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Born this day August 17th:


Lead/co-star Sean Penn is 46.

Gifted, brooding actor, won Oscar best actor for "Mystic River". Oscar nominated best actor for "Dead Man Walking", "Sweet and Lowdown", and "I AM Sam". Also in "Taps", "Fast Times at Ridgement High", "The Falcon and the Snowman", "Colors", "Casualties of War", "Carlito's Way" (Golden Globe nominee) "Hurleyburly", "The Thin Red Line", "21 Grams", etc. Divorced from Madonna, and currently married to Robin Wright Penn (2 children). Brother of the late Chris Penn. A controversial figure, he has ruffled some feathers.


Director Martha Coolidge is 60.

Dependable filmmaker, helmed "Valley Girl", "Real Genius", "Rambling Rose", "Lost in Yonkers" good movie, "Angie" w/Geena Davis, "Out to Sea", "The Prince & Me", etc.

Divorced. Also directed a few made for TV movies including the Dorothy Dandridge bio.


Lead/co-star Robert De Niro is 63.

Essential, impressive actor, won Oscar best actor for his strong performance in "Raging Bull". Oscar nominated best actor for "Taxi Driver", "The Deer Hunter", "Awakenings", and "Cape Fear". In "Bloody Mama", "Bang the Drum Slowly", "Mean Streets", "New York, New York" (Golden Globe nominee), "The King of Comedy", "Once Upon a Time in America", "The Mission", "GoodFellas", "Backdraft", "This Boys Life", "A Bronx Tale" (also directed), "Sleepers", "Meet the Parents", etc.

Married twice, prefers African-American women (4 children including twins). In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Lead/co-star Maureen O'Hara is 86 today.

Beautiful redhead from Ireland, encouraged by Charles Laughton to become an movie actress. In "Jamaica Inn" w/Laughton, "A Bill of Divorcement", "How Green Was My Valley", "To the Shores of Tripoli", "The Black Swan", "This Land Is Mine", "The Fallen Sparrow" w/Garfield, "Sinbad the Sailor" (gorgeous in Technicolor), "Sentimental Journey" a tearjerker, "The Miracle on 34th. Street" a classic, "Sitting Pretty", "A Woman's Secret", "Rio Grande", "The Quiet Man" a classic, "The Long Gray Line", "The Wings of Eagles", "The Parent Trap", "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation", "McLintock!", "Spencer's Mountain", "Big Jake", "Only the Lonely" as John Candy's mom, etc.

Married 3 times (1 daughter Bronwyn). Favorite leading man is John Wayne (made 5 films together). Has starred in a few successful made for TV movies.

(16 March 2004) Appearing at Macy's department store, on 34th Street in New York City, to promote her new book 'Tis Myself". (Macy's was the main setting for her cinema gem, filmed 57 years earlier, "The Miracle on 34th Street."). She is semi-retired.




Co-star/support Evelyn Ankers (67) 1918-1985.

Attractive blonde actress, tagged Queen of the Screamers, starring in Universal horror films. In "Hold That Ghost" w/Abbott & Costello, "The Wolf Man" exceptional horror, "The Ghost of Frankenstein", "Captive Wild Woman", "Son of Dracula" good movie, "The Mad Ghoul", "Jungle Woman", "The Pearl of Death" a Sherlock Holmes film, "The Frozen Ghost", "Queen of Burlesque", "The Lone Wolf in London", etc.

Was married to Richard Denning (1 daughter). Once engaged to Glenn Ford.


Lead/co-star Mae West (86) 1893-1980.

Outrageous blonde sex symbol from Brooklyn. In "She Done Him Wrong", "I'm No Angel", "Belle of the Nineties", "Klondike Annie", "Go West Young Man", "My Little Chickadee" w/W.C. Fields, "The Heat's On", "Myra Breckenridge", "Sextette", etc.

Married only once. Performed in bawdy stage shows.

During World War II, Navy and Army pilots and crewman in the Pacific, named their inflatable life vests after Mae West supposedly because of her well-endowed attributes. The term "Mae West" for a life-vest continues to this day.

