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Born this day October 23rd:


Producer/director Sam Raimi is 48.

Highly inventive filmmaker helmed "The Evil Dead", "Darkman", "The Quick and the Dead", "A Simple Plan" good movie, "For Love of the Game", "The Gift", "Spider-Man" and the sequels, etc.

Maried since 1993 (4 children). Makes cameo appearances in most of his films. He is a huge fan of The Three Stooges.


Co-star/support Dwight Yoakam is 51.

Reliable actor/singer, in "Red Rock West", "Roswell", "Sling Blade" good role, "Painted Hero", "The Newton Boys", "Panic Room", "Hollywood Homicide", "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" good role, "Wedding Crashers", "Crank", etc.

A prominent country music star, his trademark is a cowboy hat, which he is balding under. Dated Sharon Stone who was quoted, "Kissing him was like eating a dirt sandwich". Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Director Ang Lee is 53.

Prominent Asian filmmaker, won Oscar best director for "Brokeback Mountain", and nominated for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (won Golden Globe Award). Also helmed "Sense and Sensibility" (Golden Globe nominee), The Ice Storm", "Ride with the Devil", "Chosen", "Hulk", etc.

Married since 1983 (2 sons born in Illinois).


Co-star/support Jordan Christopher is 65.

Capable actor, in "Return of the Seven", "Pigeons", "Brainstorm" w/Natalie Wood, "Star 80" strong drama, "That's Life!", etc.

Is married to Sybil Burton (ex-wife of Richard Burton) since 1965. Also appeared on TV. Last on screen in 1986.


Co-star/support Dimitra Arliss is 75.

Dependable Greek-American actress, remembered for her performance as Loretta in "The Sting" (she slept with Redford). Also in "The Other Side of Midnight", "A Perfect Couple", "Xanadu", "Eleni", "It's My Party", etc.

She was last on screen in 2000.


Lead/co-star Coleen Gray is 85 today.

Attractive, petite actress, in "Kiss of Death", "Nightmare Alley" w/Tyrone Power, "Red River", "Sand", "Riding High" w/Bing Crosby, "The Sleeping City" w/Richard Conte, "Lucky Nick Cain", w/Raft, "The Killing" exceptional noir, "Star in the Dust", "Hell's Five Acres", "Johnny Rocco", "The Leech Woman", etc.

Married 3 times (2 children). Also a stage and TV star. Was on the soap "Days of Our Lives". Last on screen in 1985. Makes the rounds at Nostalgia events and is looking good.




Lead/co-star Diana Dors (52) 1931-1984.

British Blonde bombshell ala MM, in "OLiver Twist", "An Alligator Named Daisy", "Yield the Night", "On the Double" w/Danny Kaye, "The Unholy Wife" w/Rod Steiger, "Tread Softly Stranger", "I Married a Woman", "Berserk!" w/Crawford, "There's a Girl in My Soup", "Theater of Blood", "Three for All", etc.

Married 3 times including to game show host Richard Dawson (2 sons). Quoted: "I'm the only sex symbol England produced since Lady Godiva". Her third and last husband, actor Alan Lake, committed suicide five months after her death (1 son).


Co-star/support Bella Darvi (42) 1928-1971.

Brunette beauty with a husky voice, groomed for stardom by 20th. Century-Fox studio chief Daryl Zanuck. In "Hell and High Water" w/Richard Widmark, "The Egyptian", "The Racers" w/Kirk Douglas, "The Mask of the Gorilla", etc.

Her 2 marriages were annulled. Her career came tumbling down after a major sex scandal ensued with Mr. Zanuck. Was romantically linked to numerous famous men.

Into alchohol she would eventually committ suicide. Ironically she won a Golden Globe Award for most promising newcomer.


Co-star/support Frank Sutton (50) 1923-1974.

Brash, reliable actor, in "Marty" as the bragging Ralph, "Four Boys and a Gun", "Town Without Pity", "The Satan Bug", etc.

Married 25 years (2 children). Remembered as Sgt. Carter on TVs "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.". Also on "Captain Video", and "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet". Was a black belt in Judo.


Lead/co-star Peggy Moran (84) 1918-2002.

Pretty starlet in mostly 'B' films, including "Boy Meets Girl", "Ninotchka" bit part, "Argentine Nights" w/The Andrews Sisters, "The Mummy's Hand", "A Night in the Tropics" w/Abbott & Costello, "Horror Island", "Drums of the Congo", etc.

Was married to director Henry Koster (2 sons). Also in westerns with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. She died as results of injuries suffered in an auto accident.


Co-star/support Una O'Connor (78) 1880-1959.

Wonderful Irish character actress with the body of a scarecrow, the contemptuous stare of a detective, and the voice of an air siren. Delighted us in "Cavalcade", "Mary Stevens, M.D.", "The Invisible Man" as the flity inn keeper, 'David Copperfield", "Bride of Frankenstein" as Minnie the screamer, "The Informer" good dramatic role, "Suzy" w/Harlow, "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Lillian Russell" w/Alice Faye, "Always in My Heart" w/Kay Francis, "This Land Is Mine" as Laughton's mother, "Christmas in Connecticut", "The Bells of St. Mary's", "Cluny Brown", "Of Human Bondage", "Ivy", "Fighting Father Dunne", "Witness for the Prosecution" in a wonderful farewell performance, etc.

Also a fine stage actress. There is no record of a marriage.


Hail to 'King of Late Night TV' Johnny Carson (79) 1925-2005.


In memory of those who died this day October 23rd.

Wild west writer Zane Gray in 1939 at age 67, grand showman Al Jolson in 1950 at age 64, lovely starlet Susan Peters in 1952 at age 31, screenwriter Jo Swerling in 1964 at age 71, western star Whip Wilson in 1964 at age 53, supporting actress Janice Logan ('Dr. Cyclops') in 1965 at age 50, silent screen star Claire Windsor in 1972 at age 80, dependable character actress Tamara Shayne in 1983 at age 80, Oscar nominee Oskar Werner in 1984 at age 61, 'East Side Kid' David Gorcey (Leo's Brother) in 1984 at age 63, essential actor Robert Lansing in 1994 at age 66, and songwriter Adolph Green in 2002 at age 87.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 24th:


Co-star/support B.D. Wong is 45.

Reliable Asian-American actor, in "Family Business", "The Freshman", "Father of the Bride" w/Steve Martin, "Jurassic Park", "Executive Decision", "Joe's Apartment" infested with roaches, "Seven Years in Tibet", Disney's "Mulan" (voice), etc.

He and his companion Richie Jackson, adopted a son. Was the priest on the HBO series "Oz". Also on "Law and Order". Won a Tony Award for his part in "M Butterfly". B.D. stands for Bradley Darryl.


Co-star/support Tony Peck is 51.

Capable actor, in "The Slugger's Wife", "Pirates", "Brenda Starr", "Hard Hunted", "Sliver", "Viper", etc.

Son of Gregory Peck. Divorced from Cheryl Tiegs (1 son). Last on screen in 1994. Dabbles in politics.


Lead/co-star Kevin Kline is 60.

Talented, exuberant actor, won Oscar best support for "A Fish Called Wanda". In "Sophie's Choice", "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Big Chill", "Silverado", "Soapdish" (Golden Globe nominee), "Dave" (Golden Globe nominee), "French Kiss", "The Ice Storm", "In & Out", "Life as a House" good role, "The Emperor's Club" good movie, "De-Lovely" (Golden Globe nominee), "A Prairie Home Companion" (Golden Globe nominee), etc.

Is married to Phoebe Cates since 1989 (2 children, Owen and Greta). Also won a Tony Award. He turned down the role of "Batman".


Lead/co-star F. Murray Abraham is 68.

Tall, talented actor, won Oscar best actor as Salieri in "Amadeus" (also won Golden Globe Award). In "Serpico", "The Sunshine Boys", "All the Presidents Men", "The Ritz" hilarious comedy, "Scarface" is taken for his last helicoptor ride, "The Name of the Rose", "Mobsters", "Mighty Aphrodite", "Finding Forrester", "Star Trek: Insurrection" a favorite role of his, "Joshua", "A House Divided", etc.

Married since 1962 (2 children). A loyal stage actor. The 'F' in his name stands for Fahrid.

He has a summer place in the Cattskills, in a town I lived in, and he invites all his neighbors over for an annual cook-out at his home. A nice guy, that Murray.


Co-star/support David Nelson is 71 today.

Capable actor, in "Peyton Place", "The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker" as one of Clifton Webb's brood, "The Big Circus", "Day of the Outlaw", Jack Webb's "-30-", "Up in Smoke", "Splash", "Cry-Baby", etc.

Married twice (2 sons). First name is Oswald. Son of Ozzie and Harriet, brother of Ricky Nelson whom all appeared on the TV series "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". Last on screen in 1998.




Producer/director Merian C. Cooper (79) 1893-1973.

Prolific filmmaker, gave us the one and only "King Kong" (1933). Producer of "Grass", "Chang", "Ann Vickers", "Little Women", "The Son of Kong", "Flying Down to Rio", "Dr. Cyclops", "Fort Apache", "3 Godfathers", "Mighty Joe Young", "Rio Grande", "The Quiet Man" (Oscar nominee best spicture), "The Searchers", etc.

Married to the lovely Dorothy Jordan (3 children). He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But, his name is misspelled as "Meriam C. Cooper." Was John Ford's favorite producer with whom to work. "You are going to have the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood" - To Fay Wray regarding King Kong (1933).


Co-star/support Sybil Thorndike (93) 1882-1976.

Impressive British actress, appeared in silent films. Also in "Major Barbara", "Nicholas Nickleby", "The Forbidden Street" good role as the evil crone, Hitchcock's "Stage Freight", "The Magic Box", "The Lady with the Lamp", "The Wild Heart" w/Jennifer Jones, "The Prince and the Showgirl" (won the BAFTA award for best support), "Shake Hands with the Devil" w/Cagney, "The Big Gamble", etc.

Married for 60 years (4 children). A grand stage actress, she was knighted a Dame.


In memory of those who died this day October 24th:

Irish character actor Dudley Digges in 1947 at age 68, child actor Douglas Croft (Cagney as a boy in "Yankee Doodle Dandy") in 1963 at age 37, blonde starlet Beverly Wills (Joan Davis' daughter) in 1963 at age 30, supreme costume designer Edith Head in 1981 at age 83, actor/opera singer Walter Woolf King in 1984 at age 84, producer of 'Star Trek' Gene Roddenberry in 1991 at age 70, talented actor Raul Julia in 1994 at age 54, and starlet Peggy Moran in 2002 at age 84.

Also baseball great Jackie Robinson in 1972 at age 53, and The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks in 2005 at age 92.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 25th:


Co-star/support Tracy Nelson is 44.

Petite starlet, in "Maria's Lovers", "Down and Out in Beverly Hills", "The Night Caller", "The Perfect Nanny", "The Bus Stop", "Fangs", "Dumb Luck", "Miracle at Sage Creek", etc.

Married twice including to actor William R. Moses (2 children). Daughter of Ricky Nelson, granddaughter of Ozzie and Harriet. On the TV series "Father Dowling Mysteries". Diagnosed with Hodgkins disease in 1987.


Co-star/support Brian Kerwin is 58.

Lanky, blonde-haired actor, in "Hometown U.S.A.", "Getting Wasted", "Murphy's Romance" good role as Sally Field's ex, "King Kong Lives", "Torch Song Trilogy", "Love Field", "Jack", "Mr. Jelousy", etc.

Married (3 children). Also on TV and the stage.


Co-star/support Marion Ross is 79.

Talented, versatile actress, in "Forever Female", "The Glenn Miller Story", "Pushover", "Sabrina", "Lust for Life", "Lizzie", "Teacher's Pet", "Operation Petticoat", "Grand Theft Auto", "The Evening Star" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Last Best Sunday", etc.

Divorced (2 children). Lives with actor Paul Michael. Is Richie's mom on the TV series "Happy Days", and on the series "Brooklyn Bridge" in a superior role as Grandma Sophie. She was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards.


Co-star/support Jeanne Cooper is 79 today.

Reliable blonde actress, in "The Man from the Alamo" w/Glenn Ford, "The Naked Street", 'Plunder Road", "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" strong drama, "The Inruder", "Black Zoo", 'Tony Rome", "The Boston Strangler", "The All-American Boy", "The Tomorrow Man", etc.

Divorced (3 children including actor Corbin Bernsen). She is on the soap "The Young and the Restless" (6 time Emmy Award nominee).




Lead/co-star Anthony Franciosa (77) 1928-2006.

Exceptional, handsome leading man, Oscar nominated best actor for "A Hatful of Rain". In "This Could Be the Night", "A Face in the Crowd", "Wild Is the Wind" w/Magnani, "The Long Hot Summer", "The Naked Maja" w/Ava Gardner, "Career" exceptional role (Golden Globe nominee best actor), "The Story on Page One" w/Rita Hayworth, "Rio Conchos" (Golden Globe nominee), 'Period of Adjustment", "Across 110th. Street", "City Hall", etc.

Married 4 times including to Shelley Winters (they died 5 days apart in '06). Father of 3 children. A TV and stage actor (Tony Award nominee for "A Hatful of Rain"). A favorite actor of Barbra Streisand.


Co-star/support Belita (82) 1923-2005.

Attractive actress, in a few 'B' films, including "Silver Skates", "Suspense", "The Gangster", "The Hunted", "The Man on the Eiffel Tower", "Never Let Me Go" w/Gene Tierney, "Silk Stockings", etc.

Married twice. A skilled ice skater (won Olympic medal), and a ballerina.

Quoted: "I hated the ice. I hated the cold, the smell, everything about it. I only did it for the money." - upon her retirement from skating in 1956.


Co-star/support Eugene 'Porky' Lee (71) 1933-2005.

Former child star, appeared in 42 "Our Gang" comedy shorts. As the cute little Porky, along with his pal Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas, coined the phase 'O-tay'.

