 4 Emmy awards. On a December 14, 1957, episode of "Have Gun - Will Travel" (1957), Boone found himself stripped to the waist by Apaches and bound spreadagle-style between four stakes driven into the ground. So vivid was this scene that leading men in other TV westerns soon found themselves in similar circumstances.


Co-star/support Ross Elliott (82) 1917-1999.

Reliable actor, mostly in "B" films. In "Gun Crazy" chilling drama, "Three Secrets", "Woman on the Run" good movie with Ann Sheridan, "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms", "Women's Prison", "Tarantula" good horror, "The Thrill of It All", "The Crawling Hand", etc.

Was married at the time he died of cancer. Began his acting career with Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre.


Lead/co-star Dick Foran (69) 1910-1979.

Beefy, red-headed actor, one of the screens first singing cowboys. Also adept at comedy and drama, in "The Petrified Forest", "Dangerous" w/Davis, "Black Legion", "Four Daughters", "The Sisters", "My Little Chickadee", "The Mummy's Hand", "In the Navy" w/Abbott & Costello, "Fort Apache", "Donovan's Reef", etc.

Married twice. Appeared on TV programs.


Co-star/support E.G. Marshall (88) 1910-1998.

Essential character actor, in "Call Northside 777", "The Caine Mutiny", "Broken Lance", "The Left Hand of God", "The Bachelor Party" w/Don Murray, "12 Angry Men" as juror #4, "Compulsion", "A Town Without Pity", "Interiors", "Creepshow" as the clean freak attacked by roaches, etc.

Married 3 times (4 children). E.G. = Everett Gunnar. An important stage actor, also on the hit TV series "The Defenders".


Co-star/support Keye Luke (86) 1904-1991.

Asian-American actor forever identified as Charlie Chan's #1 son, in numerous Chan films. Also in "Mad Love", "Comrade X", "The Good Earth", "Across the Pacific", "Dragon Seed", "Tokyo Rose", "The Bamboo prison", "Anything Goes" w/Merman, "Gremlins", etc.

Also played Dr. Lee Wong in the Dr. Kildare movie series. Was the original Kato in "The Green Hornet" serials. On TV as Master Po in "Kung Fu". On Broadway in "The Flower Drum Song".

Luke was an accomplished artist who specialized in murals. Examples of his work appear in the films The Shanghai Gesture (1941) and Macao (1952). He also painted the garden fairytale setting murals of the interior of the Graumans Chinese theatre and the Chinese theatre massive auditorium ceiling. A talented gent indeed.


Lead/co-star Jeanette MacDonald (61) 1903-1965.

Vavacious blonde musical star paired with Nelson Eddy, in "Naughty Marietta", "Rose marie", Maytime", "The Girl of the Golden West", 'Sweethearts", "New Moon", "Bitter Sweet" and "I Married an Angel". Also in "Love Parade", "The Merry Widow", "San Francisco" w/Gable, "The Firefly", "Smilin' Through", etc.

Was married to Gene Raymond. Rumors persist that she had an affair with Nelson Eddy. She was plagued with a heart condition. Sister of Marie Blake aka Blossom Rock of "The Aadams Family".


Lead/co-star Mae Busch (54) 1891-1946.

Legendary star in numerous silent films and talkies (many pre-codes), a perfect foil for Laurel & Hardy. In "The Unholy Three" w/Chaney, Lilly Turner", "Sons of the Desert", "Marie Antionette", "Ziegfeld Girl", etc.

Married 3 times. She was known as the Versatile Vamp in silent films. Jackie Gleason referred to her as the ever popular Mae Busch.

Her ashes weren't claimed until the 1970s by members of the 'Way Out West Tent' associated with Laurel & Hardy, and she was given a proper buriel.


Co-star/support Blanche Yurka (86) 1887-1974.

Essential character actress best remembered as Madame Defarge, knitting while watching executions, in "A Tale of Two Cities" (1935). Also in "Queen of the Mob", "City for Conquest", "Escape" w/Shearer, "Keeper of the Flame", "The Song of Bernadette", "Cry of the Werewolf", "The Southerner" good drama, "The Furies" w/Stanwyck, "Thunder in the Sun", etc.

In numerous Broadway plays. A former opera singer.


