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Born this day October 4th:


Lead/co-star Alicia Silverstone is 30.

Exuberant blonde actress, made a splash in "Clueless" and "The Crush". Also in "The Babysitter", "True Crime", "Batman and Robin", "Excess Baggage", "Blast from the Past", "Beauty Shop", , etc.

Married in 2005. Was Bat Mitzvahed at Temple Beth Jacob in Redwood City, California.


Lead/co-star Armand Assante is 57.

Talented, dark and handsome actor, in "Paradise Alley", "Little Darlings", "Private Benjamin", "Q & A" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Mambo Kings", "Hoffa", "Fatal Instinct", "Two for the Money" w/Pacino, etc.

Married in 1982 (2 daughters). Separated. Won an Emmy Award as "Gotti". Lives on a farm in up-state New York.


Lead/co-star Susan Sarandon is 60.

Striking movie star, won Oscar best actress for "Dead Man Walking". Oscar nominated for "Atlantic City", "Thelma and Louise", "Lorenzo's Oil", and "The Client". Also in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", The Other Side of Midnight", "Pretty Baby", "King of the Gypsies", "The Tempest", "The Witches of Eastwick", "Bull Durham" (Golden Globe nominee), "White Palace" (Golden Globe nominee), "Little Women", "Stepmom" (Golden Globe nominee), "Igby Goes Down" (Golden Globe nominee best support), etc.

Has lived with Tim Robbins since 1988 (2 children). Divorce from Chris Sarandon. Has a daughter from a relationship.


Co-star/support Felicia Farr is 74.

Dependable, lovely actress, in "Jubal", "The Last Wagon", "3:10 to Yuma", "Onionhead", "Hell Bent for Leather", "Kiss Me Stupid", "Kotch", "Charley Varrick" good movie, "That's Life", etc.

Widow of Jack Lemmom, who she married in Paris (1 daughter). Also has a daughter from first marriage. Last on screen in 1986.


Lead/co-star Charlton Heston is 82 today.

Tall, imposing movie star, won Oscar best actor for "Ben-Hur". In "Dark City", "The Greatest Show on Earth", "The Savage", "Ruby Gentry" w/Jennifer Jones, "The President's Lady", "The Naked Jungle", "The Ten Commandments" (Golden Globe nominee), "Three Violent People", "Touch of Evil", "The Big Country", "El Cid", "The Agony and the Ecstasy", "Planet of the Apes", "Will Penny", "Soylent Green", "Midway", etc.

Married since 1944 (2 children). Was president of SAG and the NRA. Has been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, which has progressed.




Co-star/support Scotty Beckett (38) 1929-1968.

Former child star, one of the cutest, appeared in 15 "Our Gang" comedy shorts (the kid wearing his baseball cap sideways). In "Dante's Inferno", "Anthony Adverse", "Conquest" w/Garbo, "Marie Antoinette" as Shearer's son, "Love Affair" kid aboard ship, "Kings Row" as young Paris, "My Reputation" as Stanwyck's son, "The Jolson Story" good role, "Cynthia", "A Date with Judy", "Battleground", "The Happy Years", etc.

Married 3 times (1 son). His adult life involved violence, drugs, booze, and arrests. After suffering a serious beating, he overdosed (a note was found).

Leonard Maltin summed it up best when he wrote, "It was a particularly sad end for someone who as a child had shown so much easy charm and talent." Scotty Beckett was not the first child-star casualty, and he was not the last. But his story was certainly one of the saddest.

A far cry from the former child stars seen recently on "Private Screenings", who luckily made it to old age.


Co-star/support Philip Van Zandt (53) 1904-1958.

Dependable character actor, usually a villain, in over 200 films. In "Citizen Kane", Wake Island", "Tarzan Triumphs", "A Guy Named Joe", "Dragon Seed", "Gilda", "April Showers", "The Lady Gambles" w/Stanwyck, "Viva Zapata!", "His Kind of Woman", "Man of a Thousand Faces", etc.

Also on Broadway. Depressed over his sagging career and his compulsive gambling, he committed suicide.


Co-star/support Carroll Nye (72) 1901-1974.

Reliable character actor, remembered as Frank Kennedy who married Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind". Also in "Madame X", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", "Blossoms in the Dust", "Wilson" bio of the president, etc.