Grew into a bulky 6-footer. After his movie career he became a school teacher in Colorado for awhile then moved to Minnesota in order to be closer to his only son.


Co-star/support Billy Barty (76) 1924-2000.

Talented, energetic dwarf actor, in "Nothing Sacred", "Three Wise Fools", "The Clown", "The Undead", "Jumbo", "The Day of the Locust" good movie, "W.C. Fields and Me", "Foul Play", "Willow", "Life Stinks", etc.

Was married for 50 years (2 children). He played Mickey Rooney's baby brother in the "Mickey McGuire" comedy shorts. Also on numerous TV shows.

He founded 'The Little People of America', and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Co-star/support Maudie Prickett (61) 1914-1976.

Dependable character actress, in "Whiplash", "Montana", "Harvey", "The Model and the Marriage Broker" good comedy, "Stars and Stripes Forever", "A Man Called Peter", "North by Northwest", "The Music Man", "The Gnome-Mobile", etc.

She played Rosie on the TV series "Hazel" with Shirley Booth.


Co-star/support Whit Bissell (86) 1909-1996.

Essential character actor, in over 100 films. In "Sea of Grass", "Brute Force", "A Double Life", "He Walked by Night" good drama, "Side Street", "Lost Continent", "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", "Not as a Stranger", "Trial", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" as the evil scientist, The Defiant Ones", "Seven Days in May", "Birdman of Alcatraz", "Hud", "Airport", etc.

Married 3 times (4 children). Guested on various TV shows.


Co-star/support Polly Ann Young (79) 1908-1997.

Lovely actress, in "The Sheik" as an Arab child, "Rich People", "Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Thunder in the Night", "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell", "Turnabout" good comedy, "Invisible Ghost" as Lugosi's wife, etc.

Was married with 4 children. Sister of Loretta Young and Sally Blane.


Co-star/support Leo G. Carroll (79) 1892-1972.

Impressive British character actor, in "Sadie McKee", "A Christmas Carol" (1938) as Marley, "Wuthering Heights", "Rebecca", "Suspicion", "Spellbound", "The Paradine Case", "Father of the Bride", "Strangers on a Train", "The Bad and the Beautiful", "Tarantula" good sci-fi, "North by Northwest", Disney's "The Parent Trap", "The Prize", etc.

On the TV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" (Emmy Award nominee), and "Topper". Not to be confused with Roland Young who played the original "Topper".

Has played in more Alfred Hitchcock films (five) than any other actor. Also a stage actor.


In memory of those who died this day October 25th:

Brassy blonde actress Cleo Moore in 1973 at age 44, dependable character actor Frank Puglia in 1975 at age 83, brawny, good-looking actor Forrest Tucker in 1986 at age 67, singer/actor Roger Miller in 1992 at age 56, essential actor Vincent Price in 1993 at age 82, reliable character actress Lillian Hayman in 1994 at age 72, endearing character actress Mildred Natwick in 1994 at age 89, Swedish delight Viveca Lindfors in 1995 at age 74, and commanding movie star Richard Harris in 2002 at age 72.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 26th:


Lead/co-star Cary Elwes is 45.

Handsome Brit, in "Lady Jane", "The Princess Bride", "Glory", "Days of Thunder", "Shots!", "Dracula", "The Crush", "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", "Liar Liar", "The Cat's Meow", "Kiss the Girls", "Saw", "Edison", etc.

After a four year engagement, he married in 2001. Also appeared on TVs "The X Files".

About his teenage co-star Alicia Silverstone of "Crush" (1993): "She's very headstrong. I think she can fight her image all she wants, but ultimately when she reaches full womanhood, I think she'll be quite happy to be called a sex kitten".


Lead/co-star Dylan McDermott is 46.

Dependable actor, in "Hamburger Hill", "Steel Magnolias", "Twister", "In the Line of Fire", "The Cowboy Way", "Home fro the Holidays", "Jersey Girl", "Party Monster", "Wonderland", "Runaway Jury", "Edison", "The Tenants", etc.

Married since 1995 (2 daughters). Dated Julia Roberts. On the TV series "The Practice" (won Golden Globe Award).


Co-star/support Rita Wilson is 49.

Reliable actress, in "Volunteers", "Teen Witch", "The Bonfire of the Vanities", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Jingle All the Way", "Psycho" remake, "Runaway Bride", "Auto Focus", "The Chumscrubber", etc.

She is the wife of Tom Hanks (2 sons). Also a stage actress.


Lead/co-star Bob Hoskins is 65.

Talented, stocky British actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Mona Lisa". Also in "The Last Goodbye", "The Cotton Club", "Brazil", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (Golden Globe nominee best actor), "Mermaids" w/Cher, "Hook", "Super Mario Bros.", "Maid in Manhattan", "Beyond the Sea", "Mrs. Henderson Presents" (Golden Globe nominee), "Hollywoodland", etc.

Married twice (4 children). Also a stage actor. Worked in a circus as a fire eater.


Lead/co-star Baby Peggy is 89 today.

Adorable former child star, with a chubby face, short black hair with bangs, in silent comedy shorts and features.

In the 1920s she was Jackie Coogan's only rival. She left the screen at age 8, and the 1929 stock market crash wiped out most of her earnings. She made some talkies during the 1930s while in her teens.

In later years after living in near poverty she would find success again as a book publisher and author under the name Diana Serra Cary.

Married twice (1 son). She was born Margaret Montgomery. She is still active and currently attends nostalgia events.




Lead/co-star Jackie Coogan (69) 1914-1984.

Superior former child star, memorable opposite Charlie Chaplin in "The Kid", among many other silent films. Also in "The Actress", "The Buster Keaton Story", "The Joker Is Wild", "Lonelyhearts", "The Big Operator" w/Rooney, "Cahill U.S. Marshal", "Double Take", etc.

Married 4 times including to Betty Grable. Is Uncle Fester on TVs "The Addams Family".

Began in vaudeville at age 4. His earnings of $4 million was depleated by his parents which prompted the Child Actors Bill (The Coogan Act) which would protect a childs future earnings.

In 1935, at age 21, he had the traumatic experience of losing his father, Jack Coogan Sr., and his best friend, actor Junior Durkin, when both were killed in an auto accident in the California mountains. Durkin died almost instantly at the scene, and Coogan, Sr., who had been driving, a few hours later at a local hospital. Jackie, though badly injured, was the sole survivor of the accident. He would later call it the single saddest day of his life.


Co-star/support Margaret Wycherly (74) 1881-1956.

Essential character actress, Oscar nominated best support for her touching performance as Ma York in "Sergeant York". Also in "The Thirteenth Chair", "Midnight", "Random Harvest", "Keeper of the Flame", "Johnny Angel", "The Yearling", "Forever Amber", "White Heat" outstanding as Ma Jarrett, "The Man with a Cloak", "The President's Lady" w/Susan Hayward, etc.

Born in London, England she was married with 1 son. A grand stage actress.


Lead/co-star H.B. Warner (83) 1875-1958.

Impressive character actor, Oscar nominated best support as Chang in "Lost Horizon". In over 100 films including silents, "The King of Kings" as Jesus Christ, etc. Also in "Viva Villa!", "A Tale of Two Cities", "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", "You Can't Take it With You", "The Rains Came", "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", "It's a Wonderful Life" as Mr. Gower, "Hellfire" unusual western, "The Ten Commandments", etc.

H.B. = Harry Byron. A fine stage actor. Considered a career in medicine.


In memory of those who died this day October 26th:

Superior character actress Hattie McDaniel in 1952 at age 57, dependable supporting actor Anthony Ross in 1955 at age 46, superior character actress Louise Beavers in 1962 at age 60, dandy character actor James Bell in 1973 at age 81, steamy-stuff producer Albert Zugsmith in 1993 at age 83, blacklisted writer/producer Abraham Polonsky in 1999 at age 88, and singer/actor Hoyt Axton in 1999 at age 61.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 27th:


Co-star/support Billy Fugit is 25.

Juvenile actor, remebered as the kid writing a story for Rolling Stone magazine about a rock band in "Almost Famous". Also in "White Oleander", "Spun", "Saved!", "Dear Birds", "The Moguls", "Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas" good movie, etc.

Also appeared on TV.


Co-sar/support Peter Firth is 54.

Gifted British actor, Oscar nominated best support for "Equus" (he won Golden Globe Award). Also in "Joseph Andrews", "Tess", "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?", "Lifeforce", "A State of Emergency", "The Hunt for Red October", "Amistad", "Mighty Joe Young", "Pearl Harbor", etc.

Married with 4 children. Also a stage actor and Tony Award nominee.


Lead/co-star Roberto Benigni is 55.

Talented, comedic actor from Italy, won Oscar best actor for "Life Is Beautiful" (he was a delight at the 1998 Academy Awards). Also in "Down by Law", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Son of the Pink Panther", "The Monster", "Pinocchio", etc.

Married since 1991. He once considered the priesthood.


Co-star/support John Cleese is 68.

Comedy icon and tallest member at 6'5" of the outrageous 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'. In "The Statue" w/David Niven, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Time Bandits", "Silverado", "A Fish Called Wanda", "The Jungle Book", "Harry Potter" films as Nearly Headless Nick, "Man About Town", etc.

Married 3 times. (2 daughters). Also on TVs "Fawlty Towers".


Co-star/support Ruby Dee is 83.

Essential, empathic actress, in "No Way Out", "Go, Man, Go!", "Edge of the City", "St. Louis Blues", "A Raisin in the Sun" (won New York Film Critics Award), "The Incident", "Buck and the Preacher", "Do the Right Thing", "Jungle Fever", "Dream Street", etc.

Widow of Ossie Davis (50 year marriage), parents of 3 children. A 6 time Emmy Award nominee, she won one.


Co-star/support Nanette Fabray is 87 today.

Graceful, comedic actress, in "The private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex", "A Child Is Born" w/Geraldine Fitzgerald, "The Band Wagon" in the zany triplets number, "The Subterraneans", "The Happy Ending" w/Jean Simmons, "Harper Valley P.T.A.", "Amy", "Teresa's Tattoo", etc.

Married twice (2 children). A musical stage star, she won a Tony Award. Was hearing impaired for most of her life. On the TV series "One Day at a Time", and "The Sid Caesar Show" (she won 2 Emmy Awards).

Last on screen in 1994.




Lead/co-star Teresa Wright (86) 1918-2005.

Talented, sensitive star, won Oscar best support for "Mrs. Miniver". Oscar nominated best actress for "The Pride of the Yankees", and for best support in "The Little Foxes". In "Shadow of a Doubt", "Casanova Brown", "The Best Years of Our Lives" fine performance, "Pursued", "Enchantment", "The Men" w/Brando, "The Steel Trap", "The Actress", "The Happy Ending", "The Rainmaker" (1997), etc.

Married twice (2 children). Made numerous TV appearances. She showed up at the Academy Awards, on stage with former Oscar winners, a few years ago. Her husband, Niven Busch, originally penned "Duel in the Sun" (1946) for her to play the lead, as a departure from her girl-next-door roles. But pregnancy forced her to drop out, and Jennifer Jones got the lead.


Lead/co-star Carrie Snodgress (57) 1946-2004.

Attractive, subtle actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "Diary of a Mad Housewife" (she won the Golden Globe Award). In "Easy Rider", "Rabbit, Run", "The Fury" good chiller, "The Attic", "A Night in Heaven", "Pale Rider", "8 Seconds", "Blue Sky", "Wild Things", etc.

Had a son with rock star Neil Young. Also on Broadway. Hospitalized at the University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles, she succumbed to heart failure while awaiting a liver transplant. Her son was at her side when she died.


Co-star/support Leif Erickson (74) 1911-1986.

Tall, beefy character actor, in "H.M. Pulham, Esq.", "Night Monster", "Blonde Savage", "Sorry, Wrong Number" w/Stanwyck, "The Snake Pit", "The Lady Gambles", "Three Secrets" good soap, "Show Boat", "On the Waterfront", "Tea and Sympathy", "Strait-Jacket" w/Crawford, "Mirage', "I Saw What You Did", etc.

Was married to Frances Farmer and Margaret Hayes. Was once a band singer. On the TV series "The High Chaparral".


Lead/co-star Jack Carson (52) 1910-1963.

Essential actor, usually a 'big, lumbering dope', and noted for his double take. In "Stage Door", "Bringing Up Baby", "Destry Rides Again", "The Bride Came C.O.D.", "The Hard Way" (one of many films opposite Dennis Morgan), "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Mildred Pierce", "April Showers" w/Ann Sothern, "My Dream Is Yours", "The Good Humor Man", "Bright Leaf", "Dangerous When Wet", "A Star Is Born", "The Tarnished Angels", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Bramble Bush", etc.

Married 4 times including to lovely Lola Albright. Father of 2 children. Also dated Doris Day. Made TV appearances. Nickname was Jackaboy.

He and Dick Powell died on the same day of cancer.

TCM is saluting the gent today.


In memory of those who died this day October 27th:

Asian character actor Sammee Tong in 1964 at age 63, Oscar nominated cinematographer Ruldolph Mate in 1964 at age 66, western star Allan 'Rocky' Lane in 1973 at age 64, writer James M. Cain ('Double Indeminity') in 1977 at age 85, Latino bandleader Xavier Cugat in 1990 at age 90, comic actor Morey Amsterdam in 1996 at ge 87, lovely starlet Lois Collier in 1999 at age 80, Oscar nominated composer Frank De Vol in 1999 at age 88, and dependable director Andre De Toth in 2002 at age 90.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 28th:


Lead/co-star Joaquin Phoenix is 33.

Talented actor, Oscar nominated best actor as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line" (won Golden Globe Award), and for best support in "Gladiator". In "Space Camp", "Parenthood", "To Die For" w/Nicole Kidman, "8MM", "The Yards", "Quills", "Buffalo Soldiers", "Signs", "The Village", "Hotel Rwanda", "Ladder 49", etc.

