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"Wow, I never knew there were two Humperdincks."


I love it when my worlds collide. Opera and Film. Mongo did it today with the mention of Engelbert Humperdink (though it's a little mystery to me as why he was included). Mr. Gerb, the singer who was known as Jerry Dorsey, later took the name of the composer to revive his flagging career. It worked! As Engelbert Humperdink, he was a big success.


In the meantime, the composer is mainly known for his opera Hansel und Gretel. For years, it was a Christmas tradition to produce this at the Metropolitan Opera each year. To this day, it remains popular in the repertoire of opera houses around the world.


Thanks, Mr. Mongo!

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Co-star/support Meat Loaf is 59 today.

Stocky, dependable actor/singer from Texas (at times outrageous). In "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Scavenger Hunt", "The Squeeze", "Wayne's World", "Leap of Faith", "Spice World", "Black Dog", "Crazy in Alabama", "Fight Club", "Blacktop", The Salton Sea", etc.

Divorced (2 children). He was born Marvin Lee Aday. Played 300 soldout concerts between 1987-91. I just love "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".



And Jack, I just couldn't resist listing Engelbert Humperdinck today.

By he way, there is a movie "Hansel and Gretel" (1981) based on his work.



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Born this day September 28th:


Lead/co-star Gwyneth Paltrow is 34.

Talented blonde actress, won Oscar best actress for "Shakespeare in Love" (also won Golden Globe Award). In "Hook", "Se7en", "Moonlight and valentino", "Emma", "Hush", "A Perfect Murder", "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Bounce", "Shallow Hal", "Sylvia", "Proof" (Golden Globe nominee), 'Infamous", etc.

Married since 2003 (2 children, Apple and Moses). Daughter of Blythe Danner. Once engaged to Brad Pitt, and dated Ben Affleck.


Lead/co-star Naomi Watts is 38.

Impressive blonde actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "21 Grams". In "Tank Girl", "A House Divided", "Mulholland Dr.", "The Ring", "Ned Kelly", "I Heart Huckabees", "Stay", "King Kong" exceptional performance as Ann Darrow, etc.

Best friends with Nicole Kidman, since a casting call for commercials when they were girls.


Lead/co-star Brigitte Bardot is 72.

French blonde siren, raised eyebrows for her role in "...And God Created Woman". Also in "Contempt", "Viva Maria!", "Dear Brigitte", "Helen of Troy", "La Parisienne", "A Very Private Affair", "The Vixen", etc.

Married 4 times including to Roger Vadim and Jacques Charrier (1 son born in 1960). Last on screen in 1973.

After her life in the spotlight, Brigitte went on to become a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started the "Foundation Brigitte Bardot" dedicated solely to that cause. Her work in that realm is, perhaps, far greater than any film she could have made.


Co-star/support William Windom is 83.

Dependable actor, in "To Kill a Mockingbird", "One Man's Way", "The Detective", "Fool's Parade" w/James Stewart, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", "True Crime", etc.

Married 3 times. Co-starred on the hit TV series "The Farmer's Daughter" w/Inger Stevens. A Emmy Award nominee. He is still active.

Five-year-old William Windom was a pupil of kindergarten teacher Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch of Oz) until she threw him out for rambunctious behavior.


Co-star/support Arnold Stang is 81.

Reliable, 'nerdy' actor (with thick-horned glasses), popular on TVs "The Milton Berle Show". In "Seven Days Leave", "My Sister Eileen" w/Roz Russell, "They Got Me Covered", "The Man with the Golden Arm" good role, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", "Skidoo", "Hercules in New York", "Ghost Dad", etc.

Married since 1948 (2 children). Was the voice of Herman the mouse in movie cartoons, and the voice of TVs "Top Cat".




Co-star/support J.T. Walsh (54) 1943-1998.

Tall, impressive actor, usually a 'sleazeball', in "Hannah and Her Sisters", "Good Morning, Vietnam", "The Grifters" good stuff, "Backdraft", "A Few Good Men", "Needful Things", "Sling Blade", "Breakdown", "Pleasantville", etc.

Was on holiday when he suffered a fatal heart attack. Jack Nicholson dedicated his Oscar for "As Good As It Gets" to him.


Co-star/support Heather Sears (58) 1935-1994.

Reliable actress, appeared in a few films including "The Story of Esther Costello" title role, "Room at the Top", "Sons and Lovers", "The Phantom of the Opera", "The Black Torment", etc.

Married twice (7 children).


Co-star/support Janet Munro (38) 1934-1972.

Cute, spunky starlet, in Disney's "Darby O'Gill and the Little People", "Third Man on the Mountain", and "Swiss Family Robinson". Also in "The Day the Earth Caught Fire", "Life for Ruth", "Bitter Harvest", "Cry Wolf", "Sebastian", etc.

Married twice. She won a Golden Globe Award. The immediate cause of her death was acute myocarditis; the underlying cause was chronic ischemic heart disease.


Lead/co-star Marcello Mastroianni (72) 1924-1996.