Some Mae West quotes include, "A Hard man is good to find", "It's better to be looked over than overlooked", "When women go wrong, men go right after them", "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go every where else", "10 men waiting at the door? send one of them home, I'm tired". She was indeed something else.


Lead/co-star Monty Woolley (74) 1888-1963.

Essential, bewhiskered character actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "The Pied Piper", and for best support in "Since You Went Away". Also in ""Three Comrades", "Midnight", "The Man Who Came to Dinner" (also did the stage play), "Holy Matrimony", "Irish Eyes Are Smiling", "The Bishop's Wife", "Miss Tatlock's Millions", "Kismet", etc.

He was a teacher and intimate friend of Cole Porter while at Yale and in later years. They enjoyed many amusing disreputable adventures together in New York and on foreign travels.


In memory of those who died this day August 17th:

Ed Gardner of 'Duffy's Tavern' in 1963 at age 62, Oscar nominated actor Richard Barthelmess in 1963 at age 68, essential character actor Horace McMahon in 1971 at age 65, dependable actor William Redfield in 1976 at age 49, reliable actor Mervyn Vye in 1976 at age 63, prominent director Delmer Daves in 1977 at age 73, ace comedienne Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz) in 1979 at age 70, lyricist Ira Gershwin in 1983 at age 86, Oscar nominated director Clarence Brown ('The Yearling') in 1987 at age 97, lovely starlet Victoria Shaw in 1980 at age 53, delightful performer Pearl Bailey in 1990 at age 72, supporting actor Don Dubbins in 1991 at age 63, and screenwriter Howard Koch in 1995 at age 92.




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To echo TMN's sentiments a bit, I had not heard of either Ed Gardner or "Duffy's Tavern" until today. I went to www.audio-classics. com and read an extensive [to say the least] overview of the radio show and subsequent television and movie versions of the show.


It sounds very entertaining, especially the radio show.


Peculiar that "The Simpsons" and Moe's Tavern [home of the world's smallest big-screen TV] and Duff beer now come to mind - hmmmmmmmmmmm...coincidence?


Happy Birthday, Bobby D and Maureen the colleen [if I may be so bold...].

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Duffy's Tavern - "Where the Elite Meet to Eat " . Ed Gardner was married to Shirley Booth, of Come Back Little Sheba Fame.



Happy Birthday to the lovelyest colleen in the world, after my late wife !

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Here's a Maeism that I'll bet nobody's heard before:


In 1954, Mae West visited Rome, where she happened to meet King Farouk of Egypt. Farouk's sister, Fawzia, told Nell and me that she (Mae) siddled up to Farouk and said, "I just came over to check out your sceptre!"........


Of course, my favourite is: "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted!!"......




Message was edited by:


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Born this day August 18th:


Lead/co-star Edward Norton is 37.

Exceptional actor, Oscar nominated best support for "Primal Fear" (he won Golden Globe Award), and nominated best actor for "American History X". Also in "The People vs. Larry Flynt", "Fight Club", "Keeping the Faith", "The Score", "Frida", "Red Dragon", "25th. Hour", "The Italian Job", "Kingdom of Heaven", etc.

Has kept company with Selma Hayek and Courtney Love.


Lead/co-star Christian Slater is 37.

Charismatic actor, in "Twisted", "The Name of the Rose", "Heathers", "Pump Up the Volume", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Mobsters", "True Romance" not to be fooled by the title, "Interview with the Vampire", "Murder in the First", "Broken Arrow", "The Contender", "The Deal", etc.

Has filed for divorce (2 children). Has had numerous scrapes with the law. Also on stage.


Lead/co-star Madeleine Stowe is 48.

Lovely actress, in "Stakeout", "The Two Jakes", "Unlawful Entry", "The Last of the Mohicans", "Short Cuts" good role, "Blink", "China Moon", "Twelve Monkeys", "The General's Daughter", "We Were Soldiers", etc.

Married to comedy actor Brian Benben since 1982 (2 children).


Lead/co-star Patrick Swayze is 54.

Dependable, virile actor, scored in the mega-hits "Dirty Dancing" (Golden Globe nominee best actor), and in "Ghosts" (Golden Globe nominee best actor). In "The Outsiders", "Uncommon Valor", "Red Dawn", "Youngblood", "Road House", "Next of Kin", "City of Joy", "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" a hoot, "Three Wishes", "Black Dog", "Donnie Darko", etc.