Formaly 'Leaf', he is the brother of the late River Phoenix. Other siblings include Rain, Liberty and Summer. Was treated for alcoholism. His nickname is Kitten.


Lead/co-star Julia Roberts is 40.

Charming super star, won Oscar for her role as "Erin Brockovich", nominated best support for "Steel Magnolias" (won Golden Globe), and best actress for "Pretty Woman" (won Golden Globe). In "Mystic Pizza", "Sleeping with the Enemy", "The Pelican Brief", "Something to Talk About", "My Best Friend's Wedding" (Golden Globe nominee), "Step Mom", "Notting Hill" (Golden Globe nominee), "Ocean's Eleven", "Closer", etc.

Married in 2002 (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus). Divorced from Lyle Lovett. Once engaged to Kiefer Sutherland. Lived with Liam Neeson. Sister of Eric Roberts (once estranged, they have since patched things up).


Co-star/support Lauren Holly is 44.

Pretty, pert actress, in "Band of the Hand", "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane", "Dumb and Dumber", "Sabrina", "Any Given Sunday", "Changing Hearts", "In Enemy Hands", "The Chumscrubber", etc.

Married with 3 adopted sons. Briefly married to Jim Carrey and to Danny Quinn (Tony's son). On the TV series "Picket Fences", "Chicago Hope" and currently "NCIS".


Co-star/support Annie Potts is 55.

Reliable actress, in "Corvette Summer" (Golden Globe nominee), "King of the Gypsies", "Heartaches", "Ghostbusters", "Crime of Passion", "Pretty in Pink", "Texasville", "Ghostbusters II", "Elvis Has Left the Building", etc.

Married 3 times (3 sons). On the TV series "Designing Women", and "Any Day Now".


Lead/co-star Dennis Franz is 63.

Stocky, talented actor, in "The Fury", "A Wedding", "Dressed to Kill", "Popeye", "Blow Out", "Body Double", "Die Hard 2", "City of Angels", "American Buffalo", etc.

Married in 1995. On the hit TV series "NYPD Blue" for 12 seasons (won 4 Emmy Awards). Was formerly a mailman. He served in Vietnam. Last on screen in 1998.


Lead/co-star Jane Alexander is 68.

Outstanding actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "The Great White Hope', "Testament", and for best support in "All the President's Men" and "Kramer vs. Kramer". In "The Betsy", "Brubaker", "City Heat", "Square Dance", "The Cider House Rules", "Sunshine State", "The Ring", etc.

Married twice (1 child). A prominent stage actress, she won a Tony Award. Also won 2 Emmy Awards for her work in TV. Currently on the HBO series "Tell Me You Love Me".


Co-star/support Joan Plowright is 78.

Essential character actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Enchanted April" (won Golden Globe Award). In "The Entertainer" w/Olivier, "Equus", "I Love You to Death", "Avalon" outstanding performance, "Last Action Hero", "The Scarlet Letter", "Tea with Mussolini", "I Am David", etc.

Widow of Laurence Olivier (3 children). A fine stage actress, and Tony Award winner.


Co-star/support Dody Goodman is 92 today.

Comedic, 'ditsy' character actress , in "Bedtime Story" w/Brando, "Grease", "Max Dugan Returns", "Splash", "Private Resort", "Frozen Assets", "Samantha", etc.

A devout Christian Scientist. Appeared on many TV talk shows, notably Jack Paar (Emmy Award nominee). Last on screen in 1995. She did voiceover work just last year.




Co-star/support Suzy Parker (70) 1932-2003.

Beautiful actress, in "Funny Face", "Kiss Them for Me", "Ten North Frederick" w/Gary Cooper, "The Best of Everything" good role, "A Circle of Deception", "The Interns", "Chamber of Horrors", etc.

Married 3 times including to Bradford Dillman for 40 years (3 children). Had a child from her second marriage. A sucessful super model and cover girl. Also appeared on TV.

Quoted: "I never starved myself either. I remember all the models eating raw hamburgers and living on codeine to keep up their energy. You never met a skinnier, meaner bunch of people."


Co-star/support Jack Soo (62) 1916-1979.

Comedic Asian actor, in "Flower Drum Song", "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?", "The Oscar", "Thoroughly Modern Millie", "The Green Berets", "Return from Witch Mountain", etc.

He was Nick Yemana on the hit TV series "Barney Miller". Also a stage actor. Was interned in a camp for Japanese-Americans in Utah during WWII.


Co-star/support Elsa Lanchester (84) 1902-1986.

Supreme character actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Come to the Stable", and Witness for the Prosecution" ( won Golden Globe Award). She is immortalized for her title role in "The Bride of Frankenstein". Also in "The Private Life of Henry VIII", "Son of Fury" good role, "Tales of Manhattan", "Lassie Come Home", "The Spiral Staircase" good role, "The Razor's Edge", "The Bishop's Wife", "The Secret Garden", "Mystery Street" good noir, "Dreamboat", "Hell's Half Acre', "Bell, Book and Candle", "Mary Poppins", "Willard", "Murder by Death", etc.

Married to Charles Laughton over 30 years. Appeared in a hilarious episode of "I Love Lucy" about an ax murderer. She died of pneumonia at the Motion Picture Country Hospital. Her ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

Made 10 films with Laughton. They did a few plays as well and wed in 1929 (according to her, after two years she discovered he was homosexual but they remained married until his death).


Lead/co-star John Boles (73) 1895-1969.

Suave, handsome matinee idol in silent films. Also in "One Heavenly Night", "Seed", "Frankenstein", "Careless Lady", "Back Street" w/Irene Dunne, "Curly Top", "Craig's Wife", "Stella Dallas", "A Message to Garcia", "Sinners in Paradise", "Road to Happiness", etc.

Was married over 50 years (2 daughters). He was a fine tenor. During WWI he was an American spy.


Co-star/support Queenie Vasser (89) 1879-1960.

Dependable character actress, remembered for her role as Ginger Rogers' sassy grandma in "Primrose Path". Unfortunately, made only a few others , "Lady in a Jam", and "None But the Lonely Heart" w/Ethel Barrymore.

Married to actor Joseph Cawthorn. Was a musical stage star.


In memory of those who died this day October 28th:

Essential character actress Alice Brady in 1939 at age 46, dependable actress Constance Dowling in 1969 at age 49, prominent director Mitchell Leisen in 1972 at age 74, and composer Sylvia Fine (wife of Danny Kaye) in 1991 at age 78.



Mongo (& Batlett)

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Born this day October 29th:


Lead/co-star Winona Ryder is 36.

Mesmerizing, petite actress, Oscar nominated best actress for "Little Women", and for best support in "The Age of Innocence" (she won Golden Globe Award). In "Beetlejuice", "Heathers", "Great Balls of Fire", "Edward Scissorhands", "Mermaids" (Golden Globe nominee), "Dracula", "The Crucible", "Girl, Interrupted", "Mr. Deeds", "The Scanner Darkly", etc.

Still single, once engaged to Matt Damon. Had a long relationship with Johnny Depp. Was arrested for shoplifting, and served community time. Now back in the groove, although hasn't recaptured her star status.


Co-star/support Kate Jackson is 59.

Attractive actress, in "Limbo", "Dirty Tricks", "Making Love", "Loverboy", "Error in Judgment", "Larceny", "No Regrets", etc.

Married 3 times including to Andrew Stevens. Has since adopted a son. On the TV series "Charlie Angels", and "Scarecrow and Mrs. King". In 1989 she was named one of the least likeable actresses in show business.

Recently reunited with the 'Angels' for a salute to producer Aaron Spelling at the Emmy Awards.


Lead/co-star Richard Dreyfuss is 60.

Talented leading man from Brooklyn, won Oscar best actor for "The Goodbye Girl", and nominated best actor for "Mr. Holland's Opus". In "Dillinger", "American Graffiti" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Jaws", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "The Competition", "Whose Life Is It Anyway" good role, "Down and Out in Beverly Hills", "Nuts", "Lost in Yonkers" good nostalgia film, "Night Falls on Manhattan", "The Crew", "Silver City", "Poseidon", etc.

Married 3 times (3 children). Had a drug problem in the 1980s. Also on TV and the stage. Dislikes rock music.


Co-star/support Melba Moore is 62 today.

Reliable African-American actress/singer, in "Cotton Comes to Harlem", "Pigeons", "Lost in the Stars", "Hair", "The Fighting Temptations", etc.

Divorced (1 child). A stage actress and Tony Award winner for "Purlie". Was on welfare in 1992. Has since recorded a few albums (has a lovely voice).




Co-star/support Margaret Sheridan (55) 1926-1982.

Dependable, pretty actress, remembered as the female lead in "The Thing from Another World" w/James Arness. Also in "One Minute to Zero", "I, the Jury", "Pride of the Blue Grass" w/Vera Miles, "Man's Favorite Sport" w/ Rock Hudson, etc.

She died of cancer.


Co-star/support Geraldine Brooks (51) 1925-1977.

Talented, attractive actress, in "Possessed" w/Crawford, "Cry Wolf" w/Stanwyck, "An Act of Murder", "Embraceable You" w/Dane Clark, "The Reckless Moment" w/James Mason, "The Green Glove" w/Glenn Ford, "Johnny Tiger", "Mr. Ricco", etc.

Married twice including to writer Budd Schulberg. A stage actress and Tony Award nominee. Made numerous TV appearances (Emmy Award nominee).


Lead/co-star Douglass Montgomery (58) 1907-1966.

Reliable, handsome actor, in "Paid" w/Crawford, "Waterloo Bridge" (1931), "Little Women" as Laurie opposite Katharine Hepburn, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", "Harmony Lane" as Stephen Foster, "Everything Is Thunder" w/Constance Bennett, "The Cat and the Canary", "Woman to Woman", "Forbidden", etc.

Married prior to leaving the screen in 1948. Also did some TV work.


Lead/co-star Akim Tamiroff (72) 1899-1972.

Colorful character actor in over 100 films. Oscar nominated best support for "The General Died at Dawn", and "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (he won Golden Globe Award). In "Queen Christina", "Sadie McKee" w/Crawford, "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer", "Go Into Your Dance" w/Jolson, "China Seas", "Anthony Adverse", "The Great Gambini", "Union Pacific", "The Way of All Flesh", "Tortilla Flat", "Outpost in Morocco", "The Black Swan", "Anastasia", "Touch of Evil", "Ocean's Eleven", "Topkapi", etc.

Was married to actress Tamara Shayne. On the TV series "Along Came Bronson". Also on Broadway.


Co-star/support Hope Emerson (62) 1897-1960.

Superior character actress, Oscar nominated best support for her vicious prison matron in "Caged". Also in "Cry of the City" a hoot while devouring those pancakes with gusto, "House of Strangers", "Thieve's Highway", "Adam's Rib" as the circus strong lady, "Roseanna McCoy", "Westward the Women" good role, "Untamed", "All Mine to Give", "Rock-A-Bye Baby" w/Jerry Lewis, etc.

She never married. On TVs "Peter Gunn" as Mother (Emmy Award nominee). She died of a liver ailment and is buried in her home state of Iowa.


Lead/co-star Fanny Brice (59) 1891-1951.

Essential actress/singer/stage star, in "My Man", "Night Club", "Be Yourself", "Crime Without Passion", "The Great Ziegfeld", "Everybody Sing", "Ziegfeld Follie" (1946), etc.

Was married to showman Billy Rose and to Julius 'Nicky' Arnstein (2 children). Also played the popular 'Baby Snooks' on radio. Was portrayed on screen by Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl" and "Funny Lady". She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


In memory of those who died this day October 29th:

MGM studio honcho Louis B. Mayer in 1957 at age 75, dapper actor Adolphe Menjou in 1963 at age 73, composer/clarinetist Woody Herman in 1987 at age 74, pretty starlet Jean Heather in 1995 at age 74, and prominent character actor Lloyd Bochner in 2005 at age 81.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day October 30th:


Co-star/support Nia Long is 37.

Beautiful African-American actress from Brooklyn. In "Boyz in the Hood", "Made in America", "Friday", "Soul Food", "Stigmata", "Boiler Man", "Big Momma's House", "Alfie", "Are We There Yet?", etc.

Married since 2001 (1 son). On the TV series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Third Watch".


Co-star/support Kevin Pollack is 50.

Short, stocky dependable actor, in "Willow", "Avalon" good movie, "A Few Good Men", "Indian Summer", "Gumpy Old Men", "The Usual Suspects", "Casino", "End of Days", "The Whole Nine Yards", "The Wedding Planner", "Hostage", etc.

Married since 1995. Also did stand-up comedy, and is a gifted impressionist. An avid poker player.


Co-star/support Charles Martin Smith is 54.

Reliable actor, usually wearing glasses, and is now bald. In "American Graffiti" as Terry the Toad, "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid", "The Buddy Holly Story", "Never Cry Wolf" lead role, "The Untouchables", "Starman", "Dead Heat", etc.

Divorced (1 child). On TV in "DaVinci's City Hall" as Joe. Also is a director, notably "The Snow Walker".


Lead/co-star Harry Hamlin is 56.

Handsome, rugged actor, in "Movie Movie", "Clash of the Titans", "Making Love", "Ebbtide", "One Clean Move", "Perfume", "Strange Hearts", "Allie and Me", etc.

Married 3 times including to Nicollette Sheridan, and currently to Lisa Renna (2 daughters). Had a son with Ursula Andress in 1980. On the TV series "L.A. Law" (Golden Globe nominee), and "Veronica Mars".

Was People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 1987. Last on the big screen in 2002.


Lead/co-star Henry Winkler is 62.

Reliable actor, remembered as the Fonz on the popular TV series "Happy Days" (won Golden Globe Award). In "Crazy Joe", "The Lords of Flatbush", "The One and Only" about a wrestler, "Night Shift" (Golden Globe nominee), "Scream", "The Waterboy", "Holes", "The Kid and I", "Click", etc.

Married since 1978 (3 children). Also a producer and director. On the TV series "Out of Practice", and "Arrested Development".