Married twice. Began in silent films opposite Anita Page, Corinne Griffith, etc. Later served as a Hollywood newscaster and publicity man.


Lead/co-star Buster Keaton (70) 1895-1966.

Outstanding silent screen star, dubbed 'The Great Stone Face'. Excelled in "Sherlock, Jr.", "The Navigator", "The General" perhaps his best, "Steamboat Bill Jr.", "College", "The Cameraman", "Split Marriage", etc. In comedy shorts as 'Elmer' in the 1930s.

Also in talkies, notably "In the Good Old Summertime", etc.

Married 3 times (2 children). Known for his porkpie hat, slapshoes, and a poker face (he smiled only once in a film). Was played by Donald O'Connor in "The Buster Keaton Story", which he didn't like.

Eventually began drinking, and in the early 1930s was fired from a studio for alcohol related embarrasing escapades. Not only did Keaton do all his own stunts, but, when needed, he acted as a stunt double for other actors in the films.

Died quietly at home, in his sleep, shortly after playing cards with his wife.


Co-star/support Kathryn Card (71) 1892-1964.

Dependable character actress, fondly remembered as Lucy's mother, Mrs. McGillicuddy on TVs mega-hit "I Love Lucy". In "The Hucksters", "Harriet Craig" w/Crawford, "Scandal Street", "A Star Is Born", "Daddy Long Legs", "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", "Please Don't Eat the Daisies", "Home Before Dark", etc.


In memory of those who died this day October 4th:

Folk singer Woody Guthrie in 1967 at age 55 (portrayed by David Carradine in "Bound for Glory"), dynamic rock star Janis Joplin in 1970 at age 27 (portrayed by Bette Midler in "The Rose").




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Co-star/support Liev Schreiber is 39 today.

Tall, impressive actor, outstanding as Raymond Shaw in the remake of "The Manchurian Candidate". Also in "Mad Love", "Party Girl", "Big Night", "Ransom", "Scream" and the sequels, "Sphere", "Kate & Leopold", "The Sum of All Fears", "The Omen", etc.

Is dating Naomi Watts. Emmy Award nominee as Orson Welles in TVs "RKO 281". Won a Tony Award. Frequently does voice-over and narration work for advertisements and documentaries.




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Born this day October 5th:


Lead/co-star Kate Winslet is 31.

Beautiful, talented British actress, Oscar nominated best actress as Rose in "Titanic", and for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Oscar nominated best support for "Sense and Sensibility" and "Iris". In "Heavenly Creatures", "Jude", "Quills", "Enigma", "The Life of David Gale", "Finding Neverland", "All the Kings Men", etc.

Married twice, currently to Sam Mendes. Mother of 2 children.


Lead/co-star Guy Pearce is 39.

Sharp, dependable actor, in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", "Flynn" as Errol Flynn, "L.A. Confidential" good role in a good movie, "Woundings", "Ravenous" graphic movie, "Rules of Engagement", "Memento" good role, "The Time Machine", "The Proposition", etc.

Married since 1997. Lives in Australia. Has written numerous songs.


Co-star/support Karen Allen is 55.

Attractive, underrated actress, in "Animal House", "The Wanderers", "Cruising", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Shoot the Moon", "Split Image" good drama, "Starman", "The Glass Menagerie" good role, "Scrooged", "Malcolm X", "The Perfect Storm", "In the Bedroom", etc.

Divorced (1 son). Lived with singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop. A prominent stage and TV actress.


Co-star/support Peter Brown is 71.

Reliable, good-looking actor, remembered as Deputy Johnny McKay on TVs "Lawman". In "Darby's Rangers", "Marjorie Morningstar", "Merrill's Marauders", "Ride the Wild Surf" w/blond hair, "Kitten with a Whip", "Foxy Brown", "Asylum", "The Wedding Planner", etc.

Married 4 times including to actress Diane Jergens (1 son). Also has a son from a relationship. Appeared on numerous soaps, notably "Days of Our Lives". On TVs western series "Laredo".

Currently attends Nostaliga events.


Co-star/support Diane Cilento is 73.

Lovely blonde actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Tom Jones". In "Moulin Rouge" (1952), "The Admirable Crichton", "The Naked Edge" w/Gary Cooper, "I Thank a Fool", "Hombre" w/Paul Newman, "The Wicker Man", etc.