Cool, sophisticated Italian actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Divorce-Italian Style" (he won Golden Globe Award), "A Special Day", and "Dark Eyes". Also in "La Dolce Vita", "81/2", "Marriage Italian Style", "Casanova '70", "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "Ginger and Fred", "Splendor", "A Fine Romance", "Used People", "Ready to Wear", etc.

Although married close to 50 years (2 children), he had numerous affairs. Has a daughter with Catherine Deneuve. Was held in a German prison camp during WWII.


In memory of those who died this day September 28th:

Zany comic Harpo Marx in 1964 at age 75, supporting actor Eric Fleming in 1966 at age 41, comic actor Mantan Moreland in 1973 at age 71, funny side-kick Sid Fields in 1975 at age 77, dependable character actress Mabel Albertson in 1982 at age 81, jazz great Miles Davis in 1991 at age 65, choreographer Peter Gennaro in 2000 at age 80, and superior filmmaker Elia Kazan in 2003 at age 94.




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Director,writer, producer John Sayles is 56 today.

Impressive, Independent filmmaker, gave us the brilliant movie "Lone Star" (Oscar nominee best screenplay). Also helmed, "Baby It's You", "Matewan", "Eight Men Out", "City of Hope", "Passion Fish" (Oscar nominee best screenplay), "The Secret of Roan Inish" good film, "Men with Guns", "Sunshine State", "Silver City", etc.

Sayles and actress/producer Maggie Renzi whom he met at college, have lived together since 1970s, splitting their time between a Hoboken, N.J. house, and a farm in upstate New York. They have no plans to marry.

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Happy 81st Arnold Stang! In addition to his appearances on film, wasn't he the unmistakable voice and face in the Chunky candy commercial that used to run in the '60s in the NYC area? He was a good character man, & always distinctive. I hope he's hale and hearty. Even if I was always a Reese cup girl...


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Born this day September 29th:


Co-star/support Donna Corcoran is 64.

Former child actress, in "Angels in the Outfield" w/Paul Douglas, "Don't Bother to Knock", "Million Dollar Mermaid", "Dangerous When Wet", "Moonfleet", etc.

Sister of Noreen Corcoran, and Disney actor Kevin Corcoran.


Director, writer Robert Benton is 74.

Essential filmmaker, won Oscar best director for "Kramer vs. Kramer", and Oscar nominated for "Places in the Heart". Also helmed "Bad Company", "The Late Show" w/Art Carney, "Nadine", "Billy Bathgate", "Nobody's Fool", "The Human Stain", etc.

Also an Oscar winning screenwriter. Got the idea for his "Bonnie and Clyde" script from his father who had actually attended the separate funerals of Parker and Barrow.


Lead/co-star Anita Ekberg is 75.

Statuesque, Swedish beauty, remembered romping in a fountain in Rome in "La Dolce Vita". Also in "Take Me to Town", "Blood Alley", "Abbott & Costello Go to Mars", "War and Peace", "Back from Eternity", "Valerie", "Paris Holiday", "Boccaccio '70", "4 for Texas", "Woman Times Seven", etc.

Married twice including to Anthony Steel. Won a Golden Globe Award. Last on screen in 1998.

Quoted: "I'm very much bigger than I was, so what? It's not really fatness, it's development."


Lead/co-star Steve Forrest is 82.

Handsome, rugged actor, in "The Bad and the Beautiful", "Battle Circus", "Dream Wife", "So Big", "Rogue Cop", "5 Branded Women", "The Longest Yard", "North Dallas Forty", "Mommie Dearest", "Spies Like Us", etc.

Married in 1949 (3 sons). Brother of Dana Andrews. Also on numerous TV shows.


Lead/co-star Lizabeth Scott is 84 today.

Gorgeous blonde actress, with a husky voice. In "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers", "Dead Reckoning", "Desert Fury" a knockout in color, "I Walk Alone", "Too Late for Tears", "Paid in Full" good soap, "The Company She Keeps", "The Racket", "Stolen Face", "Bad for Each Other", "Loving You" w/Elvis, etc.

Has never married. Scott was shunned late in the studio era for her sexual orientation. It was seen as an obscenity for Scott to be associated with lesbians as well as lesbian night clubs and dives in Los Angeles.




Co-star/support Madeline Kahn (57) 1942-1999.

Delicious comic actress, Oscar nominated best support as Trixie Delight in "Paper Moon", and as Lili Von Shtupp in "Blazing Saddles". Also in "What's Up Doc?", "Young Frankenstein" (Golden Globe nominee), "At Long Last Love", "High Anxiety", "The Cheap Detective", "Wholly Moses!", "First Family", "Yellowbeard", "Clue", etc.

Was married 2 months before her death. Hosted "Saturday Night Live". On the TV series "Oh Madeline", and "Cosby". A delight indeed.


Director/producer Stanley Kramer (87) 1913-2001.