The motorcycle he rode on "Happy Days" (1974) was the same motorcycle Steve McQueen rode in the famous motorcycle scenes in "The Great Escape" (1963).


Co-star/support Ed Lauter is 67.

Balding, mean-looking character actor, remembered as the sadistic captain in "The Longest Yard" original version. In "Rage", "The Last American Hero", "Breakheart Pass", "Family Plot", "Death Hunt", "Cujo", "Lassiter", "Born on the Fourth of July", "School Ties", "Seabiscuit", "Solace", etc.

Father of 4 children. Was formerly a stand-up comic (hard to believe).


Co-star/support Jane Randolph is 88 today.

Attractive, blonde actress, in "Manpower", "The Male Animal", "Cat People", "In Fast Company", "Fool's Gold", "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" as the private investigator, etc.

She married and retired to Spain, and the life of a socialite. Now living in L.A., she enjoys painting.




Writer/director Louis Malle (63) 1932-1995.

Essential French filmmaker, Oscar nominated best director for "Atlantic City". Also helmed "The Lovers", "A Very Private Affair", "The Spirits of the Dead", "Calcutta", "Pretty Baby", "My Dinner with Andre", "Alamo Bay", "Damage", etc.

Married twice including to Candice Bergen (1 daughter). Also a daughter from a relationship.


Lead/co-star Ruth Hussey (93) 1911-2005.

Talented, enlightening actress, Oscar nominated best support for "The Philadelphia Story". Also in "Madame X", "Marie Antoinette", "The Women", "Northwest Passage", "Susan and God", "H.M. Pulham, Esq.", "The Uninvited" as Ray Milland's sister, "The Great Gatsby" w/Alan Ladd, "Stars and Stripes Forever", "The Facts of Life", etc.

Was married for 60 years (3 children). Former model and stage actress.

When she passed away, her son was kind enough to pay us a visit on the TCM boards.


Co-star/support Jaclynne Greene (71) 1921-1993.

Once promising starlet from Brooklyn, in "Girls in the Night" a good role as a character called 'Ugly', "The Stand at Apache River", "The Ten Commandments", "I Cover the Underworld", "The Crimson Komono", etc.

Married (1 child). Last on screen in 1959, she eventually became a business woman in the field of stichery.


Co-star/support Ruth Gordon (88) 1896-1985.

Essential character actress, won Oscar best support as Minnie in "Rosemary's Baby". Oscar nominated best support for "Inside Daisy Clover" (she won the Golden Globe Award). In "Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "Two-Faced Woman", "Edge of Darkness", "Lord Love a Duck", "Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?", "Where's Poppa" good role, "Harole and Maude" a cult favorite, "Every Which Way But Loose", "My Bodyguard", etc.

She wrote successful screenplays with husband Garson Kanin. Had a son out of wedlock. Also a grand stage actress and Tony Award nominee. She appeared in one of my favorite "Columbo" episodes.

Hard to believe that she is gone over 20 years already. I miss her.


In memory of those who died this day October 30th:

Character actress Pert Kelton in 1968 at age 61, Latino silent star Ramon Novarro murdered in 1968 at age 69, lovely actress June Duprez in 1984 at age 66, rugged actor Kirby Grant in 1985 at age 73, western actor/stuntman Tom Steele in 1990 at age 81, villianous actor Harry Lauter in 1990 at age 76, reliable starlet Grace McDonald in 1999 at age 81, comic/TV host Steve Allen in 2000 at age 78, and cute actress/dancer Peggy Ryan in 2004 at age 80.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 2nd:


Lead/co-star Stefanie Powers is 65.

Lovely actress, in "Tammy Tell Me True", "Experiment in Terror" good role, "The Interns", "If a Man Answers", "McLinock!", "Die! Die! My Darling" aka "Fanatic" w/Tallulah Bankhead, "The Boatniks", "Escape to Athena", etc.

Married twice including to Gary Lockwood. Had a close relationship with William Holden. On the hit TV series "Hart to Hart" (5 Golden Globe nominations). Has been touring in the stage musical as Anna in "The King and I".

She is also President of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, Director of the Mount Kenya Game Ranch, and international speaker on wildlife preservation.


Lead/co-star Ann Rutherford is 87.

Attractive, dependable actress, remembered as Polly Benedict in the "Andy Hardy" movie series. In ""Of Human Hearts", "A Christmas Carol" (1938), "Gone With the Wind" as Carreen O'Hara, "Pride and Prejudice", "Whistling in the Dark" w/Red Skelton, "Happy Land", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "The Adventures of Don Juan" w/Errol Flynn, etc.

Widow of William Dozier, producer of TVs "Batman" series. Has 2 children from 1st marriage. Still attends Nostalgia events.


Co-star/support Warren Stevens is 88 today.

Reliable, good-looking actor, in "The Frogmen", "Red Skies of Montana", "Phone Call from a Stranger", as Bette Davis' lover, "Deadline U.S.A.", "The Barefoot Contessa", "Black Tuesday", "Women's Prison", "Forbidden Planet" as Doc, "Hotspell", "Madame X", "Madigan", "Stoker Ace", etc.

Joined the U.S. Navy at age 17. Stage and TV actor, is still active, and looking good. He was a close friend of Gregory Peck and Kenneth Tobey.




Lead/co-star Burt Lancaster (80) 1913-1994.

Exceptional movie star, won Oscar best actor for his role as "Elmer Gantry". Oscar nominated best actor for "From Here to Eternity", "Birdman of Alcatraz", and "Atlantic City" exceptional performance. In "The Killers", "Brute Force", "All My Sons", "Sorry, Wrong Number" w/Stanwyck, "Criss Cross", "Mister 880" charming film, "Come Back Little Sheba", "Apache", "The Rose Tattoo", "Trapeze", "The Rainmaker" (Golden Globe nominee), "Sweet Smell of Success" good drama, "Separate Tables", "The Unforgiven", "Judgment at Nuremberg", "Seven Days in May", "The Train", "The Swimmer", "Airport", "Field of Dreams", etc.

Married 3 times (5 children). Was DeMilles first choice to play "Samson". Also a successful producer, notably "Marty".

A great physique, of which director John Frankenheimer said, "Nobody ever looked like Burt Lancaster in "The Crimson Pirate (1952) ."

TCM is saluting the gent today with 4 films.


Lead/co-star James Dunn (61) 1905-1967.

Breezy, brash Irishman, won Oscar best support for his outstanding performance as Johnny Nolan in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn". Also in "Bright Eyes" w/Shirley Temple, "Bad Boy", "Government Girl" w/Olivia de Havilland, "Killer McCoy", "Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven", "The Golden Gloves Story", "The Bramble Bush", "The Oscar", etc.

Married 3 times including to Frances Gifford. Also a TV star. A heavy drinker, he went broke a few times. Has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Co-star/support Paul Ford (74) 1901-1976.

Essential curmudgen, with a dry humor, in "Naked City", "Lust for Gold", "Teahouse of the August Moon", "The Matchmaker" w/Shirley Booth, "Advise and Consent", "The Music Man" as the Mayor, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", "Never Too Late", "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming", "A Big Hand for the Little Lady", "The Comedians", etc.

Quoted: "During the Depression, my kids used to think everybody survived on Peanut Butter sandwiches." On the TV series "Sergeant Bilko" as the frustrated Col. Hall (3 Emmy Award nominations). A Tony Award nominee for "Never Too Late".


Co-star/support Walter Woolf King (84) 1899-1984.

Dapper character actor/singer, in "Ginger" w/Jane Withers, "A Night at the Opera", "Swiss Miss" w/Laurel & Hardy, "Go West" w/The Marx Bros., "Stars and Stripes Forever", "Call Me Madam", "The Helen Morgan Story", "Airport", "The Joker Is Wild", etc.

Was married with 2 children. Made many TV appearances.


Lead/co-star Alice Brady (46) 1892-1939.

Talented actress, began in silent films. Won Oscar best support as Mrs. O'Leary in "In Old Chicago", and nominated best support for "My Man Godfrey". In "When Ladies Meet", "The Gay Divorcee", "Go West Young Man", "Three Smart Girls", "Zenobia" about an elephant, w/Oliver Hardy, "Young Mr. Lincoln", etc.

Divorced with 1 son. On the night of the Academy Awards, she was too ill to attend, and her Oscar was accepted and stolen by an imposter. She died of cancer.


Co-star/support Philip Merivale (59) 1886-1946.

Reliable character actor, gaunt with a mustache. In Hitchcock's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "This Above All", "This Land Is Mine" w/Laughton, "Lost Angel", "Nothing But Trouble" w/Laurel & Hardy, "Adventure", "The Stranger", "Sister Kenny", etc.

Was a widower with 4 children, when he married distinguished actress Gladys Cooper, a marriage that endured until his death.


Birthday wishes go out to former boardmembers ML (Mary Lou), and Pete, today.


In memory of those who died this day November 2nd:

Whimsy writer James Thurber in 1961 at age 66, lovely starlet Martha Vickers in 1971 at age 46, spectacle producer Irwin Allen in 1991 at age 75, comedy producer of Laurel & Hardy and "Our Gang" shorts Hal Roach in 1992 at age 100, and Irish character actor Tommy Duggan in 1998 at age 89.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 5th:


Lead/co-star Sam Rockwell is 39.

Impressive actor, in "Last Exit to Brooklyn", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Basquiat", "Box of Moonlight", "Lawn Dogs", "The Green Mile" chilling as the psycho Wild Bill, "Galaxy Quest", "Charlie's Angels", "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" good role, "Matchstick Men", "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", etc.

He says that actress Sarita Choudhury was the one that got away. "She was amazing, really amazing. I loved Sarita. She was my pal"


Lead/co-star Tatum O'Neal is 42.

Former blonde child star, won Oscar best support as Addie in "Paper Moon". Also in "Bad News Bears", "Nickelodeon", "International Velvet", "Little Darlings", "Prisoners", "Basquiat", "The Scoundrel's Wife", etc.

Daughter of the late, lovely Joanna Moore and Ryan O'Neal. Divorced from tennis champ John McEnroe (3 children). Had a best selling tell-all book "A Paper Life". Had a severe drug problem.

Youngest person to ever win a competitive Oscar.


Lead/co-star Tilda Swinton is 47.

Striking British actress, in "Orlando", "Female Perversions", "The War Zone", "The Beach", "The Deep End" good role, "Vanilla Sky", "Adaptation", "The Statement", "Constantine", "Broken Flowers", etc.

Married with 2 childre, she resides in Scotland. Went to school with Princess Diana.


Co-star/support Robert Patrick is 49.

Dependable, brawny actor, in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" as T-1000, "Wayne's World", "Fire in the Sky" good role, "Striptease", "Rosewood", "Cop Land", "All the Pretty Horses", "Ladder 49", "Walk the Line", "Flags of Our Fathers", etc.

Married since 1990 (2 children). On the TV series "The X Files" as John Doggett, "The Sopranos", and "The Unit". Enjoys riding motorcycles.


Co-star/support Sam Shepard is 64.

Essential, versatile actor, Oscar nominated best support for "The Right Stuff". In "Days of Heaven", "Raggedy Man", "Paris, Texas", "Country", "Baby Boom", "Steel Magnolias" as Dolly Parton's husband, "The Pelican Brief", "The Pledge", "All the Pretty Horses", "Black Hawk Down", "The Notebook", "Don't Come Knocking", etc.

Divorced (1 son). Has been living with Jessica Lange since 1982 (2 children). A prominent playwright, he won the Pulitzer Prize. Has a fear of flying.


Lead/co-star Elke Sommer is 67.

Blonde German beauty, in "The Victors" good war drama, "The Prize" (won Golden Globe Award), "A Shot in the Dark", "The Money Trap", "Deadlier Than the Male", "The Oscar", "Zeppelin", "Top of the Hill", etc.

Divorced from writer Joe Hyams. Married again since 1993. Has made numerous films in Germany. Also performed as a singer.


Co-star/support Richard Davalos is 72 today.

Reliable actor, remembered as James Dean's brother Aaron in "East of Eden". Also in "The Sea Chase" w/Wayne, "All the Young Men", "Cool Hand Luke", "Kelly's Heroes", "Hot Stuff", "Death Hunt", etc.

Married, he is the grandfather of Alexa Davalos who played Kyra on TVs "The Chronicles of Riddick". Has done some TV work. Last on screen in 1998.




Lead/co-star Vivien Leigh (53) 1913-1967.

Beautiful English actress, won Oscars' best actress for "Gone With the Wind" as Scarlett O'Hara, and for "A Streetcar Named Desire" as Blanche DuBois. In "A Yank at Oxford", "Sidewalks of London" w/Laughton, "Waterloo Bridge" her favorite role, "That Hamilton Woman", "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone", "Ship of Fools", etc.

Divorced from Laurence Olivier after 20 years. Had a daughter from her first marriage. Won a Tony Award for the play "Tovarich". A lover of cats, especially Siamese.

Suffered from TB, and was a manic depressive.


Co-star/support John McGiver (62) 1912-1975.

Big, bald character actor (sort of nasal), in "Love in the Afternoon", "The Gazebo", "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation", "The Manchurian Candidate", "My Six Loves", "Fitzwilly", "Midnight Cowboy" good role, "Mame", etc.

Married, he left behind 10 children. Appeared on TV numerous times. Was formerly a New York City school teacher.


Lead/co-star Roy Rogers (86) 1911-1990.

Handsome actor/singer, along with his pal Trigger was King of the Cowboys, appearing in many westerns along with his wife Dale Evans. Also in "Dark Command" w/Wayne, "Young Buffalo Bill", "Son of Paleface" w/Bob Hope, "Alias Jesse James", etc.

He and Dale also starred on the popular TV series "The Roy Rogers Show".

Married 3 times (50 years to Dale). He was born Leonard Slye. Once received close to 80,000 fan letters in one month. His horse Trigger was stuffed and is displayed in a museum.