In memory of those who died this day June 18th:

Superior character actress Ethel Barrymore in 1959 at age 79, dandy Mexican actor Pedro Armendariz committed suicide in 1963 at age 51, reliable supporting actress Doris Davenport in 1980 at age 63, reliable actor Curt Jurgens in 1982 at age 66, lovely blonde actress Joan Caulfield in 1991 at age 69, essential character actress Nancy Marchand in 2002 at age 71, and reliable actress Doris Dowling in 2004 at age 81.


A Happy Father's Day to all you dads' out there today.




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Regarding actor Robert Arthur, the correct title of a movie he appeared in should be "Nora Prentiss".




And with Paul McCartney turning 64 today, it's interesting to note the lyrics to the Beatles song "When I'm Sixty-Four": "Will you still need me, will you still feed me? When I'm 64".

But when he wrote those lyrics as a teenager, he had no idea just how prescient they would be nearly half a century on, since he is on the verge of a divorce.

Chin up Paul and Happy Birthday to you.

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Born this day June 19th:


Lead/co-star Kathleen Turner is 52.

Sensual, throaty-voiced blonde actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "Peggy Sue Got Maried". In "Body Heat" WOW!, "Romancing the Stone" (she won Golden Globe award), "Crime of Passion", "Prizzi's Honor" (she won Golden Globe award), "Jewel of the Nile", "The Accidental Tourist", "The war of the Roses" (Golden Globe nominee best actress), "V.I. Warshawski", "Serial Mom", "Moonlight and Valentino", "Prince of Central Park", etc.

Married since 1983 (1 daughter). On the Broadway stage, she has appeared in the nude. Nominated for a few Tony awards. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.


Co-star/support Marisa Pavan is 74.

Gentle, petite actress, Oscar nominated best support as Magnani's daughter Rosa in "The Rose Tattoo" (she won Golden Globe award). In "What Price Glory", "Diana" w/Lana Turner, "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit" as Peck's lover, "John Paul Jones", "Solomon and Sheba", etc.

Widow of Jean Pierre Aumont (2 sons). Twin sister of Pier Angeli. Last on the TV screen in 1992. Had a hit record overseas in 1974 with a French-language version of Burt Bacharach's "Green Grass Starts to Grow" and sang with husband Aumont in a supper club act that toured the United States, Canada and Mexico in the 60s.


Lead/co-star Gena Rowlands is 76.

Charming, attractive blonde actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "A Woman Under the Influence" (coming to TCM), and for "Gloria", both directed by her late husband John Cassavetes. Also in "Lonely Are the Brave", "A Child Is Waiting" w/Judy Garland, "Faces", "Tony Rome", "Minnie and Moskowitz", "The Brink's Job", "Tempest", "Unhook the Stars", "The Notebook" directed by her son Nick, "The Skeleton Key", etc.

Widowed with 4 children. Co-starred and/or directed by her husband in 10 films. Also appeared in made for TV movies.


Lead/co-star Louis Jourdan is 87 today.

Handsome, suave actor, in "The Paradine Case", "Madame Bovary", "Bird of Paradise" a gulity pleasure, "The Happy Time" w/Boyer, "Three Coins in the Fountain", "The Swan", "Julie" w/Doris Day, "Gigi" (Golden Globe nominee best actor), "The Best of Everything" as a heel, "Can-Can", "The V.I.P.s", "Swamp Thing", etc.

Married in 1944 (1 son who died of a drug overdose in 1981). Last on TV in 1992. Was quoted, "There are actors in this town who made important careers for a long, long period just by taking the parts that Cary Grant turned down."




Co-star/support Tim Hovey (44) 1945-1989.

Former child actor (cute as a button), in "The Private War of Major Benson" w/Charlton Heston, "Queen Bee", "Toy Tiger" w/Jeff Chandler, "Everything But the Truth" w/Maureen O'Hara, "Man Afraid", Slim Carter", etc.

He served as road manager for the Grateful Dead. Sadly, he died of a drug overdose.


Lead/co-star Pier Angeli (39) 1932-1971.

Petite, delicate actress, in "Teresa" (she won Golden Globe award), "The Story of Three Loves" in the Kirk Douglas segment, "Sombrero", "The Silver Chalice", "Somebody Up There Likes Me" w/Paul Newman, "Merry Andrew", "The Angry Silence" good role, etc.