Prolific 'message' filmmaker, Oscar nominated best director for "The Defiant Ones", "Judgment at Nuremberg" (won Golden Globe Award), and "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". Also helmed "Not as a Stranger", "On the Beach", "Inherit the Wind", "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", "Ship of Fools", "Bless the Beast and Children", "Oklahoma Crude", etc.

Married 3 times including to actress Karen Sharpe. Father of 4 children. [On Humphrey Bogart] "He was playing Bogart all the time, but he was really just a big sloppy bowl of mush."

TCM is saluting the director this evening.


Co-star/support Brenda Marshall (76) 1915-1992.

Lovely actress, in "The Sea Hawk", "East of the River" w/Garfield, "Footsteps in the Dark", "Singapore Woman", "Captains of the Clouds", "The Constant Nymph", "Whispering Smith" w/Ladd, etc.

Was married to William Holden (2 sons). Has a daughter by her first marriage, whom Holden adopted. Her first name is Ardis.

Her marriage to Holden, a curious union that evidently soured early on (Holden's friends blamed Marshall, and vice versa), and was distinguished by extended separations and numerous extracurricular romances.


Co-star/support Anne Nagel (50) 1915-1966.

Blonde beauty, mostly in 'B' films, including "The Green Hornet', "My Little Chickadee", "Black Friday", "The Invisible Woman", "Man Made Monster", "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break", "The Mad Monster", "The Stratton Story", etc.

Married twice including to actor Ross Alexander, who committed suicide 4 months into the marriage.

Her career had evaporated by 1957 and the rest of her years were marred by unhappiness and alcoholism. She died of liver cancer in 1966 at age 54, with no children or surviving relatives.


Lead/co-star Trevor Howard (74) 1913-1988.

Prolific British actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Sons and Lovers". In "The Third Man", "Brief Encounter", "The Key", "The Lion", "Mutiny on the Bounty" as Bligh, "Ryan's Daughter", "11 Harrowhouse", "Stevie", "Gandhi", etc.

Married to actress Helen Cherry for 44 years until his death, their marriage was often tested by his excessive philandering and heavy drinking.


Co-star/support Virginia Bruce (71) 1910-1982.

Attractive blonde actress, in "The Love Parade", "Escapade", "The Great Ziegfeld", "Born to Dance", "Between Two Women", "Yellow Jack", "Hied Wife", "The Invisible Woman", "Pardon My Sarong" w/Abbott & Costello, "Strangers When We Meet", etc.

Married 4 times including to silent screen star John Gilbert. Mother of 2 children.


Lead/co-star Gene Autry (91) 1907-1998.

Popular cowboy star, in numerous westerns with his horse Champion. Also a fine singer/composer with hit recordings including "Back in the Saddle Again", and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

Married twice. A savvy businessman, he retired from acting in the early 1960s and became a multi-millionaire from his investments in hotels, real estate, radio stations and the California Angels professional baseball team. First name is Orvon.

He has five stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; for Recording, Movies, TV, Radio, and live theater.


Lead/co-star Greer Garson (91) 1904-1996.

Elegant, dignified red-haired movie star, won Oscar best actress as "Mrs. Miniver" (Her acceptance speech was actually 5-1/2 minutes in length. This still makes it the longest ever acceptance speech.

Oscar nominated for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", "Blossoms in the Dust", "Madame Curie", "Mrs. Parkington", "The Valley of Decision", and "Sunrise at Campobello" (she won Golden Globe Award). Also in "Pride and Prejudice", "Adventure", "Desire Me", "That Forsyte Woman", "Julius Caesar", "Her Twelve men", "The Singing Nun", etc.

Married 3 times including to her younger co-star of "Mrs. Miniver", Richard Ney. She retired to New Mexico, with her millionaire 3rd. husband.

TCM is remembering the star this morning


Co-star/support Ted de Corsia (69) 1903-1973.

Essential character actor, usually a menacing villain, in "The Naked City" fell from the bridge, "Neptune's Daughter", "Three Secrets", "The Enforcer" good role w/Bogart, "Vengeance Valley", "The Turning Point", "The Big Combo", "The Killing", "The Joker Is Wild", "Baby Face Nelson", "Inside the Mafia", "Nevada Smith", etc.

Also on radio and the stage.


In memory of those who died this day September 29th:

Dependable character actor Ludwig Donath in 1967 at age 67, delightful character actor Edward Everett Horton in 1970 at age 84, director Gordon Douglas in 1993 at age 85, and talented character actress Gloria Foster in 2001 at age 67.




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> ************************************************

> Lead/co-star Greer Garson (91) 1904-1996.

> Elegant, dignified red-haired movie star, won Oscar

> best actress as "Mrs. Miniver" (Her acceptance speech

> was actually 5-1/2 minutes in length. This still

> makes it the longest ever acceptance speech.

> Oscar nominated for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", "Blossoms

> in the Dust", "Madame Curie", "Mrs. Parkington", "The

> Valley of Decision", and "Sunrise at Campobello" (she

> won Golden Globe Award). Also in "Pride and

> Prejudice", "Adventure", "Desire Me", "That Forsyte

> Woman", "Julius Caesar", "Her Twelve men", "The

> Singing Nun", etc.