Quoted: "When I die, just skin me out and put me up on old Trigger and I'll be happy."


Lead/co-star Joel McCrea (84) 1905-1990.

Tall, amiable, and underrated actor, in "Bird of Paradise", "The Most Dangerous Game", "These Three", "Come and Get It", "Dead End", "Union Pacific", "Primrose Path", "Foreign Correspondent", "Sullivan's Travels", "The Palm Beach Story", "Stars in My Crown" his personal favorite, "Ride the High Country" exceptional western, etc.

Was married to Frances Dee for 57 years (3 sons including Jody McCrea). Had his own TV series.

Quoted: "I have no regrets, except perhaps one: I should have tried harder to be a better actor."


Co-star/support Jessie Ralph (79) 1864-1944.

Endearing character actress, plump faced and matronly. In "David Copperfield" as Peggotty, "Les Miserables", "Captain Blood", "San Francisco", "Camille", "The Good Earth", "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" as the Duchess, "Drums Along the Mohawk", "The Blue Bird", Star Dust", "I Want a Divorce', "The Bank Dick" as W.C. Fields' mother-in-law, "They Met in Bombay", etc.

Was married to western actor Bill Patton. A diabetic, she lost a leg prior to her death.


In memory of those who died this day November 5th:

Grand showman George M. Cohan in 1942 at age 64, essential character actor Ward Bond in 1960 at age 57, silent comedy producer Mack Sennett in 1960 at age 80, dependable character actor Lloyd Corrigan in 1969 at age 69, grand orchestra leader Guy Lombardo (Mr. New Year's Eve) in 1977 at age 75, and essential movie star Fred MacMurray in 1991 at age 83.


Mongo (& Bartlett)


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Born this day November 6th:


Lead/co-star Rebecca Romijn is 35.

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, in "X-Men" as Mystique, "Rollerball", "Femme Fatale", "X2", "The Punisher", "Godsend", "The Alibi", "Man About Town", etc.

Divorced from John Stamos. Engaged to actor Jerry O'Connell. On the TV series "Pepper Dennis".

Her name is pronounced Romaine, like the lettuce.


Lead/co-star Ethan Hawk is 37.

Dependable actor, Oscar nominated best support for "Training Day". Also in "Explorers", "Dead Poet's Society" coming to TCM, "Dad", "Alive", "Reality Bites", "Quiz Show", "Before Sunrise", "Gattaca", "Great Expectations", "The Newton Boys", "Snow Falling on Cedars", "Tape", "Before Sunset", "Lord of War", etc.

Divorced from Uma Thurman (2 children). Also a stage actor. He is a big fan of "Star Wars".


Lead/co-star Sally Field is 61.

Adorable, talented actress, won two Oscars' best actress for "Norma Rae", and for "Places in the Heart". Also in "Stay Hungry", "Smokey and the Bandit" (Golden Globe nominee), "Absence of Malice" (Golden Globe nominee), "Kiss Me Goodbye" (Golden Globe nominee), "Murphy's Romance" (Golden Globe nominee), "Steel Magnolia's" (Golden Globe nominee), "Not Without My Daughter", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Forrest Gump", "Eye for an Eye", "Two Weeks", etc.

Married twice (3 sons). Mother is actress Margaret Field. On the TV series "Gidget", and "The Flying Nun". Had a serious relationship with Burt Reynolds. Won a Emmy Award for her strong performance as "Sybil". Currently on TVs "ER".


Director/producer Mike Nichols is 76 today.

Essential filmmaker, won Oscar best director for "The Graduate". Nominated for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", "Silkwood", and "Working Girl". Also helmed "Catch-22", "Carnal Knowledge", "Biloxi Blues", "Postcards from the Edge", "The Birdcage", "Primary Colors", "Closer" (Golden Globe nominee), etc.

Married 4 times (currently 18 years to Diane Sawyer). Teamed with Elaine May for a successful comedy career. Also won 7 Tony Awards and 2 Emmy Awards.

Once worked in Howard Johnsons restaurant in New York's Time Square.




Lead/co-star Brad Davis (41) 1949-1991.

Talented, intense actor, remembered as Billy Hayes in "Midnight Express" (Golden Globe nominee best actor). Also in "A Circle of Friends", "Chariots of Fire", "Querelle" good role, "Heart", "Cold Steel", "Hangfire", etc.

Married with 1 child. Brother of Gene Davis. Appeared in various made-for-TV movies. Died of AIDS complications.

Quoted: "Hollywood is an industry that gives umpteen benefits and charity affairs with proceeds going to (AIDS) research. But in actual fact, if an actor is even rumored to have HIV, he gets no support on an individual basis. He does not work."


Co-star/support Selena Royale (78) 1904-1983.

Lovely, sincere character actress, remembered as the mom of "The Fighting Sullivans". Also in "The Harvey Girls", "The Green Years", "Till the End of Time", "The Romance of Rosey Ridge", "Cass Timberlane", "My Dream Is Yours", "The Heiress", "He Ran All the Way" w/Garfield, "Come Fill the Cup" w/Cagney, etc.

Married twice. On the TV soap "As the World Turns". Also a stage actress. Blacklisted in the 1950s, although she proved no involvement. Retired to Mexico.

She also was a successful author of cookbooks and books about Mexico. One of her books was aptly titled "The Gringa's Guide to Mexican Cooking."


Co-star/support Juanita Hall (66) 1901-1968.

Delightful African-American actress/singer, remembered as Bloody Mary in "South Pacific". Also in "Paradise in Harlem", "Harlem Follies of 1949", "Flower Drum Song", etc. Won a Tony Award for "South Pacific" on Broadway. Appeared numerous times on Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" TV variety show.

Married a young actor, Clement Hall, while in her teens. He died in the 1920s. They had no children and she never remarried.


Lead/Co-star Francis Lederer (100) 1899-2000.

Skillful, darkly handsome actor, in "One Rainy Afternoon", "Midnight", "Confessions of a Nazi Spy", "The Man I Married", "The Bridge of San Luis Rey", "The Diary of a Chambermaid" w/Paulette Goddard, "Lisbon", etc.

Married 3 times including to Margo of "Lost Horizon" fame. He taught an acting class one day a week, while into his 90s.


Co-star/support Ole Olsen (70) 1892-1963.

Comedic, lanky half of the lunatic team of Olsen and Johnson. For Universal Pictures they starred in "Hellzapoppin", "Crazy House", "Ghost Catchers", "See My Lawyer", etc.

Also performed in vaudeville. The comedy duo died a year apart and both from kidney ailments.


Co-star/support June Marlowe (80) 1903-1984.

Pretty, petite actress in silent films, although remembered as school teacher Miss Crabtree in the early 1930s "Our Gang" comedy shorts.

Was married close to 50 years. She was actually a brunette and wore a blonde wig for her role as Miss Crabtree. Was also a fashion model, horse woman, and author of 2 childrens books.


In memory of those who died this day November 6th:

Dependable character actor (usually a tough guy) Paul Kelly in 1956 at age 57, writer Patrick Dennis (Auntie Mame) in 1976 at age 55, and beautiful movie star Gene Tierney in 1991 at age 70.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 7th:


Co-star/support Michael Byrne is 64.

Reliable British character actor, in "Vampyres", "The Eagle Has Landed", "Force 10 from Navarone", "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" as a Nazi, "Braveheart", "The Saint", "Gangs of New York", "Beyond the Sea", etc.

Father of actress Allie Byrne.


Lead/co-star Barry Newman is 69.

Appealing actor, in "Vanishing Point", "Night Games", "Pretty Boy Floyd", "City on Fire", "Daylight", "The Limey", "Bowfinger", "40 Days and 40 Nights", "Manhood", etc.

Star of the TV series "Petrocelli" (Golden Globe nominee best actor).

I saw Mr. Newman in New York City some years ago, he was wearing a shiney belt buckle with the initials BN on it. Positive ID?


Co-star/support Jackie Joseph is 73 today.

Dependable, zany actress, in "King Creole", "The Little Shop of Horrors", "A Guide for the Married Man", "Who's Minding the Mint?", "With Six You Get Eggroll", "The Cheyenne Social Club", "Get Crazy", "Gremlins", "Police Academy 2", etc.

Divorced from Ken Berry (2 adopted children). Has taken another husband since 2003. Appeared on TV including "The Doris Day Show". Last on screen in 1998.

She was co-founder and president of the Ladies Club (also called the Hollywood Dumpettes), a support and recovery group for divorced wives of stars, often after many years of marriage.




Co-star/support Joe Cobb (85) 1916-2002.

Former child star, with his beanie cap and chubby cheeks, delighted movie-goers in 86 'Little Rascals' comedy shorts (mostly silents and a few talkies).

He was 5 years old when his dad auditioned him for producer Hal Roach. In the 1940s he worked for North American Aviation. He stood about 5ft. tall.


Co-star/support Dean Jagger (87) 1903-1991.

Essential character actor, won Oscar best support for "Twelve O'Clock High". Also in "People Will Talk", "Brigham Young" title role, "The North Star", "Sister Kenny", "Rawhide" w/Tyrone Power, "The Robe", "Executive Suite", "White Christmas", "Bad Day at Black Rock", "The Nun's Story" as Audrey Hepburn's father, "Elmer Gantry", "Firecreek", "Game of Death", etc.

Married 3 times (1 daughter). Co-starred on the TV series "Mr. Novak". Spoke with a pronounced "lisp" in real life, every -day speech. This speech characteristic only disappeared in front of the camera.


Lead/co-star Leatrice Joy (91) 1893-1985.

Silent screen beauty, in both comedy shorts and feature films. In DeMille's "Manslaughter", "Saturday Night", "The Ten Commandments" and "Triumph". Also in "The Ace of Hearts", "A Most Immoral Lady", "The Love Trader", "First Love", etc.

Married to screen idol John Gilbert (1 daughter). She started the bobbed hair craze in the 1920s. Katharine Hepburn admired her acting style. Last on screen in 1951.


Co-star/support Lucille La Verne (75) 1869-1945.

Superior character actress, 'homely' and delightfully 'evil' in silents and talkies. In "Polly of the Circus", "Orphan's of the Storm" mean to poor Lillian Gish, "Little Caesar" as Ma Magdalena, "An American Tragedy", "The Unholy", "The Mighty Barnum", "A Tale of Two Cities" outstanding as La Vengeance, Madame Defarge's lieutenant, "Hearts of Humanity", etc.

She was the voice of both the wicked stepmother and the old hag (with the basket of apples) in Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Her cackle was priceless. Was a legendary stage actress.

After she retired from the screen she became a successful co-ower of a nightclub. Some sources have a birth year at 1872.


In memory of those who died this day November 7th:

Character actor Charles 'Chic' Sale in 1936 at age 51, memorable character actor Dwight Frye (Renfield in 'Dracula') in 1943 at age 44, composter/songwriter Gus Edwards in 1945 at age 66, Oscar winning actor Victor McLaglen in 1959 at age 72, banjo player Eddie Peabody in 1970 at age 68, popular movie star Steve McQueen in 1980 at age 50, character actor Carleton Young in 1994 at age 89, and appealing actor/singer Howard Keel in 2004 at age 85.

Also thee Butch Cassidy was blasted in 1908 at age 42, and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1962 at age 78.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 8th:


Lead/co-star Alfre Woodard is 55.

Versatile African-American actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Cross Creek". Also in "Extremities", "Scrooged", "Grand Canyon", "Passion Fish" (Golden Globe nominee), "How to Make an American Quilt", "Primal Fear", "Down in the Delta", "Radio", "Beauty Shop", "Something New", etc.

Married since 1983 (2 children). Also a TV star, she won 4 Emmy Awards. Appeared on "Desperate Housewives".

Quoted: "I'm a mom and a wife. That's what I do in the world. That's my identity. Second, I'm an actor."


Lead/co-star Alain Delon is 72.

Handsome French actor, in "Christine", "Rocco and His Brothers", "The Leopard" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Yellow Rolls-Royce", "Once a Thief", "Is Paris Burning?", "Texas Across the River" w/Dean Martin, "Spirits of the Dead", "Red Sun", "Zorro", etc.

Married 3 times (3 children). Once engaged to Romy Schneider. In his youth, he was a knockabout with a shady background. Last on screen in 2003 (has 2 films in production).


Co-star/support Patti Page is 80.

Reliable blonde actress/singer, appeared in a few films including, "Elmer Gantry" as Sister Rachel, "Dondi" based on the comic strip, "Boys' Night Out" w/Kim Novak.

Married twice (2 children). In the 1950s she was the 'Singing Rage' Miss Patti Page, selling millions of platters. Her signature song is "The Tennessee Waltz". Had her own TV series. Her recordings are heard on numerous movie soundtracks.

Recently performed on PBS in a salute to the music of the 1950s.


Co-star/support June Havoc is 91.

Appealing blonde actress, in "My Sister Eileen", "Hello, Frisco, Hello", "Brewster's Millions", "Gentleman's Agreement", "When My Baby Smiles at Me", "Chicago Deadline", "The Story of Molly X" lead role, "Follow the Sun", "Can't Stop the Music", etc.

Married 3 times (1 daughter, died in 1998). Sister of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. She was Baby June in her early stage career, managed by Mama Rose. A Tony Award nominee for best director. Hosted a TV talk show. Last on TV in 1990 on the soap "General Hospital".


Co-star/support Norman Lloyd is 93 today.

Essential character actor, remembered as the spy who fell from the Statue of Liberty in Hitchcock's "Saboteur". Also in "The Sotherner" good film, "Spellbound", "The Green Years", "The Unseen", "The Flame and the Arrow", "He Ran All the Way" w/Garfield, "Limelight", "Audrey Rose", "Dead Poet's Society" coming to TCM, "In Her Shoes", etc.

Is married over 70 years (2 children). On the hit TV series "St. Elsewhere". A prominent TV producer and director. He had a close association with Alfred Hitchcock. Is still active and attending Nostalgia events.




Co-star/support Darla Hood (47) 1931-1979.