Married 3 times including to Sean Connery (1 son). A Tony Award nominee, she was last on screen in 1984.


Co-star/support Skip Homeier is 76.

Former child actor, remembered as the evil Nazi youth in "Tomorrow the World", an outstanding performance. Also in "The Big Cat", "The Gunfighter" as the fella who challenges Peck, "Halls of Montezuma", "Beachhead", "The Lone Gun", "Black Widow", "Cry Vengeance", "The Burning Hills", "Stranger at My Door", "Day of the Badman", etc.

Began on radio and TV. Although he made a smooth transition to adult roles, he does not care to discuss his film career.


Lead/co-star Glynis Johns is 83 today.

Sparkling, talented actress with a wistful, husky voice, Oscar nominated best support for "The Sundowners". In "No Highway in the Sky", "The Magic Box", "Disney's "Rob Roy", "The Court Jester", "The Beachcomber", "All Mine to Give", "The Chapman Report", "Papa's Felicate Condition" w/Jackie Gleason, "Mary Poppins", "The Ref", "While You Were Sleeping", etc.

Married 4 times (1 son). Won a Tony Award, and also had her own TV series. Last on screen in 1999.




Lead/co-star Gail Davis (71) 1925-1997.

Pretty blonde actress, remembered as "Annie Oakley" on the popular TV series. In many westerns, she also appeared in "If You Knew Susie" w/Eddie Cantor, "Merton of the Movies", "The Romance of Rosy Ridge", "They Live by Night', "Coffy", etc.

Divorced (1 daughter). Was the voice of Sally on the "Charlie Brown" TV specials.


Lead/co-star Donald Pleasence (75) 1919-1995.

Essential British character actor, remembered as Dr. Sam Loomis, who hounds the wacko in "Halloween", and the sequels. Also in "A Tale of Two Cities" (1958), "Sons and Lovers", "Circus of Horrors" good stuff, "The Great Escape" good role, "Fantastic Voyage", "You Only Live Twice" as Blofeld, "Will Penny", "Ground Zero", "The House of Usher" coming to TCM, "Dracula", etc.

Married 4 times (5 daughters). Performed on the London stage. Tony and Emmy Award nominee. In the RAF during WWII he was a POW.


Co-star/support John Hoyt (85) 1905-1991.

Dependable character actor (small framed and graying), in "The Unfaithful", "Brute Force", "Winter Meeting" w/Bette Davis, "The Lady Gambles" w/Stanwyck, "Trapped", "Loan Shark", "Julius Caesar", "Blackboard Jungle", "Trial", "The Come On", "Baby Face Nelson", "Never So Few", "Spartacus", etc.

Was Grandpa on the TV series "Gimme a Break!".


Co-star/support Larry Fine (72) 1902-1975.

The one and only, original 'middle' member of the zany "Three Stooges". The guy with the bushy unkept hair-balls, caused havoc with Moe and Curly (along with Shemp) in over 200 comedy shorts for Columbia Pictures. Also in "Three Stooges" feature films.

Was married 40 years (2 children). A kind and gentle man, his nickname was appropriately 'Porcupine'. The popular trio has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Co-star/support Jimmy Ritz (81) 1904-1985.

Comic actor, one third of the zany Ritz Brothers (including Al & Harry), appeared in 10 films of the 1930s and 1940s performing bombastic schtick.

The trio has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Daughter Alison died on April 21, 1999 following an unsuccessful heart-lung transplant.


Co-star/support Elsa Janssen (85) 1883-1969.

Dependable character actress, fondly remembered as the feisty Mom Gehrig in "The Pride of the Yankees". Also in "The Gorgeous Hussy", "Heidi", "Hitler's Children", "So Proudly We Hail!", "Claudia", "Dillinger", "Claudia and David", etc.

Born in Germany, she passed away in California.


In memory of those who died this day October 5th:

Brassy 'dame' Barbara Nichols in 1976 at age 46 (loved her), sultry 'dame' Gloria Grahame in 1981 at age 57 (loved her), British charater actor Leonard Rossiter in 1984 at age 57, legendary producer Hal B. Wallis in 1986 at age 87, blonde starlet Jane Nigh in 1993 at age 68, and outrageous comic Rodney Dangerfield in 2004 at age 82 (loved him).