> Married 3 times including to her younger co-star of

> "Mrs. Miniver", Richard Ney. She retired to New

> Mexico, with her millionaire 3rd. husband.

> TCM is remembering the star this morning

> *************************************************


Happy 102nd, Greer! I'm burning a candle today.

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I wish TCM had given birthday times to Lizabeth Scott in the morning, and left the afternoon and evening to Greer Garson and shown more of her movies, like That Forsythe Woman, and Blossoms in the Dust. Her 'A' movies are so much better than Scotts 'B' movies except the first with Stanwyck as the star.


After all, The Defiant Ones was just on three weeks ago, as was Not as a Stranger (although I love Robert Mitchum), and Ship of Fools has been on hundreds of times.

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heidigunn, your on the mark about the schedule for today's Greer Garson and Lizabeth Scott films.

I just wish that TCM had the rights to show Paramounts "Desert Fury" with Lizabeth Scott today. It is a good movie with a good cast. And there is nothing more breathtaking than Scott in Technicolor.

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Born this day September 30th:


Co-star/support Mike Damus is 27.

Former child actor, who was a delight as Arty in "Lost in Yonkers". Also appeared on numerous TV series. Last on "Numb3rs" in 2005.

Studied at UCLA for a history Degree.


Lead/co-star Eric Stoltz is 45.

Reliable, red-haired actor, gave a fine performance as the disfigured Rocky in "Mask" (Golden Globe nominee). Also in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "The Wild Life", "Some Kind of Wonderful", "Memphis Belle", "Naked in New York", "Pulp Fiction", "Little Women", "Rob Roy", "Jerry Maguire", "The Butterfly Effect", etc.

For a time he lived with Ally Sheedy, and also with Bridget Fonda, among others. Is a Tony Award nominee. On the Tv series "Mad About You", and "Chicago Hope".


Lead/co-star Fran Drescher is 49.

Attractive comedic actress, with a nasal voice, popular on TV as "The Nanny" for 6 seasons (Emmy Award nominee). In "Saturday Night Fever", "American Hot Wax", "Ragtime", "This Is Spinal Tap", "Cadillac Man", "Jack", "Santa's Slay", etc.

Divorced. A survivor of uterine cancer. Appears in off-Broadway shows.


Co-star/support Len Cariou is 67.

Dependable actor, in "One Man" good role, "A Little Night Music", "The Four Seasons" good movie, "Lady in White", "Executive Decision", "About Schmidt", etc.

Married 3 times (1 daughter). A Broadway star, he won a Tony Award. Lived with Glenn Close in the 1970s.


Co-star/support Anna Kashfi is 72.

Lovely, capable actress, in "The Mountain" as a Hindu girl, "Battle Hymm" w/Rock Hudson, "Cowboy", "Night of the Quarter Moon", etc.

Divorced from Marlon Brando (their son Christian would face homicide charges). She took custody of friend Gia Scala, who suffered mental depression (would later committ suicide).


Lead/co-star Angie Dickinson is 75.

Glamourous blonde actress, in "Tension at Table Rock", "China Gate", "Rio Bravo", "The Bramble Bush", "Ocean's Eleven", "Captain Newman, M.D.", "The Chase", "The Sins of Rachel Cade", "Big Bad Mama", "Dressed to Kill" good role, "Sabrina", "Pay It Forward", etc.

Married twice including to Burt Bacharach (1 daughter). Star of the TV series "Police Woman" (won Golden Globe Award). Had a ten-year, on-again/off-again relationship with Frank Sinatra.


Co-star/support Ben Cooper is 76.

Reliable actor, remembered as the love-struck sailor in "The Rose Tattoo". Also in "Thunderbirds", "Johnny Guitar", "The Outcast", "The Eternal Sea", "The Raiders", "Waco", "Red Tomahawk", "Support Your Local Gunfighter", etc.

Along with his wife, he attends Nostalgia Conventions. Has appeared on many TV shows.


Lead/co-star Deborah Kerr is 85 today.

Beautiful, talented red-haired movie star, Oscar nominated best actress for "Edward, My Son", "From Here to Eternity", "The King and I" (won Golden Globe Award), "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison", "Separate Tables", and "The Sundowners" for which she should have won. Also in "Black Narcissus", "King Solomon's Mines", "Quo Vadis", "Young Bess", "Julius Caesar", "Tea and Sympathy", "An Affair to Remember", "The Journey", "The Chalk Garden", etc.

Married twice, mother of 2 daughters. She received an honorary Oscar in 1994, and gave a lovely speech. Suffers from Parkinsons disease.




Co-star/support Jack Wild (53) 1952-2006.

Talented, former child star, Oscar nominated best support for his outstanding role as the Artful Dodger in the musical "Oliver!". In "Flight of the Doves", "Pufnstuf", "Melody", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Basil", etc.

Married twice. Was the star of the kids TV series "H.R. Pufnstuf" (my daughters use to watch it).