Divorced from Vic Damone (1 son Perry, named for Perry Como). Had a close relationship with James Dean (the love of her life). Twin sister of Marisa Pavan. Made numerous films in Europe. Sadly, she committed suicide with barbituate overdose.

TCM is saluting her birthday with a batch of films all day today.


Co-star/support Nancy Marchand (71) 1928-2000.

Essential character actress, remembered as Livia Soprano on the HBO series "The Sopranos" (she won Golden Globe award). In "The Bachelor Party" w/Don Murray, "Me, Natalie", "Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon" w/Liza Minnelli, "The Hospital", "The Bostonians", "Jefferson in Paris", "Reckless", "Sabrina", etc.

Was married 48 years (3 children). Won 4 Emmy awards for her role on TVs "Lou Grant". Also won a Tony award for her stage work.


Co-star/support Pat Buttram (78) 1915-1994.

Amusing sidekick with unmistakable voice, in many westerns since 1948, notably with Gene Autry.

Widower of lovely Sheila Ryan (1 daughter). He was Mr. Haney on TVs "Green Acres". He was a popular, in-demand toastmaster and after dinner speaker, in the Hollywood community. On Mae West: "Do you realize that she went through her life without once having a man say to her, 'You remind me of my mother'?"


Lead/co-star Moe Howard (77) 1897-1975.

He was the outrageous 'boss' stooge with the bowl haircut, among the kings of slapstick "The Three Stooges", which included his brothers Curly Howard and Shemp Howard. Not to forget stooge Larry Fine.

Appeared in all 190 comedy shorts at Columbia Pictures. Also made a few feature length films.

Married 50 years (2 children). In private life, a quiet, dedicated family man. Also in vaudeville. He was born Moses Horwitz.


Co-star/support Mildred Natwick (89) 1905-1994.

Essential character actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Barefoot in the Park". Also in "The Long Voyage Home", "The Enchanted Cottage", "3 Godfathers" as lady in wagon with baby, "The Quiet Man", "The Trouble with Harry", "The Court Jester" good role, "Tammy and the Bachelor", "Dangerous Liaisons", etc.

She was a favorite of director John Ford. Won an Emmy award for "The Snoop Sisters". Nominated for a Tony award. Appeared on numerous TV shows. Was a devout Christian Scientist.


Co-star/support Dame May Whitty (82) 1865-1948.

Sterling character actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Night Must Fall" and "Mrs. Miniver". In Hitchcock's "The Lady Vanishes" title role, "A Bill of Divorcement", "Suspicion", "The Constant Nymph", "Stagedoor Canteen", "Lassie Come Home", "Madam Curie", "Gaslight", "Devotion", "Green Dolphin Street", "If Winter Comes", etc.

Was married to actor Ben Webster 54 years (their daughter Margaret died in 1972). She and her husband co-starred in 5 films together.


In memory of those who died this day June 19th:

Silent film star Frank Borzage in 1962 at age 69, supreme comic Ed Wynn in 1966 at age 79, reliable actress Geraldine Brooks in 1977 at age 51, and superior movie star Jean Arthur in 1991 at age 90.




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Regarding Pier Angeli:


Perhaps she took from real experiences the emotions she conveyed on the screen. Her personal life was filled with turmoil. The world lost her in 1971, still at a young age. Fame, glory and happiness did not last very long for her.


Anna Maria Pierangeli (real name) was unpretentious, simple and realistic. She would not become a glamorous Lana Turner type, but instead, she was the girl next door, the girl who suffered, cried and had weaknesses and fears, like most people.


Angeli conveyed sadness, the need for love and protection, and broke the audience?s hearts with her sweet, gentle way. She possessed great charisma and should be remembered as a beautiful, talented woman who had all it takes to become a superstar.


It is a shame that the motion picture industry never fully recognized her potential. But she left behind a legacy of 30 movies that bear witness to the wonderful actress and lovely lady she was.


By the way she did have another son during her second marriage.

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Born this day June 20th:


Lead/co-star Nicole Kidman is 39.

Talented, popular strawberry blonde, won Oscar best actress as Virginia Woolf in "The Hours". Oscar nominated best actress for Moulin Rouge" (she won Golden Globe award). In "Dead Calm", "Billy Bathgate", "Far and Away", "To Die For", "Eyes Wide Shut" Zzzzzzzzzzz, "The Others", "Cold Mountain", "The Stepford Wives", "Birth", "Bewitched", etc.