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Peter Brown, to me, will always be remembered as the Prince Charming-like character that all the women fawn over in Summer Magic (with Dorothy McGuire, Hayley Mills, Burl Ives and Una Merkel).


Thanks Mr. Mongo, for the remembrance of the incandescent Glynis Johns. I believe the Tony that she won was for Sondheim's A Little Night Music. The lounge singer's staple, "Send in the Clowns", was written for Glynis Johns to sing in this Broadway musical.

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Mongo & Jack,


I first saw Glynis Johns in the movie "Miranda" where she palyed a mermaid, splashing this enormous fish tail and wearing the longest wig over her boobs.

I thought she was heaven and I've longed to find a mermaid ever since.


Over the years, I've constantly just missed meeting her - at a couple of parties in London, at Paulette Goddard's apartment in NYC, and on the set of "The Chapman Report".

Can't seem to pin her down.



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Jack and Larry, thanks for sharing your thoughts of the lovely Glynis Johns, who was dubbed 'The Girl with the Upside-Down Eyes".

At age 83, it looks like we won't be seeing her on the silver screen anymore.

Always a delight, I hope that she is in peaceful retirement.


I must also correct a typo in Miss Johns space today. She was in he movie "Papa's Delicate Condition" and not "Papa's Felicate Condition" (whatever that is).


And Snarfie, thanks for the wonderful pictures of Glynis Johns as "Miranda".

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Snarfie -

Thanks muchly for the glorious pictures of "Miranda". There's nothing like splashing around the pool with your friendly, neighbourhood mermaid. I could make a smart-**** remark about 'getting a little tail' but that would be rude, wouldn't it!!!



I'm sure you know that "Papa's Delicate Condition" was written by Corinne Griffith regarding her childhood. And, it was a successful moneymaking book for her; that woman sure knew how to make money!!!

And, I'm sure Papa's felicate is still delicate!!!



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"I first saw Glynis Johns in the movie "Miranda" where she played a mermaid, splashing this enormous fish tail and wearing the longest wig over her boobs. I thought she was heaven and I've longed to find a mermaid ever since."


Interesting! I've always been in search of a mermaid ever since seeing Ann Blyth in Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid. Sounds like a good double-feature for an upcoming TCM night...

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Born this day October 6th:


Co-star/support Jeremy Sisto is 32.

Tall, talented actor, in "Grand Canyon", "Clueless", "Moonlight and Valentino", "White Squall" good movie, "Angel Eyes", "Thirteen", "The Movie Hero", etc.

Divorced from actress Marisa Ryan. Dated Reese Witherspoon. Played 'sicko' Billy on HBOs "Six Feet Under".


Lead/co-star Elisabeth Shue is 43.

Impressive beauty, Oscar nominated best actress for "Leaving Las Vegas" (won many critics awards). Also in "The Karate Kid", "Adventures in Babysitting" fun movie, "Cocktail", "The Marrying Man", "Soapdish", "Twenty Bucks", "The Saint", "Palmetto", "Cousin Bette", "Hollow Man", "Hide and Seek", etc.

Married since 1994 (3 children). Sister of Andrew Shue. Quoted: "I may look like the girl next door, but you wouldn't want to live next door to me."


Co-star/support Britt Ekland is 64 today.

Blonde Swedish actress, in "The Bobo", "The Night They Raided Minsky's", "Stiletto", "Get Carter", "Asylum", "The Man with the Golden Gun", "High Velocity", "The Monster Club", "Scandal", etc.

Was married to Peter Sellers (1 daughter). Has a son from 2nd marriage. Had a relationship with Rod Stewart. Last on screen in 1990.




Co-star/support Fay Spain (50) 1932-1983.

Attractive, petite blonde actress, in "The Abductors", "God's Little Acre" as Darlin' Jill, "Al Capone" w/Steiger, "Black Gold", "The Beat Generation", "Welcome to Hard Times", "The Godfather: Part II" as Mrs. Hyman Roth, etc.

Married twice (1 child). Died of cancer.


Lead/co-star Carole Lombard (33) 1908-1942.