Was working on his autobiography at the time of his death of mouth cancer, which was prompted by years of heavy smoking and excessive drinking.

Quoted: "I'm thought of as a celebrity. Everything I've ever done...has been for children. As long as I was working constantly, that was fine, because, although I don't have any children, I do relate better to them than adults."


Co-star/support George Bancroft (74) 1882-1956.

Rugged, versatile character actor, began in silent films. In "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", "Angels with Dirty Faces", "Each Dawn I Die", "Stagecoach", "Green Hell", "Young Tom Edison", "North West Mounted Police", "The Bugle Sounds", "Texas", etc.

Married twice (1 daughter). Left the screen in 1942 and became a rancher.

In 1930 he was nominated Best Actor in a Leading Role for "Thunderbolt" (1929).

No official nominees had been announced this year.


In memory of those who died this day September 30th:

Screen icon James Dean in 1955 at age 24, dependable character actor Taylor Holmes in 1959 at age 87, make-up artist Perc Westmore in 1970 at age 65, actor/vetriloquist Edgar Bergen in 1978 at age 75, bandleader Freddy Martin in 1983 at age 76, marvelous French actress Simone Signoret in 1985 at age 64, and relieble character actor Chick Chandler in 1988 at age 83.




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Born this day October 1st:


Lead/co-star Randy Quaid is 56.

Versatile, offbeat actor, Oscar nominated best support for "The Last Detail". In "The Last Picture Show", "Paper Moon", "Bound for Glory", "Midnight Express" good role, "Foxes", "Vacation" hilarious as cousin Eddie, "Parents", "Days of Thunder", "Grind", "Brokeback Mountain", etc.

Married twice (1 child). Brother of Dennis Quaid. Is a 3 time Emmy Award nominee. Won Golden Globe for his portrayal of "LBJ". Has appeared on TVs "Saturday Night Live".


Lead/co-star Stephen Collins is 59.

Handsome, blond-haired actor, in "All the President's Men", "The Promise", "Loving Couples", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Stella" w/Bette Midler, "The First Wives Club", etc.

Married since 1985 (1 daughter). Has appeared for 10 seasons on TVs "7th. Heaven". Author of two novels, he is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation.


Co-star/support Stella Stevens is 70.

Voluptuous blonde actress, remembered as the flashy Linda in "The Poseidon Adventure". Also in "Li'l Abner", "Too Late Blues", "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", "The Nutty Professor", "The Silencers", "Rage", "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows", "Nickelodeon", "The Manitou", "Glass Trap", etc.

Divorced, mother of actor Andrew Stevens. She won a Golden Globe Award. Was Playboy Playmate of the Month January 1960.


Lead/co-star Julie Andrews is 71.

Talented, appealing actress/singer, won Oscar best actress as "Mary Poppins". Oscar nominated for "The Sound of Music" (won Golden Globe Award), and "Victor/Victoria" (won Golden Globe). Also in "The Americanization of Emily", "Torn Curtain", "Hawaii", "Throughly Modern Millie" (Golden Globe nominee), "Star!" (Golden Globe nominee), "Darling Lili" (Golden Globe nominee), "10" (Golden Globe nominee), "S.O.B", "That's Life" (Golden Globe nominee), "Duet for One", "The Princess Diaries", etc.

Married twice, currently to director Blake Edwards. Mother of 3 children. A big success on Broadway in "My Fair Lady", etc. Tony Award nominee. Also a writer of children's books.


Co-star/support Larry Simms is 72.

Former child actor, remembered as Baby Dumpling and then Alexander in the "Blondie" series of movies.

He was also Peter Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life", etc.


Co-star/support Lonny Chapman is 85.

Dependable character actor, in "Young at Heart", "East of Eden", "Baby Doll", "The Birds", "The Reivers", "I Walk the Line", "The Cowboys", "Norma Rae", "The Border", "52 Pick-Up", "Reindeer Games", etc.

Married in 1943 (1 son). On numerous TV programs.


Lead/co-star James Whitmore is 85 today.

Essential, short and stocky actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Give 'em Hell, Harry!", and for best support in "Battleground" (won Golden Globe Award). Also in "The Asphalt Jungle", "The Next Voice You Hear", "Kiss Me Kate" did a musical number, "Them!" about the giant ants, "Battle Cry", "Oklahoma!", "Crime in the Streets", "The Young Don't Cry", "Black Like Me" interesting film, "Madigan", "Nuts", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Majestic", etc.

Married 3 times including to Audra Lindley. Father of 3 children. Served in the Marines during WWII. He is a Tony Award and Emmy Award winner.




Lead/co-star Richard Harris (72) 1930-2002.

Feisty, tall, talented actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "This Sporting Life", and "The Field" exceptional role. Also in "The Guns of Navarone", "Hawaii", "Caprice" w/Doris Day, "Major Dundee", "Camelot" (won Golden Globe Award), "A Man Called Horse", "Orca", "Unforgiven", "Patriot Games", "Gladiator", etc. Also in two "Harry Potter" films as Albus Dumbledore.