Adorable former child star, the sweetheart of 50 "Our Gang" comedy shorts. She was usually 'in love' with Waldo and pursued by Alfalfa.

In adulthood she co-starred with Vincent Price in "The Bat".

She married in 1957. Also did voiceover work on various projects.

Sadly, she died under rather mysterious circumstances at a North Hollywood hospital of acute hepatitis in 1979 following a relatively minor operation.


Co-star/support Joe Flynn (49) 1924-1974.

Comedic, irascible character actor, in "The Seven Little Foys", "This Happy Feeling", "Cry for Happy", "Lover Come Back", "Divorce American Style", "The Love Bug", "The Million Dollar Duck", "Superdad", etc.

On the TV series "McHale's Navy" as the flustered Captain.

Having suffered a heart attack, he was found lying at the bottom of his swimming pool, weighted down by a cast from his broken leg. Sounds like a case for Columbo.


Co-star/support Esther Rolle (78) 1920-1998.

Spirited African-American actress, in "Cleopatra Jones", "Don't Play Us Cheap", "The Mighty Quinn", "Driving Miss Daisy" good role as Idella, "House of Cards", "Rosewood" good role, "Down in the Delta", etc.

She was divorced after 5 years of marriage (no children). She played the character of Florida on the TV series "Maude", and on her hit show "Good Times" (Golden Globe nominee best actress). Won an Emmy Award for a TV movie.


Birthday wishes go out to TCM boardmember Spencer today.


In memory of those who died this day November 8th:

Columnist/panelist Dorothy Kilgallen under mysterious circumstances in 1965 at age 52, reliable actor Wendell Corey in 1968 at age 54, and comedic actor Dave O'Bien in 1969 at age 57.

Also my favorite artist Norman Rockwell in 1978 at age 84.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 10th:


Lead/co-star Brittany Murphy is 30.

Dependable blonde actress, in "Clueless", "Freeway", "Bongwater", "Drive", "Drop Dead Gorgeous", "Girl, Interrupted", "Summer Catch", "Don't Say a Word", "Riding in Cars with Boys", "8 Mile", "Just Married", etc.

Former girlfriend of Ashton Kuthcher. Is the voices of Luanne and Joseph Gribble on the animated TV series "King of the Hill".


Co-star/support Mackenzie Phillips is 48.

Capable actress, in "American Graffiti" good role, "Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins", "More American Graffiti", "Love Child", "True Friends", "When", "The Jacket", etc.

Married 3 times (1 son). Daughter of John Phillips of the 'Mamas and Pappas' fame. She played Julie on the hit TV series "One Day at a Time". Had a one night stand with Mick Jagger. Had been touring in the road production of the musical "Annie". Has been in rehab several times for drug and alcohol addiction. Has been clean and sober for years.


Co-star/support Richard Bradfod is 70.

Reliable, stocky character actor, in "The Chase", "Missouri Breaks" w/Brando, "Goin' South", "Missing", "The Mean Season", "The Trip to Bountiful" as the Sheriff, "The Untouchables", "Internal Affairs", "The Crossing Guard", "The Chamber", "The Lost City", etc.

Also did some TV work.


Co-star/support Pippa Scott is 72.

Talented red-haired starlet, in "The Searchers", "Auntie Mame", "My Six Loves", "The Confession", "For Pete's Sake", "Some Kind of a Nut", "Cold Turkey", "The Sound of Murder", etc.

There is no indication of marriage. She appeared numerous times on TV. Also a Broadway actress. Last on the big screen in 1982.


Co-star/support Colleen Miller is 75.

Brunette beauty, in mostly 'B' films, including "Man Crazy", "Playgirl" w/Shelley Winters, "The Purple Mask" w/Tony Curtis, "The Night Runner", "Man in the Shadow" w/Jeff Chandler, "Step Down to Terror", etc.

Ex-husband is Ted Briskin (20 years), once married to Betty Hutton. Last on screen in 1963.


Lead/co-star Roy Scheider is 75 today.

Versaile, lean actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "All That Jazz", and for best support in "The French Connection". Also in "The Seven-Ups", "Jaws" as Chief Brody, "Marathon Man" good role, "Sorcerer", "Last Embrace", "Blue Thunder", "52 Pick-Up", "Naked Lunch", "The Rainmaker", "The Punisher", etc.

Married twice (3 children) Star of TVs "Sea Quest DSV". Also appeared on some soaps. Underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. (June 2005)




Lead/co-star Richard Burton (58) 1925-1984.

Exceptional actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "The Robe", "Becket", "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", "Anne of the Thousand Days", "Equus" (won Golden Globe), and for best support in "My Cousin Rachel" (never won an Oscar). Also in "Alexander the Great", "Look Back in Anger" (Golden Globe nominee), "Ice Palace", "The Longest Day", "Cleopatra" with you-know-who, "The Sandpiper", "The Taming of the Shrew", "Where Eagles Dare", "Staircase" w/Rex Harrison, "The Klansman", etc.

Married 5 times (twice to Elizabeth Taylor). Father of actress Kate Burton. A superior Tony Award winning stage actor. He was a heavy drinker.


Lead/co-star Claude Rains (77) 1889-1967.

Brilliant, charismatic actor, with a distinctive voice. Oscar nominated best support for "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", "Casablanca", "Mr. Skeffington", and "Notorious". Also in "The Invisible Man", "Anthony Adverse", "They Won't Forget", "White Banners", "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Four Daughters", "The Sea Hawk", "Here Comes Mr. Jordan", "The Wolf Man", "Now, Voyager", "King's Row", "Phantom of the Opera", "Angel on My Shoulder", "The Unsuspected", "Lawrence of Arabia", etc.

Married 6 times (1 daughter, actress Jessica Rains). Won Broadway's 1951 Tony Award. Had memorable roles on TV. One of Bette Davis' favorite co-stars.

Quoted: "I learn the lines and pray to God"


Co-star/support Esther Dale (75) 1885-1961.

Essential 'blunt spoken' character actress in over 100 films. Usually as housekeepers and maids in support of Claude Rains, Irene Dunne, Carole Lombard, Margaret Sullavan, Alice Faye, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, etc.

Also remembered as sourpuss Birdie Hicks in the 'Ma and Pa Kettle' movie series.

Was married to writer Arthur J. Beckhard. Also a stage and TV actress. She died after having surgery.


Co-star/support Maude Eburne (84) 1875-1960.

Reliable 'sharp-tongued' character actress, in "The Reckless Age", "The Vampire Bat" as Gussie Schnappman, "Poppy" w/W.C. Fields, "Ruggles of Red Gap" good role, "Vivacious Lady", "Li'l Abner", "You Belong to Me", "To Be or Not to Be", "The Suspect", "Mother Wore Tights", etc.

She was Mrs. Hastings in the 'Dr. Christian' movie series. Began her career as a stage actress.


In memory of those who died this day November 10th:

Composer and 22 time Oscar nominee Victor Young in 1956 at age 56, silent comedy actor Lupino Lane in 1959 at age 67, zany character actress Sudie Bond in 1984 at age 56, dependable actor Chuck Conners ('The Rifleman') in 1992 at age 71, and actress/singer Carmen McRae in 1994 at age 72.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 12th:


Lead/co-star Ryan Gosling is 27.

Tall, reliable actor Oscar nominated best actor for "Half Nelson". In "Remember the Titans", "The Believer", "Murder by Numbers" w/Sandra Bullock, "The Notebook" good movie, "Stay" w/Naomi Watts, etc.

Dating Rachel McAdams. On the TV series "Young Hercules". Is an accomplished guitarist.




Co-star/support Ina Balin (52) 1937-1990.

Dependable, dark beauty from Brooklyn, in "The Black Orchid" w/Anthony Quinn, "From the Terrace", "The Young Doctors", "The Comancheros", "The Greatest Story Ever Told", "Charro!" w/Elvis, "The Don Is Dead", etc.

Also a stage actress. She helped to evacuate hundreds of Vietnamese orphans at the end of the Vietnam war. She adopted 3 Vietnamese girls.


Lead/co-star Grace Kelly (52) 1929-1982.

Lovely, cool, sophisticated blonde actress, won Oscar best actress for "The Country Girl" (also won Golden Globe and New York Film Critics Awards). Nominated best support for "Mogambo". In "High Noon", "Dial M for Murder", "Rear Window", "Green Fire", "The Bridges at Toki-Ri", "To Catch a Thief", "The Swan", "High Society", etc.

Was married to Prince Rainier of Monaco (3 children). Once engaged to costume designer Oleg Cassini. Her lovers included actors Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, William Holden, David Niven, Ray Milland, Bing Crosby, Jean-Pierre Aumont, and Cary Grant (believe it or not).

She died from results of injuries in an auto accident. Her films were banned in Monaco by the late Prince Rainier.


Co-star/support Kim Hunter (79) 1922-2002.

Impressive, talented actress, won Oscar best support as Stella in "A Streetcar Named Desire" (also won Golden Globe Award). In "Tender Comrade", "Deadline - U.S.A.", "Storm Center" w/Bette Davis, "The Young Stranger", "Lilith", "Planet of the Apes" as Zira (also in sequels), "The Swimmer" w/Lancaster, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", etc.

Married twice (2 children). A stage actress, she also appeared on the soap "Edge of Night". Was blacklisted in the 1950s.


Lead/co-star Sunset Carson (69) 1920-1990.

Tall, handsome cowboy star of 'B' westerns at Republic Studios during the 1940s (along with his horse Cactus). Also in "Stagedoor Canteen", "Janie", "Seabo", "Alien Outlaw", etc.

Married 4 times (3 children). First name was Winifred (I like Sunset better). After his movie career ended, he performed in the Wild West show at the Clyde Beatty Circus.


Co-star/support Richard Ney (88) 1915-2004.

Capable, good-looking actor, remembered as the adult son of Greer Garson in "Mrs. Miniver". Also in "The War Against Mrs. Hadley" w/Fay Bainter, "Ivy", "Joan of Arc" w/Bergman, "The Fan" w/Jeanne Crain, "The Lovable Cheat", "Babes in Bagdad" w/Goddard, "Midnight Lace", "The Premature Burial", etc.

Married 3 times including to Greer Garson. His career was pretty much ended by war service and his stormy divorce from Greer Garson, who was beloved by the public. The struggling Richard was viewed as a hanger-on and it did not go over well. It was also alleged that he made derogatory remarks about her age during the proceedings (she was 10 years older than he). Last on screen in 1962.

Became a best selling author of works on finance and the stock market.


Co-star/support Jack Oakie (74) 1903-1978.

Jovial, moon-faced, comedic actor, Oscar nominated best support for "The Great Dictator". Also in "Million Dollar Legs", "If I Had a Million", "The Call of the Wild", "Tin Pan Alley", "Navy Blues", "Hello Frisco, Hello", "When My Baby Smiles at Me", "Thieve's Highway", "Lover Come Back", "The Rat Race", etc.

Was married to Victoria Horne who played Olivia de Havilland's assistant in "To Each His Own". He refused to wear makeup (a natural guy).

Quoted: "The pictures I made were called the bread and butter pictures of the studio. They cost nothing and made millions, and supported the prestige productions that cost millions and made nothing."


Co-star/support Edward Ellis (81) 1870-1952.

Dependable, versatile character actor, in "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" as Bomber, "Hi, Nellie!", "The Thin Man", "Chatterbox", "Fury", "Winterset", "Maid of Salem" w/Colbert, "Let Them Live", "Little Miss Broadway", "The Omaha Trail", etc.

Was married to silent screen actress Josephine Stevens.


In memory of those who died this day November 12th:

Composer/songwriter Rudolf Friml in 1972 at age 87, producer ('The Lone Ranger' & 'Lassie') Jack Wrather in 1984 at age 66, superior character actress Eve Arden in 1990 at age 82, attractive starlet Diane Brewster in 1991 at age 60, comedic character actor Eddie Mayehoff in 1992 at age 83, beautiful star of "Nana" Anna Sten in 1993 at age 84, promising actor Jonathan Brandis committed suicide in 2003 at age 27, and "Blondie" of the movies Penny Singleton in 2003 at age 95.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 14th:


Lead/co-star Laura San Giacoma is 45.

Petite brunette beauty, scored in her first film "Sex, Lies, and Videotape". Also in "Pretty Woman", "Vital Signs", "Quigley Down Under", "Under Suspicion", "Nina Takes a Lover", "With Friends Like These", "Havoc", etc.

Married to actor Matt Adler. Divorced from actor Cameron Dye (1 son Mason, has CP). On the TV sitcom "Just Shoot Me!" as Maya Gallo.


Co-star/support D.B. Sweeney is 46.

Dependable acor, in "Fire with Fire", "Gardens of Stone", "Eight Men Out", "Memphis Belle" "The Cutting Edge", "Leather Jackets", "Fire in the Sky" good role, "Hear No Evil", "Goosed", "Hard Ball", "The Darwin Awards", "Dirt Nap", etc.

Married with 1 child. Gave a good performance as Dish in the mini-series "Lonesome Dove". D.B. = Daniel Barnard.


Co-star/support Kathleen Hughes is 79 today.

Attractive blonde actress (mostly in 'B' films), including "Mister 880" good movie w/Edmund Gwenn, "Take Care of My Little Girl", "Sally and Saint Anne" w/Ann Blyth, "It Came from Outer Space", "Cult of the Cobra" good chiller, "The Glass Web" w/Edward G. Robinson, "Unwed Mother", etc.

Married since 1954 (4 children). Last on screen in 1990.

The sexy brunette-turned-blonde actress of 1950s screamers and crimers lost out on a starlet role in "A Ticket to Tomahawk" to none other than Marilyn Monroe.




Lead/co-star Ray Sharkey (40) 1952-1993.

Talented, 'intense' actor from Brooklyn, in "The Lords of Flatbush", "Paradise Alley", "The Idolmaker" (won Golden Globe Award best actor), "Willie and Phil", "Heart Beat", "Some Kind of Hero", "Wired", "Zebrahead", "Caged Fear", etc.