Beautiful, saucy blonde movie star, Oscar nominated best actress for "My Man Godfrey". Also in "No Man of Her Own" w/Gable, "The Eagle and the Hawk" w/Grant, "Bolero" w/Raft, "Twentieth Century", "Rumba", "Nothing Sacred", "Made for Each Other", "In Name Only", "Vigil in the Night", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "To Be or Not to Be", etc.

Married to William Powell and to Clark Gable. Linked romantically to crooner Russ Columbo until his accidental death late in 1934. Was tagged 'The Queen of Screwball Comedy'.

She perished in a plane crash, along with her mother, returning from a bond selling tour. Despite her mothers premonition of the disaster, she refused to take a train to Los Angeles. She was reputedly in a rush after getting wind of an alleged affair between her husband Clark Gable and Lana Turner who were filming "Somewhere I'll Find You" at the time .

TCM is saluting the lady this afternoon.


Lead/co-star Janet Gaynor (77) 1906-1984.

Sweet, petite, winsome movie star, won the very first best actress Oscar for "Seventh Heaven". Oscar nominated for "A Star Is Born". In "Tess of the Storm Country", "State Fair", "Change of Heart", "The Farmer Takes a Wife", "Small Town Girl", "The Young in Heart", etc.

After a 20 year screen absence, she returned in the movie "Bernadine" with Pat Boone.

Married 3 times including to costume designer Adrian (1 son). Also in silent films and on Broadway.

In September, 1982, Ms. Gaynor, who was 75, was seriously injured in a San Francisco taxi cab accident which also injured her husband, executive producer Paul Gregory, and actress Mary Martin, and killed Martin's agent, Ben Washer. Gaynor suffered 11 broken ribs, a ruptured bladder, a broken collar bone, a bleeding kidney, and multiple pelvic fractures. She was to endure a number of operations in the next year and progressively grew weaker until her death in 1984.

TCM is saluting the lady this morning.


In memory of those who died this day October 6th:

Dependable character actor Porter Hall in 1953 at age 65, horror director Tod Browning in 1962 at age 80, brawny character actor Tom Kennedy in 1965 at age 80, essential character Sidney Blackmer in 1973 at age 78, British character actor Dennis Price in 1973 at age 58, Oscar winning composer Nelson Riddle in 1985 at age 64, serial actor Don Terry ('Don Winslow') in 1988 at age 86, brilliant movie star Bette Davis in 1989 at age 81, British character actor Denholm Elliott in 1992 at ge 70, choreographer Agnes de Mille in 1993 at ge 88, supporting actor Ted Bessell in 1996 at age 61, capable actress Maris Wrixon in 1999 at age 82, grand character actor Richard Farnsworth committed suicide in 2000 at age 80, and dependable dowager Sparkle in 2005 at age 90.




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Born this day October 7th:


Co-star/support Dylan Baker is 47.

Slim, versatile actor, in "Trains, Planes and Automobiles", "The Long Walk Home", "Disclosure", "Happiness" good performance, "The Cell", "A Gentleman's Game", "Along Came a Spider", "Road to Perdition", "Spider-Man 2", "Kinsey", "The Matador", "Pitch", etc.

Married to actress Becky Ann Baker. Appeared on the TV series "Murder One". Also a Tony Award nominee.


Co-star/support Al Martino is 79.

Top-notch crooner and capable actor, scored as Johnny Fontane in "The Godfather" and "The Godfather: Part II", etc.

Sang the title song in the movie "Hush...Hush...Sweet Charlotte" recently on TCM.

Was married in 1969. Had numerous hit recoedings. A boyhood pal of Mario Lanza.


Co-star/support Joyce Reynolds is 81 today.

Attractive starlet of the 1940s, featured in the Warner Bros. film "Janie" and the sequels (recently seen on TCM). Also in "George Washington Slept Here", "The Constant Nymph", "The Adventures of Mark Twain", "Wallflower", etc.

Married 5 times, including to the son of silent screen star Barbara La Marr. Retired very wealthy to Hawaii (thanks to her father).




Lead/co-star June Allyson (88) 1917-2006.