Married to actress Lisa Niemi since 1975. Is a recoving alcohlic.


Co-star/support Martin Mull is 63.

Offbeat comedic character actor, in "My Bodyguard", "Take This Job and Shove It", "Mr. Mom", "Clue", "Ski Patrol", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Jingle All the Way", "Zack and Reba", etc.

Married 4 times (1 daughter). On the TV series "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman", and "Roseanne". Has a passion for art.


Co-star/support Christopher Jones is 65.

Rebel actor, found brief success in the 1960s with "Wild in the Streets", "Chubasco", "Three in the Attic", "The Looking Glass War", "Ryan's Daughter", etc.

Divorced from the late Susan Strasberg (1 daughter). A relationship with Cathy Abernathy (1974-1980) produced a son, Christopher Jones, Jr., in 1975. He later fathered four children via a ten-year relationship with Paula McKenna (1984-1994). Enjoys painting. Was on the TV series "The Legend of Jesse James".


Lead/co-star Robert Redford is 70.

Handsome blond movie star, Oscar nominated best actor for "The Sting". Won best director Oscar for "Ordinary People". In "Inside Daisy Clover", "Barefoot in the Park", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", "The Candidate", "Jeremiah Johnson" MLs favorite, "The Way We Were", "The Great Gatsby", "Three Days of the Condor", "All the President's Men", "Brubaker", "The Natural" good movie, "Out of Africa", "Indecent Proposal", etc.

Long divorced, he has four children. He is the founder of 'The Sundance Film Festival' which he named after his character 'The Sundance Kid' from the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969).


Co-star/support Rafer Johnson is 71.

Reliable African-American actor, in "Sergeant Rutledge" good role, "The Sins of Rachel Cade", "A Global Affair", "Wild in the Country", "None But the Brave", "Tarzan and the Great River", "The Last Grenade", "License to Kill", etc.

Married since 1971 (2 children). Was the 1960 Olympic decathlon champion in Rome.


Producer/director Roman Polanski is 73.

Prominent filmmaker, won Oscar best director for "The Pianist". Oscar nominated best director for "Chinatown" (won Golden Globe Award), and "Tess". Also helmed "Repulsion", "The Fearless Vampire Killers", "Rosemary's Baby" good chiller (he won best screenplay Oscar), "The Tenant", "Pirates", "Bitter Moon", "Death and the Maiden", "Oliver Twist", etc.

Married 3 times including to Sharon Tate.

In 1968 Polanski went to Hollywood, where he easily gained the reputation with the intelligent psychological thriller "Rosemary's Baby" (1968). However, after the brutal murder of his wife Sharon Tate by the infamous Manson gang in 1969, the director decided to return to Europe. In 1974 he again appeared in the USA with "Chinatown" (1974): that seemed to be the beginning of the promising Hollywood career. After his conviction for the statutory rape of a 13-year old girl, Polanski fled from America to avoid prison.




Lead/co-star Shelley Winters (85) 1920-2006.

Talented, essential blonde movie star, won Oscars best support for "The Diary of Anne Frank", and "A Patch of Blue". Oscar nominated best actress for "A Place in the Sun", and for best support in "The Poseidon Adventure". In "A Double Life", "Cry of the City" good noir, "Winchester '73", "He Ran All the Way" w/Garfield, "Executive Suite", "The Night of the Hunter", "Lolita" (Golden Globe nominee), "Alfie" (Golden Globe nominee), "Bloody Mama", "Cleopatra Jones" as Mommy, "What's the Matter with Helen?", "Next Stop, Greenwich Village" (Golden Globe nominee), "An Unremarkable Life" w/Patricia Neal, , etc.

Married 4 times including to Vittorio Gassman (1 daughter) and to Anthony Franciosa. Was a dazzling dish in her day. Wrote 2 tell-all best sellers.