Divorced from Tom Cruise (2 adopted children). Engaged to be married to country musician Keith Urban. 7 time Golden Globe nominee (won 3).


Lead/co-star John Goodman is 54.

Chunky, jovial actor in "Revenge of the Nerds", Sweet Dreams", "Raising Arizona", "The Big Easy", "Sea of Love", "Stella" w/Bette Midler, "Arachnophobia" good chiller, "The Flintstones" as Fred, "The Big Lebowski", "Coyote Ugly", "Beyond the Sea", etc.

Married since 1989 (1 daughter Molly). Starred as Dan on the hit TV series "Roseanne", winning a Golden Globe award. 7 time Emmy award nominee (no wins).


Co-star/support John Mahoney is 66.

Solid character actor, in "Code of Silence", "Tin Men", "Suspect", "Moonstruck" as Olympia Dukakis' hapless suitor, "Frantic", "Eight Men Out", "Article 99", "Primal Fear", "She's the One", etc.

Played the dad on the hit TV series "Fraiser". Won a Tony award for his stage work. Born in England.


Co-star/support Danny Aiello is 73.

Essential, imposing actor, Oscar nominated best support as the pizza store owner in "Do the Right Thing". Also in "Bang the Drum Slowly", "The Front", "The Purple Rose of Cairo" good movie, "Radio Days" a nostalgic treat, "Moonstruck" as Cher's fiancee, "The Cemetery Club", "Prince of Central Park", "Mail Order Bride", etc.

Married since 1955 (4 children). Released a music album in 2004.


Co-star/support Brett Halsey is 73.

Reliable, handsome actor, in "Johnny Dark", "To Hell and Back", "The Cry Baby Killer", "The Best of Everything" glossy soap, "Jet Over the Atlantic", "Return to Peyton Place" w/Mary Astor, "Ratboy", "The Godfather: Part III", "Terminal Rush", etc.

Married 3 times including to beauty Luciana Paluzzi. Father of 5 children. Made numerous films in Europe. His uncle was Admiral 'Bull' Halsey. On the soap series "General Hospital".


Co-star/support Olympia Dukakis is 75.

Grand character actress, won Oscar best support as Cher's mom in the delightful "Moonstruck". Also in "John and Mary", "Made for Each Other", "The Idolmaker", "Working Girl", "Steel Magnolias", "The cementery Club", "Mighty Aphrodite", "Mother", "Charlie's War", "The Great New Wonderful", etc.

Married to actor Louis Zorich since 1962 (3 children). She played a transexual in the mini-series "Tales of the City". Her Oscar for "Moonstruck" was stolen in 1989.


Co-star/support Martin Landau is 75 today.

Superior actor, won Oscar best support for his outstanding performance as Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood". Oscar nominated best support for "Tucker: The Man and His Dream", and "Crimes and Misdemeanors". Also in "Pork Chop Hill", "North by Northwest" he was fond of Hitchcock, "Cleopatra", "Nevada Smith", "Meteor", "No Place to Hide", "The X Files", "Sleepy Hollow", "The Majestic" good role, etc.

Divorced from Barbara Bain, his co-star on the hit TV series "Mission: Impossible" (2 children). Won 3 Golden Globe awards. Also on Broadway.




Lead/co-star Audie Murphy (46) 1924-1971.

Baby-faced actor, and the most decorated soldier of WWII. In "Bad Boy", "Kansas Raiders", "The Red Badge of Courage", "Drums Across the River", "Destry" good remake, "To Hell and Back" as himself, "Joe Butterfly", "The Quiet American" good role, "The Unforgiven" w/Lancaster, "Bullet for a Badman", etc.

Married wice including to lovely Wandra Hendrix. Father of 2 sons. Sadly, he was killed in a plane crash. Is laid to rest at Arlington National cemetery. As it should be.


Co-star/support Gail Patrick (69) 1911-1980.

Capable actress usually played calculating, hard as nails dames. In "Pick-Up", "Death Takes a Holiday", "Rumba" w/Raft, "No More Ladies" w/Crawford, "My Man Godfrey", "Stage Door", "My Favorite Wife", "Love Crazy" w/Myrna Loy, "Gallant Sons", "Claudia and David", "The Inside Story", etc.