Appealing, girl-next-door actress, with a smoky voice. In "Best Foot Forward", "Her Highness and the Bellboy", "Good News", "Little Women", "The Three Musketeers", "The Stratton Story", "Right Cross", "Too Young to Kiss" (won Golden Globe Award), "Battle Circus", "The Glenn Miller Story", "Strategic Air Command", "A Woman's World", "The Shrike" good dramatic role, "The McConnell Story" w/Ladd, "Executive Suite", "The Opposite Sex", "Interlude", etc.

Married 4 times including to Dick Powell (2 children). Performed on Broadway, and had her own TV series. Had a fling with Dean Martin, and a serious affair with co-star Alan Ladd.

Quoted: "MGM is my mother and father".


Co-star/support Diana Lynn (45) 1926-1971.

Pretty blonde, pert actress, in "The Major and the Minor", "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek", "Out of This World", "Ruthless" w/Zachary Scott, "My Friend Irma", "Paid in Full" good soap, "Bedtime for Bonzo", "Plunder of the Sun", "Track of the Cat", "The Kentuckian", etc.

Married twice (4 children). Made numerous TV appearances. Also a Broadway performer. In the 1960s she worked at a travel agency. Died from the results of a stroke.


Co-star/support Tommy Farrell (82) 1921-2004.

Reliable actor, in "Duchess of Idaho", "Abilene Town", "A Yank in Korea", "Strangers on a Train", "The Marrying Kind", "Flesh and Fury", "Singin' in the Rain", "Girls in the Night" a guilty pleasure, "North by Northwest", "A Guide for the Married Man", etc.

Married (4 children). Son of Glenda Farrell.


Co-star/support Olive Brasno (80) 1917-1998.

Brassy, delightful dwarf actress, along with brother George appeared in "The Mighty Barnum", "Carnival", "Charlie Chan at the Circus", "Little Miss Broadway", etc.

Also in the 'Our Gang' comedy shorts "Arbor Day" and "Shrimps for a Day".

Married to dwarf actor Gus Wayne for 37 years (they died two days apart). Performed in vaudeville, with brother George Brasno.


Lead/so-star Helmut Dantine (64) 1917-1982.

Darkly handsome actor, usually portrayed Nazi swine in films during WWII. In "Escape" w/Shearer, "To Be or Not to Be", "Mrs. Miniver" he confronts Greer Garson at her home, "Desperate Journey", "Casablanca", "Edge of Darkness", "Watch on the Rhine", "Shadow of a Woman", "Call Me Madam", "War and Peace", etc.

Was married with 2 children. Also a producer and director.

He was a leader of an anti-Nazi youth movement, and was put in a concentration camp, where his parents would later perish.


Co-star/support Johnny Puleo (75) 1907-1983.

Comedic dwarf performer, played a mean harmonica, in "One in a Million", "Rascals", "Always in My Heart" w/Kay Francis, "Trapeze", etc.

Appeared with his harmonica gang on TV variety shows, and recorded best selling albums.


Co-star/support Andy Devine (71) 1905-1977.

Essential, rotund character actor, with a high-pitched raspy voice. In over 200 films including "The Farmer Takes a Wife", "Small Town Girl", "Romeo and Juliet", "A Star Is Born", "In Old Chicago", Stagecoach", "Geronimo", "Torrid Zone", "Flame of New Orleans" w/Dietrich, "Island in the Sky", "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", "Myra Breckinridge", etc.

Married 44 years (2 sons). Co-starred as Jingles with Guy Madison on the TV series "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok". Born Jeremiah Schwartz.


In memory of those who died this day October 7th:

Golden voiced actor/singer Mario Lanza in 1959 at age 38, singer/actor Billy Daniels in 1988 at age 73, impressive character actor Cyril Cusack in 1993 at age 82, and blonde actress Helen Vinson (usually the-go-between) in 1999 at age 92.

Also author Edgar Allan Poe in 1849 at age 40 (his novels were filmed numerous times).




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Really? That's cool. All I have to do is get a DVD player now...............lol. I'm surprised TV Land has never showed it.....or have they and I missed the boat?


By the way, I know you're not following baseball post season closely, but can you believe the Yankees are not going to the World Series again? For at least the third year in a row.



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Mongo, I've been watching tapes all day, but from your listing, I see June Allyson listed today, does that mean she died today? What a shame, she wasn't really one of my favorites, but I did like her. but I never heard of an affair with Allan Ladd, at least she was short enough, can you tell me more?

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