Married twice (1 daughter). Co-starred on the TV series "Wiseguy". Had a major drug problem resulting in his death from AIDS.


Lead/co-star Brian Keith (75) 1921-1997.

Essential, burly 'gruff' actor, in "The Bamboo Prison", "The Violent Men" as Stanwyck's lover, "Tight Spot" w/Ginger Rogers, "Storm Center" w/Bette Davis, "The Parent Trap" good role, "The Rare Breed", "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming", "Nevada Smith", "Reflections in a Golden Eye" as Liz Taylor's lover, "The McKenzie Breaks", "The Mountain Men", "Young Guns", etc.

Married 3 times (4 children). Son of character actor Robert Keith. Star of the hit TV series "Family Affair" (3 time Emmy Award nominee).

At the time of his suicide, he was dealing with terminal respiratory illness and the recent suicide (gunshot) of his daughter, Daisy, only ten weeks prior.


Lead/co-star Veronica Lake (53) 1919-1973.

Petite, sultry blonde actress from Brooklyn,(with the peek-a-boo hairstyle). In "I Wanted Wings" w/Wlliam Holden, "Sullivan's Travels", "This Gun for Hire" with frequent co-star Alan Ladd (7 films), "The Glass Key", "I Married a Witch", "So Proudly We Hail" good performance, "Hold That Blonde", "The Blue Dahlia", "Ramrod", "Slattery's Hurricane" w/Richard Widmark, "Stronghold", "Flesh Feast", etc.

Married 4 times including to director Andre DeToth. Mother of 4 children. She was not content with the Hollywood system. Her ashes were scattered at sea.


Co-star/support Rosemary DeCamp (90) 1910-2001.

Talented, attractive actress, remembered as Cagney's mom in "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Also in "Hold Back the Dawn", "Jungle Book" w/Sabu, "Blood on the Sun", "Rhapsody in Blue", "Week-End at the Waldorf", "Nora Prentiss", "On Moonlight Bay", "By the Light of the Silvery Moon", "Many Rivers to Cross", etc.

Married 57 years (4 daughters). On the TV series "The Bob Cummings Show" and "That Girl" as Marlo's mom.

On July 7, 1946, she and her husband were in their house in Beverly Hills, California, when an aircraft crashed into the roof of the house next door, and its wing cut through the roof of her house and landed in the bedroom, where she and her husband were. The plane, an experimental model called the XF-11, had experienced mechanical problems after taking off from the airport at nearby Culver City. It was piloted by Howard Hughes, and finally came to rest after crashing through the wall of the house of another of DeCamp's neighbors and exploding. Hughes was rescued from the cockpit by a bystander and, although receiving several broken bones, burns and gashes, was not severely injured and eventually made a full recovery. He paid for the damage to the houses in the neighborhood out of his own pocket.


Lead/co-star Louise Brooks (80) 1906-1985.

Fascinating, sensual actress, with black bobbed hair. She achieved unexpected immortality appearing in silent films, notably "Pandora's Box", and "The Diary of a Lost Girl". Also in films of the 1930s.

Married twice. Her nickname was Lulu. She turned down "Public Enemy" opposite Cagney. A close friend in her childhood was Vivian Vance of "I Love Lucy" fame. After leaving the screen, she was working as a salesgirl for $40 a week at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Quoted: "When I went to Hollywood in 1927, the girls were wearing lumpy sweaters and skirts...I was wearing sleek suits and half naked beaded gowns and piles and piles of furs." She spent the remainder her life writing, reading and painting until her death.


Lead/co-star Dick Powell (58) 1904-1963.

Amiable, versatile actor/crooner, in "42nd. Street", "Golddiggers of 1933", "Footlight Parade", "Dames", "Flirtation Walk", "Shipmates Forever", "The Singing Marine", "Christmas in July", "In the Navy" w/Abbott & Costello, "Murder My Sweet" as Philip Marlowe, "Johnny O'Clock", "Pitfall", "Mrs. Mike", "The Reformer and the Redhead", "Cry Danger", "You Never Can Tell" as a German Shepherd turned detective, "The Bad and the Beautiful", "Susan Slept Here", etc.

Was married to Joan Blondell (1 daughter) and to June Allyson (2 children). On various TV series, including "The Dick Powell Show". Was a prominent producer and director.

He would not accept the romance of wife June Allyson with Alan Ladd, and eventually she remained with him until his death from cancer.


In memory of those who died this day November 14th:

Oscar winning screenwriter Robert E. Sherwood in 1955 at age 59, dependable character acor Walter Catlett in 1960 at age 71, cowboy star Johnny Mack Brown in 1974 at age 70, Oscar winning director Tony Richardson in 1991 at age 63, lovely actress (blind girl in "City Lights") Virginia Cherrill in 1996 at age 88, and comedy star Eddie Bracken in 2002 at age 87.



Mongo (& Bartlett)


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Born this day November 15th:


Lead/co-star Beverly D'Angelo is 56.

Attractive actress, remembered as Ellen Griswold in "National Lampoon's Vacation", and in the sequels. Also in "The Sentinel", "Hair", "Coal Miner's Daughter" as Patsy Cline (Golden Globe nominee), "Paternity", "Eye for an Eye", "American History X", "Sugar Town", "Summer Catch", "King of the Corner", etc.

With companion Al Pacino, she is the mother of twins Olivia and Anton. Sang her own songs in "Coal Miner's Daughter". Also a stage performer.


Lead/co-star Sam Waterston is 67.

Tall, talented actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "The Killing Fields". Also in "The Great Gatsby" (Golden Globe nominee), "Interiors", "Hannah and Her Sisters", "Just Between Friends", "Serial Mom", "Nixon", "The Commission", etc.

Married twice (4 children). On the TV series "I'll Fly Away" and "Law and Order". Has a total of 8 Emmy Award nominations. Also a Tony Award nominee.


Co-star/support Yaphet Kotto is 70.

Forceful, African-American actor, in "Nothing But a Man" good role, "The Thomas Crown Affair", "Across 110th. Street", "Live and Let Die", "Eye of the Tiger", "Two If by Sea", etc.

Married 3 times (5 children). Was on the TV series "Homicide: Life on the Street" (nominated for 4 Emmy Awards best actor). Last on screen in 2001.


Co-star/support Joanna Barnes is 73.

Reliable blonde actress, usually a *****, in "Home Before Dark", "Auntie Mame", "Tarzan, the Ape Man", "Spartacus", Disney's "The Parent Trap" original, "The War Wagon", "B.S. I Love You", etc.

Married twice. Also in Disney's remake of "The Parent Trap", in which she was last on screen. A Golden Globe nominee. Also a novelist and journalist.


Lead/co-star Petula Clark is 75.

Bubbly actress/singer (a former child star), in "The Runaway Bus" w/Margaret Rutherford, "The Gay Dog" (no kiddin'), "Finian's Rainbow" (Golden Globe nominee best actress), "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" musical w/ Peter O'Toole, "Never Never Land", etc.

Married since 1961 (3 children). A popular singer with numerous hit records. Last on screen in 1980. She still performs on stage.

First first choice for the part of singer Nonnie Parry in the disaster epic "The Poseidon Adventure". She turned the role down, and it was given to Carol Lynley.


Co-star/support Edward Asner is 78.

Essential, stocky character actor, in over 100 films, including "The Satan Bug", "The Slender Thread", "El Dorado", "Gunn", "They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!", "Skin Game", "Daniel", "JFK", "Elf", "Sleeping Dogs Lie", etc.

Married twice (4 children). On the TV series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant". He won numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards, and is still active.


Co-star/support Carol Bruce is 88 today.

Sultry singer/actress, in "This Woman Is Mine" w/Franchot Tone, "Keep 'Em Flying" w/Abbott & Costello, "Behind the Eight Ball" w/The Ritz Bros., "American Gigolo", "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", etc.

Married (1 daughter). She sang at FDR's birthday ball in 1942. In many Broadway musicals. Was on TVs "WKRP in Cincinnati".




Co-star/support Tilly Losch (72) 1903-1975.

Exotic-looking actress/dancer, made an impression in a few films, "Limelight", "The Garden of Allah", "The Good Earth" as Muni's 2nd. wife, and "Duel in the Sun" as Herbert Marshall's cheating wife.

Married twice. A stage dancer, once a partner of Fred Astaire. She became a much admired painter.

Trained in dance at the Vienna Imperial Opera ballet school at age six and became a full member of the ballet corps at age 15. She made her professional debut and reputation, however, dancing Viennese waltzes.


Lead/co-star Lewis Stone (73) 1879-1953.

Essential character actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "The Patriot". Fondly remembered as Judge Hardy in the 'Andy Hardy' film series, of which he made 14. Also in "Madame X", "The Big House", "Mati Hari", "Grand Hotel", "Letty Lynton" w/Crawford, "Queen Christina" w/Garbo, "Treasure Island", "David Copperfield", "China Seas" w/Gable, "State of the Union", "Stars in My Crown", "It's a Big Country", etc.

Married 3 times (2 children). Served in WWI. In numerous silent films.

Stone's death was a particularly tragic one. A group of rowdy teenagers had invaded his meticulously kept garden, and he ran out to prevent damage and ask them to leave. The effort proved to much for the gallant 73-year-old and he collapsed of a heart attack, dying almost instantly.


In memory of those who died this day November 15th:

Superior character actor Lionel Barrymore in 1954 at age 76, dependable director Lloyd Bacon in 1955 at age 65, handsome movie star Tyrone Power in 1958 at age 44, MGM costume designer Irene in 1962 at age 61, silent screen actress Alice Lake in 1967 at age 72, French movie actor Jean Gabin in 1976 at age 72, silent screen actress Enid Markey in 1981 at age 87, comedic British character actress Mona Washbourne in 1988 at age 84, lovely actress Evelyn Venable in 1993 at age 80, and singer/actress Dorothy Loudon in 2003 at age 70.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 16th:


Co-star/support Martha Plimpton is 37.

Talented 'tomboyish' blonde actress, in "The Goonies", "Mosquito Coast", "Shy People", "Running on Empty", "Parenthood", "Samantha" lead role, "****", "200 Cigarettes" (1 carton), "The Sleepy Time Gal", etc.

Daughter of Keith Carradine. Was pals with the late River Phoenix. An Emmy Award nominee.


Co-star/support Marg Helgenberger is 49.

Dependable blonde actress, in "Always", "Crooked Hearts", "The Cowboy Way", "Species", "Fire Down Below", "Erin Brockovich", "In Good Company", etc.

Married to actor Alan Rosenberg since 1989 (1 son). On the mega-hit TV series "CSI" (4 time Emmy nominee best actress). Also on "China Beach" (won Emmy Award) and the soap "Ryan's Hope".


Co-star/support Patricia Barry is 77.

Reliable, attractive actress, in "Humoresque", "The Beast with Five Fingers", "Cry Wolf", "Manhattan Angel", "Send Me No Flowers", "Dear Heart", "For Keeps", "Sea of Love", "Dance with Me", etc.

Widow of producer Philip Barry Jr. AKA Patricia White. Made many TV appearances, especially good on a few "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episodes. Last on TV in 2001.


Co-star/support Clu Gulager is 79 today.

Dependable, good-looking actor, in "Winning", "The Last Picture Show" as Abilene the stud, "McQ" w/Wayne, "The Other Side of Midnight", "A Force of One", "Touched by Love" w/Diane Lane, "Return of the Living Dead", "Gunfighter", "Hunter's Blood", "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys", etc.

A widower after 50 years of marriage (2 sons). Served in the U.S. Marines. Guested on numerous TV shows. He tends to have a foul mouth.

Quoted: We need to laugh, we need to be scared, we need to hug our girl in the theater. It lightens the load of this crummy life.




Co-star/support Guy Stockwell (67) 1934-2002.

Once promising actor, in "Ask Any Girl", "The Gazebo", "Please Don't Eat the Daisies", "The War Lord", "Tobruk", "Airport 1975", "It's Alive" creepy chiller, "Burned at the Stake", "Grotesque", etc.

Was married with 3 children. Older brother of Dean Stockwell. Appeared on TV and did stage work. He became an acting teacher.


Co-star/support Bobs Watson (68) 1930-1999.

Adorable child star, remembered as **** in "On Borrowed Time", and as Pee Wee in "Boys Town". Also in "In Old Chicago", "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell", "Dodge City", "Wyoming", "Men of Boys Town", "The Bold and the Brave", etc.

Was married with 3 sons. Had 8 siblings in show business. He specialized in shedding tears. Became a minister. Died of prostate cancer.


Co-star/support Barbara Payton (39) 1927-1967.

Brassy blonde actress, in "Trapped", "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" w/Cagney, "Dallas" w/Cooper, "Only the Valiant" w/Peck, "Bride of the Gorilla", "Drums in the Deep South", "The Great Jesse James Raid", etc.

Married 4 times (1 son). She had a 3-way tryst with actors Franchot Tone and Tom Neal, which made headlines. Would later marry Tone, and eventually live in an abusive relationship with tough guy Neal. Was linked with a host of prominent actors including Gregory Peck, George Raft, Guy Madison, Gary Cooper, Steve Cochran, Bob Hope, Woody Strode, etc.

Into alcohol and drugs, she was skidding out of control. Her once beautiful face now blotchy and her once spectacular figure now bloated, Barbara sank deeper into the bottle. From 1955 to 1963 there were various brushes with the law - among them passing bad checks, public drunkenness and, ultimately, prostitution. A sad story indeed.


Co-star/support Royal Dano (71) 1922-1994.

Essential, slim character actor, in "The Red Badge of Courage", "Bend of the River", "Johnny Guitar", "The Trouble with Harry", "Moby Dick" as Elijah, "Saddle the Wind", "King of Kings", "Skin Game", "Capone", "THe Outlaw Josey Wales", "The Right Stuff", "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", etc.