Married 4 times (2 children). She was the executive producer of TVs "Perry Mason".


Lead/co-star Errol Flynn (50) 1909-1959.

Handsome, dashing, devil-may-care hero of Hollywood's most exciting swashbucklers. In "Captain Blood", "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "The Prince and the Pauper", "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Dawn Patrol", "The Sea Hawk", "Santa Fe Trail", "They Died with Their Boots On", "Gentleman Jim", "Cry Wolf" w/Stanwyck, "The Adventures of Don Juan", "Mara Maru", "Kim", "The Sun Also Rises", "The Roots of Heaven", etc.

Married 3 times including to Patrice Wymore (his widow), and to Lili Damita. Father of 4 children. His son Sean was a free lance photojournalist during the VietNam War. He disappeared with another journalist, and both men were presumed captured and killed, as they followed the US Army invasion into Cambodia.

The phrase 'In Like Flynn' stems from his naughty escapades with 'young' women. His autobiography "My Wicked Wicked Ways" lived up to the title of the book. Although only fifty when he succumbed to a massive heart attack aboard the yacht that had become his home during his final years, the autopsy showed he had the body of a seventy-five-year-old man.

Quoted as saying, "I intend to live the first half of my life. I don't care about the rest". And indeed he did.

No birthday salute from TCM today. Perhaps he is scheduled for "Summer Under the Stars".


In memory of those who died this day June 20th:

Silent screen comic Charlie Chase in 1940 at age 46, prominent director Mark Robson ('Peyton Place') in 1978 at age 64, divine character actress Estelle Winwood in 1984 at age 101, and dark beauty Ina Balin in 1990 at age 52.

Also infamous gangster Bugsy Siegel shot to death in 1947 at age 41.




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Hi Mongo,


Happy Birthday to Brett Halsey, someone whom I've never met but have fond feelings for. He and Luciana Paluzzi were very special friends to Mary Astor and she spoke often very highly of both. They never failed to visit her and remember her birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. I have always felt badly that they divorced.


Also, another remembered story, thanks to you:

On this day in 1947, Nell and I and our household all hastily packed up and fled to Europe. I never knew what was happening as we had just returned from NYC in April and Europe before that in February. Europe again, so soon. I was 5.

On board ship we met Rose Douras and Countess Dorothy Di Frasso, also in a panic and fleeing!!!

When I asked Rose why we were all exiting the country, she replied in her usual vulgar way, "We're 3 little pigs making scarce, honey. They've just murdered poor Benny (Bugsy Siegel)... Stupid me always thought that Benny Goodman had been killed!!! Duh.......



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Born this day June 21st: First Day of Summer


Lead/co-star Juliette Lewis is 33.

Talented, quirky actress, Osca nominated best aupport for "Cape Fear" w/De Niro. In "Christmas Vacation", "Husbands and Wives", "Kalifornia", "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", "Natural Born Killers", "The Basketball Diaries", "The Evening Star", "The 4th. Floor", "The Other Sister", "Old School", "Cold Creek Manor", "Starsky and Hutch", etc.

Divorced from professional skateboarder Steve Berra. Daughter of character actor Geoffrey Lewis. Has been legally emancipated from her parents since age 14. Quoted, "Just 'cause I'm in the same age bracket as Johnny Depp and Leo Dicaprio doesn't mean we all screw together."


Lead/co-star Ron Ely is 68.

Reliable actor, was the 15th screen Tarzan in five films, including "Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion". Also in "The Fiend Who Walked the West", "The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker" w/Clifton Webb, "Once Before I Die", "The Night of the Grizzly", etc.

Married twice. Also played Tarzan in a TV series. Hosted a TV game show "Face the Music" and also the Miss America pageant. Writes mystery novels. Last on the TV screen in 2001.


Co-star/support Monte Markham is 71.

Capable actor, in "Hour of the Gun", "Project X", "Guns of the Magnificent Seven", "One Is a Lonely Number", "Ginger in the Morning", "Midway", "Judgment Day", "Frame by Frame", etc.

Married since 1961 (2 children). Was in the Broadway musical "Irene" with Debbie Reynolds. Played Blanche's gay brother on "The Golden Girls". He was born Klaire Keevil Hester.