Married twice (3 children). Had a hit recording with "MacArthur Park". His drinking buddies were Richard Burton, and Peter O'Toole.

Quoted: "No one gave me anything. I fought TB, I fought the devil. But I made people laugh. I don't want immortality. I've lived it all. I've done it all."


Lead/co-star Laurence Harvey (44) 1928-1973.

Impressive British actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Room at the Top". In "Expresso Bongo", "The Long and the Short and the Tall", "good war drama, "The Alamo", "BUtterfield 8', "Summer and Smoke", "Walk on the Wild Side", "The Manchurian Candidate" outstanding role, "Of Human Bondage" w/Kim Novak, "Darling", "Life at the Top", etc.

Married 3 times including to Margaret Leighton. Father of 1 daughter. He was born Laruschka Mischa Skikne. Died of stomach cancer.


Lead/co-star George Peppard (65) 1928-1994.

Handsome actor, in "Pork Chop Hill", "Home from the Hill" exceptional performance, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "How the West Was Won", "The Victors" exceptional war drama, "The Carpetbaggers", "Operation Crossbow", "House of Cards", "The Blue Max", etc.

Married 5 times including to Elizabeth Ashley. Father of 3 children. On the TV series "Banacek", and "The A-Team". Also on Broadway. Her served in the U.S. Marines. Had a fondess for the bottle.


Lead/co-star Walter Matthau (79) 1920-2000.

Beloved, versatile actor, won Oscar best support for "The Fortune Cookie". Oscar nominated best actor for "Kotch", and "The Sunshine Boys" (he won Golden Globe Award). In "A Face in the Crowd", "King Creole" w/Elvis, "Strangers When We Meet", "Charade", "The Odd Couple" (Golden Globe nominee), "Hello, Dolly!", "Plaza Suite", "Pete 'n' Tillie" (Golden Globe nominee), "Charley Varrick", "The Bad News Bears", "Hopscotch" (Golden Globe nominee), "Casey's Shadow", "JFK", "Grumpy Old Men", "Out to Sea", etc.

Married twice (3 children). He grew up poor on the lower East Side. Served in the Army Air Corps. Was a hardcore gambler.


Co-star/support Everett Sloane (55) 1909-1965.

Talented character actor, in "Citizen Kane", "The Lady from Shanghai", "The Men" w/Brando, "Sirocco" w/Bogart, "The Big Knife", "Patterns", "Lust for Life", "Marjorie Morningstar", "Home from the Hill", "The Patsy", etc.

Married 32 years (2 children). Appeared on TV (Emmy Award nominee). Going blind, he apparently committed suicide from barbiturate poisoning.


Co-star/support Richard Loo (80) 1903-1983.

Essential Asian character actor, remembered playing Japanese bad guys during WWII. In "The Bitter Tea of General Yen", "Lost Horizon", "Wake Island", "Across the Pacific", "Flying Tigers", "The Purple Heart", "The Keys of the Kingdom", "God Is My Co-Pilot", "Back to Bataan", "Malaya", "The Steel Helmet", "I was an American Spy", "Hell and High Water", "The Sand Pebbles", etc.

Maried (2 daughters). Although he died in Los Angeles, Social Security records indicate that Loo's home at the time of his death was in Houston, Texas.


Co-star/support Stanley Holloway (91) 1890-1982.

Delightful British character actor, Oscar nominated best support as Alfred Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" (also did the stage play). in "Major Barbara", "Brief Encounter", "Nicholas Nickleby", "An Alligator Named Daisy", "Hamlet", "The Lavender Hill Mob", "In Harm's Way", "Flight of the Doves", etc.

Married twice (1 son). A Tony Award nominee.


In memory of those who died this day October 1st:

Reliable actor Donald Cook in 1961 at age 60, dependable character actor Joe Devlin in 1979 at age 73, 'Golden Age' director Dorothy Arzner in 1979 at age 82, cinematographer Lucien Ballard in 1988 at age 80, and brunette beauty Marjorie Weaver in 1994 at age 81.




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If Richards Burton and Harrison were drinking buddies, I wonder what the former thought of the latter's performance in the movie version of Camelot (since the former created the role on stage). Did Mr. Burton covet the film role? Why wasn't it given to him? I wonder if they discussed aspects of the role during the making of the movie...


Thanks Mr. Mongo!

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Thank God for you Mongo. So often I'm like I was at my 35th H.S. reunion, I couldn't get over all of those grey haired, over weight ladies. Sometimes reading you birthday posts my eyes just bug out. I'm such a fan of old movies, that I don't realize these people are getting older just like me. Stella Stevens 70!!!!!! Holy Cow!

Thank you again for these posts every day.

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Jack, it was 'one for all and all for one' with these gents. They had one hell of a time together. You can be sure that they shared the tricks of the trade regarding "Camelot". Why not?


And, I thank you, heidigunn. By the way Stella Stevens is still a looker.

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Born this day October 2nd:


Lead/co-star Lorraine Bracco is 52.