Believe it or not: Her marriage to Anthony Franciosa broke up when he had an affair with Lauren Bacall. During their affair, Bacall called up Winters and complained, "I've been waiting for Tony for an hour. Where the hell is he?" Shelley said, "You're complaining to me because my husband is late for a date with you?" Bacall answered, "If your husband doesn't respect your marriage, why should I?"


Lead/co-star Grant Williams (54) 1930-1985.

Handsome blond-haired actor, best remembered for his fine performance as "The Incredible Shrinking Man". Also in "Red Sundown", "Outside the Law", "Written on the Wind", "Four Girls in Town", "Lone Texan", "The Monolith Monsters", "The Leech Woman", "Susan Slade", "PT 109", "The Doomsday Machine", etc.

A lifelong bachelor, he died of peritontis. On the TV series "Hawaiian Eye". Was a professional singer and sang for five seasons with the New York Opera and can also be on heard on recordings of the Robert Shaw Chorale.


Co-star/support Alan Mowbray (72) 1896-1969.

Eccentric British character actor, in "Our Betters", "Berkeley Square", "Becky Sharp", "Rose Marie", "Desire", "My Man Godfrey", "Topper", "That Hamilton Woman", "I Wake Up Screaming", "Panama Hattie", "A Yank at Eaton", "My Darling Clementine", "Merton of the Movies", "Captain from Castile", "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "The King and I", etc.

Married over 40 years (2 children). Also on Broadway.


In memory of those who died this day August 18th:

Dependable actor Ralph Byrd ('Dick Tracy') in 1952 at age 43, prominent writer Anita Loos in 1981 at age 93, and prolific director John Sturges in 1992 at age 81.




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Kinston, the Mae West line was actually "Why don't you come sometime and see me? I'm home every evening...Come up, and I'll tell your fortune." It was said to Cary Grant in the 1933 movie "She Done Him Wrong".

Most fans think the line was "Come up and see me sometime".

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I would like to add that Elmer Bernstein passed away on this day in 2004 at age 82 and Clifford Odets also left us this day in 1963 at age 57.


A little-known actor, Byron S. Barr, was born on this day in 1917, and died in 1966. Byron S. Barr is not to be confused with the Byron Ellsworth Barr that changed his name to Gig Young.

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You're welcome, mongo. Only too glad to be of assistance...


I will give your idea some thought.


I am going through some personal issues at the moment that require my full attention [health- and career-related]. Once these areas of my life are more stabilized, I can give you a more considered response.


Thank you for thinking of me for this esteemed role in our little kingdom.

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Born this day August 19th:


Lead/co-star Matthew Perry is 37.

Appealing actor, hit pay dirt as Chandler on TVs mega-hit comedy "Friends" (Emmy nominee best actor). In "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon", "She's Out of Control", "Getting It", "Fools Rush In", "Almost Heroes", "Three to Tango", "The Whole Nine Yards", "Serving Sera", etc.

Once had his eye on tennis player Jennifer Capriati.


Lead/co-star Kyra Sedgwick is 41.

Lovely, dimpled actress, in "Tai Pan", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge", "Heart and Souls", "Something to Talk About" (Golden Globe nominee), "Murder in the First", "Phenomenon", "Labor Pains", "Secondhand Lions", "The Woodsman", "Loverboy", etc.

Married to Kevin Bacon since 1988 (2 children). Star of TVs "The Closer" (Emmy nominee).


Lead/co-star Kevin Dillon is 41.

Dependable actor, in "Platoon" good role, "The Rescue", "The Blob" remake, "Immediate Family", "The Doors", "A Midnight Clear", "No Escape", "True Crime", "Poseidon", etc.

Married recently (1 daughter Ava). Brother of Matt Dillon. On the TV series "NYPD Blue", and currently HBOs "Entourage".


Lead/co-star Jill St. John is 66.

Sultry redhead, in "Holiday for Lovers", "The Lost World", "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone", "Tender Is the Night", "Come Blow Your Horn" (Golden Globe nominee best actress), "Honeymoon Hotel", "The Liquidator", "The Oscar", "Tony Rome", "Diamonds Are Forever", The Act", etc.

Married 4 times, currently to Robert Wagner. Was wed to singer Jack Jones (once Jack & Jill...cute). Has a passion for cooking.