Lead/co-star Jane Russell is 85 today.

Striking, busty brunette made a big splash in Howard Hughe's "The Outlaw". Also in "The Paleface", "His Kind of Woman", "Macao", "Montana Belle", "Gentleman Prefer Blondes", "Underwater!", "Foxfire", "Ten Tall Men" w/Gable, "The Revolt of Mamie Stover", "Waco", "The Born Losers", etc.

Married 3 times (3 adopted children). Discovered by producer/director Howard Hughes working as a receptionist for his dentist. With a 38" bust, Bob Hope introduced her as "The Two and only Jane Russell". Appeared on TCM's 'Private Screenings' with pal Robert Mitchum in 1996. She was the spokesperson for 'Playtex' bras. Appears at Nostalgia celebrity events.

In 2006 (at age 84), Jane put together a musical show entitled "The Swinging Forties" that plays twice a month at the Radisson Hotel. The show features herself and about a dozen local Santa Maria residents, including a choir director, lay preacher and retired police officer. She formed the show out of boredom and because there was nothing much going on in town for the older folks to do.

TCM is saluting Miss Russell with a batch of films all day today.




Lead/co-star Maureen Stapleton (80) 1925-2006.

Outstanding character actress, won Oscar best support for "Reds". Oscar nominated for "Lonelyhearts", "Airport" (won Golden Globe award), and "Interiors". Also in "The Fugitive Kind", "Bye Bye Birdie", "A View from the Bridge" good drama, "Plaza Suite", "The Fan", "Johnny Dangerously", "Cocoon", "Sweet Lorraine", "Nuts", "Passed Away", "Addicted to Love", etc.

Married twice (2 children). Won a Tony award as Serafina in "The Rose Tattoo". Didn't travel by planes, trains and had a fear of elevators.

Upon receiving her Oscar for "Reds", she thanked her inspiration Joel McCrea. Was quoted, "Looking back, I don't feel I had a choice. For a fat, struggling kid like me, the only way out was to be someone else -- an actor."


Co-star/support Robert Pastorelli (49) 1954-2004.

Beefy, dependable actor remembered as Eldin Bernecky on the hit TV series "Murphy Brown" (Emmy award nominee). In "Outrageous Fortune", "Memories of Me", "Dances with Wolves", "The Paint Job", "Folks!", "Sister Act 2", "Michael", "Heist", etc.

Had 1 daugter with girlfriend, 25 year old Charemon Jonovich, who was found dead in their home. Police think she accidentally shot herself. [15 March 1999] A former boxer and admitted dug addict, he died of a heroin overdose.


Lead/co-star Judy Holliday (43) 1921-1965.

Luminously talented blonde actress, won Oscar best actress as Billie Dawn in "Born Yesterday". Also in "Adams Rib", "On the Town", "The Marrying Kind", "It Should Happen to You", "Phffft!", "The Solid Gold Cadillac", "Full of Life" good movie with Richard Conte, "Bells Are Ringing", etc.

Divorced from composer David Oppenheim (1 child). Her IQ was measured at 172. She tragically lost a 5 year battle with cancer.

Was quoted, "You have to be smart to play a dumb blonde over and over and keep the audience's attention without extraordinary physical equipment."


Co-star/support Dorothy Stickney (101) 1896-1998.

Endearing character actress, in "My Sin", "The Little Minister", "The Moon's Our Home", "The Uninvited", "Miss Tatlock's Millions", "The Catered Affair" as Barry Fitzgerald's lady, "I Never Sang for My Father", etc.

Married 40 years to Howard Lindsay who wrote "Life with Father". She appeared in vaudeville and on Broadway.


In memory of character actor Donald MacBride who died this day June 21st in 1957 at age 67, and superior comedy star Carroll O'Connor in 2001 at age 76.




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Good Morning!


Happy Birthday to Jane Russell......

Two good reasons to have a good day today:

Her 'two good reasons' and it's the first day of summer.....


I don't think she was ever given her due but she was just as good as anyone else in the movies; and a good deal better than a lot of today's crop.



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It's my pleasure, Jack. Although, after posting the Happy Brthday thread for a few years now, I may end it in January 2007.


Unfortunately for Monte Markham, the TV series "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (1969) only lasted one season . I bet he would be surprised that you remembered it.

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