Attractive, talented actress, Oscar nominated best support as Karen in "GoodFellas" a dynamite role. Also in "The Pick-Up Artist", "The Dream Team", "Medicine Man" w/Sean Connery, "Radio Flyer", "The Basketball Diaries", "Hackers", "Riding in Cars with Boys", etc.

Married 3 times including to Edward James Olmos, and Harvy Keitel (a bitter divorce). Mother of 2 daughters. Sister of Elizabeth Bracco. Siser-in-law of Aidan Quinn. Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards for her role as Dr. Melfi on HBOs "The Sopranos". Once a fashion superstar in France.


Lead/co-star Sting is 55.

Essential musician/singer, Oscar nominated best song in the films "Cold Mountain", "Kate and Leopold" (won Golden Globe), and "The Emperor's New Groove". Also acted in a few films, notably "Dune" and "The Bride" as Baron Charles Frankenstein, etc.

Married twice (6 children). Was lead singer of 'The Police'. His songs are heard on numerous movie soundtracks. Won 2 Grammy Awards and a Emmy Award. He was born Gordon Matthew Sumner.


Co-star/support Rex Reed is 68 today.

Prolific movie critic/columnist, appeared in a few movies, notably "Myra Breckinridge" as Myron, "Superman", "People I Know" w/Al Pacino, etc.

A bachelor, he lives at the Dakota in New York (where John Lennon was killed). Arrested for shoplifting three Jazz CDs from a record store in February, 2000. Is safely back to his desk.




Co-star/support Moses Gunn (64) 1929-1993.

Essential African-American actor, in "Nothing But a Man" good role, "The Great White Hope", "Wild Rovers", "Shaft" coming to TCM, "The Hot Rock", "Amazing Grace", "Rollerball", "Ragtime" good role, "Heartbreak Ridge", etc.

A prominent stage actor (Tony nominee). Emmy nominee for his role on TVs mega-hit "Roots". On the TV series "Good Times".


Co-star/support George 'Spanky' McFarland (64) 1928-1993.

Adorable, chubby child star, appeared in 95 "Our Gang" comedy shorts as Spanky. His trademark was "Okey-dokey!" Also in some feature films.

Married (1 son). As an adult he hosted TVs "The Spanky Show" featuring "Our Gang" comedy shorts. For a period of time he was embittered that he wasn't entitled to residuals from the shorts. He protected the name/image of 'Spanky' and would sue anyone using it for a profit.

In real life was a rival of Our Gang/Little Rascals co-star (and on-screen pal) Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, as the two were constantly pitted against each other in rivalry bouts for star status, billing, and salaries instigated by their fathers.


Co-star/support Charles Drake (76) 1895-1974.

Dependable, easy-going actor, in "Navy Blues", "The Man Who Came to Dinner" as Sandy, "Now, Voyager" as Davis' lover on board ship, "Air Force", "Conflict", "Whistle Stop", "Winchester '73", "Harvey", "The Glenn Miller Story", "Female on the Beach" w/Crawford, "To Hell and Back", "Jeanne Eagels", "Back Street" w/Hayward, "Dear Heart", "The Swimmer", etc.

Offscreen pal of Audie Murphy. Made oodles of TV appearances.


Lead/co-star Bud Abbott (78) 1895-1974.

Comedic actor and essential straight man for one of the most successful comedy teams of the 1940s 'Abbott & Costello". In "Buck Privates", "Hold That Ghost" my favorite, "Ride 'Em Cowboy", "Hit the Ice" another good one, "Naughty Nineties" (performed the famous routine "Who's on First"), "The Time of Their Lives" unusual teaming, "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" a popular one, etc.

Married for 55 years (2 children). A lifelong epileptic, and gambler, he was eventually reduced to poverty after the IRS nailed him for back taxes.

Quoted: "I never understood Lou (Costello)"


Lead/co-star Groucho Marx (86) 1890-1977.

Outrageous bushy-browed, cigar smoking wisecracker, with a painted on mustache, wrecked havoc as a member of the 'The Marx Brothers'. In "Animal Crackers", "Monkey Business", "Horse Feathers", "Duck Soup", "A Night at the Opera", "A Day at the Races", "Room Service", "At the Circus", "The Big Store", etc.

Married 3 times (3 children). Brothers Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo. Had a hit TV quiz show "You Bet Your Life". Birth name is Julius.

Quoted: "I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception" Is coming to TCM in a Dick Cavett interview.


In memory of those who died this day October 2nd:

Character actor George Bancroft in 1956 at age 74, dependable actor Frank Lovejoy in 1962 at age 50, character actor Paul Hartman (Emmett on "The Andy Griffith Show") in 1973 at age 69, impressive singer/actress Hazel Scott in 1981 at age 61, handsome movie star Rock Hudson in 1985 at age 59, stocky character actor George Savalas in 1985 at age 60, lovely actress Madeleine Carroll in 1987 at age 81, appealing actress Harriet Hilliard ('Ozzie & Harriet') in 1994 at age 85, singing cowboy star Gene Autry in 1998 at age 91, and comic actor Nipsey Russell in 2005 at age 87.