Lead/co-star Debra Paget is 73.

Beautiful starlet, in "Cry of the City" good noir, "House of Strangers" good drama, "Broken Arrow" w/James Stewart, "Fourteen Hours", "Bird of Paradise" she was stunning, "Stars and Stripes Forever", "Princess of the Nile", "White Feather", "The Last Hunt", "The Ten Commandments", "Love Me Tender" w/Elvis, "From the Earth to the Moon", "Why Must I Die?", etc.

Married 3 times (1 child). Sister of Lisa Gaye. Has appeared on religious TV programs of late and looks lovely.




Lead/co-star Marie Wilson (56) 1916-1972.

Attractive, 'featherbrained' blonde, remembered as "My Friend Irma" on TV and screen. In "Babes in Toyland", "Satan Met a Lady", "China Clipper", "Boy Meets Girl" w/Cagney, "Shine on Harvest Moon", "Never Wave at a WAC", "A Girl in Every Port", "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation", etc.

Married 3 times. In real life she was quite a brain. Formerly a Broadway dancer.


Co-star/support Constance Worth (51) 1912-1963.

Reliable actress from Australia, in mostly low budget films, including "China Passage", "Angels Over Broadway", "Suspicion", "City Without Men", "Crime Doctor", "Cover Girl", "Dillinger", "Deadline at Dawn", "The Set-Up", etc.

Married twice, briefly to George Brent.


Lead/co-star Colleen Moore (87) 1900-1988.

Popular silent screen star, in "Little Orphan Annie", "Her Bridal Night-Mare", "Flaming Youth", "So Big", "Irene", "Ella Cinders", "Orchids and Ermine", "Lilac Time", "Smiling Irish Eyes", "The Scarlet Letter", etc.

Married 4 times. She had one green eye and one blue eye. Left the screen in 1934.


Lead/co-star Olga Baclanova (78) 1896-1974.

Intriguing blonde actress, specializing in tramp/vamp roles. Remembered as Cleopatra, the evil trapeze artist in the macabre film "Freaks". In "Three Sinners", "Street of Sin", "The Docks of New York", "A Dangerous Woman", "The Man I Love", "The Great Lover", "Billion Dollar Scandal", etc.

Married 3 times (2 children). Her final film was "Claudia" with Dorothy McGuire.


In memory of those who died this day August 19th:

Essential British actor Alastair Sim ('Scrooge') in 1976 at age 75, comic icon Groucho Marx in 1977 at age 86, delightful character actress Hermione Baddeley in 1986 at age 79, and dependable character actor Don Haggerty in 1988 at age 74.




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A few additions to the "passing parade":


Born this day:


Peter Gallagher [he of the distinctive eyebrows] is 51 today.


L.Q. Jones [character actor, formerly known as Justus McQueen] is 79 today.


Posthumously, we recognize:


William Marshall [recognizable from his title role in "Blacula"; to me, I remember him as the gladiator Glycon in "Demetrius and the Gladiators"]: 19 August 1924 - 11 June 2003


Ring Lardner Jr. [screenwriter]: 19 August 1915 - 31 October 2000


Collier Young [producer and screenwriter; husband of Ida Lupino and Joan Fontaine]: 19 August 1908 - 25 December 1980

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Good additions, wordmaster. Your gonna fit right in.


Some other birthday's we overlooked today:

Writer Ogden Nash, French actor Claude Dauphin, actress June Collyer, producer Gene Roddenberry, child actress Mailyn Harris (the Frankenstein monster threw her in the lake), actress Roberta Haynes, actor Gerald McRaney, actor Adam Arkin, etc.

And the list could go on and on, which is why I usually restrict it to those that are mostly familiar and of interest to board members, or else we'll be printing a novella.


Also we're awaiting your challenge on the 'Six Degrees of Separation' thread. Don't let it sink.

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"...child actress Mailyn Harris (the Frankenstein monster threw her in the lake)..."


According to IMDB, Marilyn Harris was also in Bride of Frankenstein; probably an extra. Of course this is the movie where it turns out that neither Dr. Frankenstein nor his "monster" were killed after all. Maybe the the little girl wasn't dead either. ;)

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