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Born this day October 3rd:


Lead/co-star Neve Campbell is 33.

Attractive Canadian actress, made a splash as Sidney in the chilling movie "Scream" and the sequels. Also in "Love Child", "Wild Things", "Three to Tango", "Panic", "Last Call", "When Will I Be Loved", "Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical", "Relative Strangers", etc.

Divorced from actor Jeff Colt. Engaged to actor John Light. Once hot to trot with John Cusack. Wanted to be a ballerina (aches, pain and injuries prevented it).


Lead/co-star Clive Owen is 42.

Cool, suave British actor, Oscar nominated best support for "Closer" (won Golden Globe Award). In "Bent", "Gosfod Park", "The Bourne Identify", "Beyond Borders", "Sin City", "Inside Man", etc.

Married since 1995 (2 daughters). Was voted "Best dressed male" by GQ magazine in 2006.


Lead/co-star Hart Bochner is 50 today.

Tall, good-looking actor, in "Islands in the Stream", "Breaking Away", "Terror Train", "Rich and Famous", "Supergirl", "Die Hard", "Mr. Destiny", "Bulworth", "Say Nothing", etc.

Son of the late Lloyd Bochner. Has made a few TV appearances.




Co-star/support Madlyn Rhue (68) 1935-2003.

Dependable, charming actress, in "Operation Petticoat", "The Ladie's Man", "A Majority of One" w/Roz Russell, "Escape to Zahrain", "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" as secretary Schwartz, etc.

Divorced from actor Tony Young (1 child). Diagnosed with MS in the 1970s, pal Suzanne Pleshette helped her to cope. In danger of losing her SAG medical coverage, it was Angela Lansbury to the rescue. She gave her work in a recurring role on her TV series "Murder, She Wrote" as a librarian, so she could meet the annual earning requirements for health coverage. On the TV series "Fame".


Director/producer Leo McCarey (70) 1898-1969.

Essential filmmaker, won Oscar best director for the delightful "Going My Way", and "The Awful Truth". Oscar nominated for "The Bells of St. Mary's". Also helmed "Belle of the Nineties" w/Mae West, "Ruggles of Red Gap", "Make Way for Tomorrow" a fine film, "Love Affair", "Once Upon a Honeymoon", "My Son John", "An Affair to Remember", etc.

Married (1 daughter). The inspired comedy director also helmed films with Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, etc.

Quoted: "You can really call Irene Dunne the first lady of Hollywood, because she's the first real lady Hollywood has ever seen."


Co-star/support Henry Hull (86) 1890-1977.

Splendid, tall, slender character acor with a rich voice. Remembered as the obnoxious millionaire in Hitchcock's "Lifeboat". Also in "Were-Wolf of London" title role, "Three Comrades", "Boys Town" as the generous store keeper, "Jesse James", "Babes in Arms", "High Sierra" as Doc, "Deep Valley" as Lupino's Pa, "Portrait of Jenny", "The Fountainhead", "The Great Gatsby", "Inferno", etc.

Married 63 years (3 children). Born in Kentucky, he died in England.


Lead/co-star Warner Oland (58) 1879-1938.

Dependable actor, remembered as the Chinese detective 'Charlie Chan", appearing in 16 films of the series. Began in silent films, appeared in talkies "Dishonored" w/Dietrich, "Shanghai Express", "The Painted Veil" w/Garbo, "Were-Wolf of London", etc.

Born in Sweden, he was a heavy drinker and had a history of health problems.


Co-star/support Charles Middleton (74) 1874-1949.

Essential character actor with a 'cruel' face in over 200 films. Remembered as Ming the Merciless in the "Flash Gordon" serials. Also in "The Miracle Woman", "An American Tragedy", "Pack Up Your Troubles" w/Laurel & Hardy, "Show Boat" (1936), "Jesse James", "Captain Fury", "The Flying Deuces", "The Grapes of Wrath", "Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "Belle Starr" w/Gene Tierney, "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes", etc.

Married (1 daughter Leora).


In memory of those who died this day October 3rd:

Silent screen star Jeanne Eagels in 1929 at age 39, Broadway star Fay Templeton in 1939 at age 73, reliable actor William Bishop in 1959 at age 41, dependable actor Zachary Scott (usually a cad) in 1965 at age 51, director Tay Garnett in 1977 at age 83, character actress Dorothy Peterson in 1979 at age 81, talented British actress Vivien Merchant in 1982 at age 53, beautiful supporting actress Virginia Dale in 1994 at age 77, essential character actor Dub Taylor in 1994 at age 87, baby-face 'B' film actor John Ashley in 1997 at age 62, beloved actor Roddy McDowall in 1998 at age 70, comic actress Florence Stanley in 2003 at age 79, and lovely movie star Janet Leigh in 2004 at age 77.




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Oops. Brad,I did overlook "Party of Five" which was scribbled in my notes for Neve Campbell. You wouldn't believe the mess that I create with some of these notes, especially with all these stars.

Thanks for the reminder.

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