Appeared numerous times on TV. Also did narration with his fine voice. He provided the voice of Abraham Lincoln in The Hall of Presidents at both Disneyland and Disney World.


Lead/co-star Burgess Meredith (89) 1907-1997.

Superior actor, with a raspy distinct voice, Oscar nominated best support as Mick in "Rocky", and for "The Day of the Locust" good movie about Hollywood. Also in "Winterset", "Of Mice and Men" w/Lon Chaney Jr., "Tom, Dick and Harry" w/Ginger Rogers, "Story of G.I. Joe", "The Diary of a Chambermaid", "Advise and Consent", "Madame X" w/Lana, "Grumpy Old men", etc.

Married 4 times including to Paulette Goddard. Served in WWII. Played the Penguin on the TV series "Batman". Also a stage actor.


Lead/co-star Mabel Normand (37) 1892-1930.

Beautiful silent screen star in over 200 films. She worked for Mack Sennett (also had a romance) and teamed numerous times with Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle.

Was married to director Lew Cody at the time of her death. Last on screen in 1927.

Was a party animal, and used drugs. Also was a suspect in the William Desmond Taylor murder mystery. She died of TB.

Quoted: "Say anything you like, but don't say I love to work. That sounds like Mary Pickford, the prissy bit*h." (Normand and Pickford were good friends.)


Co-star/support Halliwell Hobbes (84) 1877-1962.

Dandy British character actor with a nasal voice. In a wide range of roles from butlers to diplomats, in "Lady for a Day", "Mandalay", "The Right to Live", "The Story of Louis Pasteur", "Dracula's Daughter" exceptional horror, "The Prince and the Pauper" good role, "You Can't Take It with You", "Waterloo Bridge", "Here Comes Mr. Jordan", "Son of Fury", "To Be or Not to Be", "Gaslight", "Mr. Skeffington", "Miracle in the Rain", etc.

Married, he was also a grand stage actor.


In memory of those who died this day November 16th:

The King of Hollywood Clark Gable in 1960 at age 59, character actor (John Barrymore look-a-like) John Emery in 1964 at age 59, low-budget producer Robert L. Lippert in 1976 at age 67, French character actor Claude Dauphin in 1978 at age 75, 'B' film actor Morgan Conway in 1981 at age 78, supreme movie star William Holden in 1981 at age 63, and reliable Irish actress Siobhan McKenna in 1986 at age 63.

Also TV host of "This Is Your Life" Ralph Edwards in 2005 at age 92.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 17th:


Lead/co-star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is 49.

Attractive actress, Oscar nominated best support for "The Color of Money". Also in "Scarface" good role as Pacino's sister, "The Abyss", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Consenting Adults", "Three Wishes", "Two Bits", "Limbo", The Perfect Storm", "Standing Room Only", etc.

Married since 1990 (2 children). Tony Award nominee. On TVs "Without a Trace". Once trained for a career as an opera singer.


Lead/co-star Danny DeVito is 63.

Talented, short and stocky actor, in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" good role, "Terms of Endearment", "Ruthless People" (Golden Globe nominee best actor), "Tin Men", "Throw Momma from the Train" (Golden Globe nominee best actor) "The War of the Roses" (also direced), "Batman Returns", "Hoffa", "Get Shorty", "Matilda", "L.A. Confidential", "Big Fish", "Relative Strangers", "Deck the Halls", etc.

Married to actress Rhea Perlman since 1982 (3 children). Won an Emmy Award for his role on TVs "Taxi". Also a producer and director.


Co-star/support Lauren Hutton is 64.

Smooth, lovely blonde, with a gap-toothed smile, in "Little Fauss and Big Halsy", "The Gambler", "Gator", "A Wedding", "American Gigolo", "Zorro, the Gay Blade", "Paternity", "Once Bitten", "Run for Your Life", "Fear", etc.

She has yet to marry. A top-notch model. Once a Playboy bunny. Last on screen in 1999.

Bob Williamson acted as her accountant and, upon his death, Hutton discovered that nearly $13 million, several years' wages, was gone. In his will, he left $2.5 million to his new wife, and nothing to Lauren Hutton--the rightful owner of most of his money.


Director/producer Martin Scorsese is 65.

Major filmmaker, Oscar nominated best director for "Raging Bull", "The Last Temptation of Christ", "Goodfellas" (should have won), "Gangs of New York" (won Golden Globe Award), and "The Aviator". Also helmed "Mean Streets", "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", "Taxi Driver", "New York, New York", "The King of Comedy" "After Hours", "The Color of Money", "Cape Fear", "Casino", "The Departed" (finally won best director Oscar), etc.

Married 5 times including to Isabella Rosellini. He stands 5'4". Also a screenwriter, he won an Oscar. Used his parents in some of his films, especially his delightful mom. He also appears in bit parts and cameos in films.




Co-star/support Mari Aldon (78) 1925-2004.

Reliable blonde actress, in "The Locket", "Tomorrow Is Another Day", "The Tanks Are Coming", "Distant Drums" w/Gary Cooper, "This Woman Is Dangerous" w/Crawford, "The Barefoot Contessa" w/Bogart, "Summertime" w/Katharine Hepburn, etc.

Last on screen in 1955. Also on TV.


Lead/co-star Rock Hudson (59) 1925-1985.

Tall, dark and handsome movie star, Oscar nominated best actor for George Stevens "Giant". Also in "Bright Victory", "Bend of the River", "Magnificent Obsession", "All That Heaven Allows", "Written on the Wind", "Something of Value", "The Tarnished Angels", "This Earth Is Mine", "Pillow Talk", "Come September", "Lover Come Back", "Send Me No Flowers", "Seconds" exceptional role, "Ice Station Zebra", "Darling Lili", "Embryo", "The Mirror Crack'd", etc.

Married about 3 years to actress Phyllis Gates, as a cover-up for his homosexuality. Miss Gates would write a book, "My Husband, Rock Hudson" published in 1989. On the hit TV series "McMillan and Wife". By the time he had taken the role of a suave and stately horse breeder on "Dynasty" (1981), the AIDS virus was consuming him. Before long, he suffered memory loss and was forced to use cue cards. He also had difficulty speaking. Actress Morgan Fairchild was quoted: "His death gave AIDS a face".

TCM is presenting 3 of his films this afternoon.


Co-star/support Mischa Auer (61) 1905-1967.

Comedic, excitable pop-eyed actor, Oscar nominated best support for "My Man Godfrey". Also in "You Can't Take It with You", "Destry Rides Again", "Seven Sinners" w/Dietrich, "Hold That Ghost", "Lady in the Dark", "A Royal Scandal" w/Tallulah, "Brewster's Millions", "Sentimental Journey", "Sofia", "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't", etc.

Married 4 times (3 children). He spoke in 6 languages. Also a stage actor.


Co-star/support Lee Strasberg (80) 1899-1982.

Essential character actor, Oscar nominated best support as Hyman Roth in "The Godfather: Part II". Also in "Parnell" w/Gable, "The Third Man", "The Gun Runners", "The Longest Day", "The Cassandra Crossing", "...And Justice for All", "Boardwalk", "Going in Style" good role, etc.

Married 3 times (4 children including the late Susan Strasberg). A proponent of 'method' acting, which he taught. Was willed the estate of friend Marilyn Monroe worth over $12 million.


Co-star/support Sara Haden (81) 1899-1981.

Dependable character actress, remembered as Aunt Milly in the 'Andy Hardy' movie series. Also in "The Shop Around the Corner", "Boom Town", "Woman of the Year", "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes", "The Bishop's Wife", "The Big Cat", "A Life of Her Own", "A Lion Is in the Streets" w/Cagney, etc.

Divorced from actor Richard Abbott. Made numerous TV appearances.


Lead/co-star Frank Fay (63) 1897-1961.

Reliable actor, in "God's Gift to Women", "Stars Over Broadway", "Nothing Sacred", "I Want a Divorce", "They Knew What They Wanted", "Love Nest", etc.

Divorced from Barbara Stanwyck (adopted son Dion). Was a comic in vaudeville. Premiered on Broadway in the play "Harvey" as Elwood P. Dowd. Was an alcoholic, which brought him down.


In memory of those who died this day November 17th:

'Hoity-toity' character actress Cora Witherspoon in 1957 at age 67, superior character actress Gladys Cooper in 1971 at age 82, dependable British actor Clive Brook in 1974 at age 87, supporting actress Kay Johnson in 1975 at age 70, delightful character actress Ruth Donnelly in 1982 at age 86, zany comic Jimmy Ritz in 1985 at age 81, Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham in 1988 at age 84, child actor Billy Lee ('The Bisquit Eater') in 1989 at age 60, and grand African-American actress Esther Rolle in 1998 at age 78.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 18th:


Co-star/support Chloe Savigny is 33.

Impressive blonde starlet, Oscar nominated best support for "Boys Don't Cry" (won numerous awards). In "Kids", "Trees Lounge", "Palmetto", "American Psycho", "Party Monster", "Dogville", "Shattered Glass" good movie, "Broken Flowers", "Lying", etc.

Linked romantically with director Harmony Korine. On the HBO TV series "Big Love".


Lead/co-star Owen Wilson is 39.

Reliable blond-haired actor, in "Anaconda", "Rushmore", "The Haunting", "Shanghai Noon", "Meet the Parents", "Zoolander", "The Royal Tenebaums", "Starsky & Hutch", "Meet the Fockers", "Wedding Crashers", "You, Me and Dupree", etc.

Brother of Luke Wilson. Was linked with singer Cheryl Crow and actress Kate Hudson. It's evident that his nose has been broken several times. Also a screenwriter, he made 8 films with Ben Stiller, thus far. Has recently attempted suicide and is now reported to be recovering.


Co-star/support Elizabeth Perkins is 47.

Attractive, gifted actress, in "About Last Night", "Big", "Avalon" good role, "The Doctor", "The Flintstones" as Wilma, "Moonlight and Valentino", "Crazy in Alabama", "28 Days", "Cats and Dogs", "Fierce People", "Must Love Dogs", etc.

Married twice (1 child). On the cable TV series "Weeds" (Emmy Award nominee). A best friend of Diane Lane.


Co-star/support Delroy Lindo is 55.

Dependable British actor, with a powerful presence, in "The Blood of Heroes", "The Hard Way", "Malcolm X", "Crooklyn", "Broken Arrow", "Ransom", "The Cider House Rules" good movie, "The Last Castle", "The Core", Domino", etc.

Married with 1 son. Also a stage actor (Tony Award nominee).


Co-star/support Linda Evans is 65.

Beautiful blonde actress, in "Twilight of Honor", "Those Calloways", "Beach Blanket Bingo", "The Klansman", "Avalanche Express", ", "Tom Horn" w/McQueen, etc.

Married twice including to John Derek. Split with companion Yanni after 9 years. On the TV series "The Big Valley" w/Stanwyck, and as Krystle on "Dynasty" (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee). Last on TV in 1997.


Lead/co-star Brenda Vaccaro is 68 today.

Sparkling, husky-voiced actress from Brooklyn, Oscar nominated best support for "Once Is Not Enough" (she won Golden Globe Award). Also in "Midnight Cowboy" (Golden Globe nominee), "I Love My Wife", "Going Home", "The House by the Lake" good thriller, "Capricorn One", "Zorro, the Gay Blade", "The Mirror Has Two Faces", "Sonny", etc.

Married twice. Had a serious romance with Michael Douglas. Also a stage and TV actress (Tony and Emmy Award nominee).




Co-star/support Jocelyn Brando (86) 1919-2005.

Capable character actress, in "The Big Heat" as Glenn Ford's wife, "Ten Wanted Men", "Step Down to Terror", "The Ugly American", "The Chase", "Movie Movie", "Mommie Dearest", etc.

Married twice (2 sons). Sister of Marlon Brando. On numerous TV shows. Also a stage actress.


Lead/co-star David Hemmings (62) 1941-2003.

Talented British actor, remembered as the guy with the camera in "Blow-Up". Also in "Eye of the Devil", "Camelot", "Barbarella", "Alfred the Great", "The Love Machine", "Voices", "Juggernaut", "Islands in the Stream", "Gladiator", "Gangs of New York", etc.

Married 4 times (6 children). He also directed episodes of TVs "The A-Team". Prior to his death of a heart attack, he looked older than his years.


Co-star/support Imogene Coca (92) 1908-2001.

Highly regarded comedienne, in "Under the Yum Yum Tree", "Rabbit Test", "National Lampoon's Vacation" hilarious role as Aunt Edna, "Nothing Last Forever", "Papa Was a Preacher", "Buy & Cell", etc.

Was married to actor King Donovan. A staple on TVs "Your Show of Shows" w/Sid Caesar. She won an Emmy Award. Also on Broadway (Tony Award nominee).

Was the daughter of Jos? Fernandez de Coca, a violinist and vaudeville band leader, and Sadie Brady Coca, a dancer who also performed in a magician's act.


In memory of those who died this day November 18th:

Dandy character actor Donald Meek in 1946 at age 68, suave character actor Victor Francen in 1977 at age 89, opera star Dorothy Kirsten in 1992 at age 82, comical character actor Fritz Feld in 1993 at age 93, actor/singer/composer Cab Calloway in 1994 at age 86, essential character actor Harold J. Stone in 2005 at age 92.

Also the dapper & crooked Mayor of New York City Jimmy Walker in 1946 at age 65.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 19th:


Lead/co-star Jodie Foster is 45.

exceptional blonde actress, won Oscars' best actress for "The Accused", and "The Silence of the Lambs". Nominated best support for "Taxi Driver", and for best actress in "Nell". Also in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", "Bugsy Malone" neat movie, "Freaky Friday" (Golden Globe nominee), "Foxes", "Carny", "Little Man Tate" (also directed), "Sommersby", "Maverick", "Contact" (Golden Globe nominee), "Anna nd the King", "Panic Room", "Flightplan", etc.

She is a single mother of two children. Enjoys organic food. Deranged fan John Hinckley claimed that he attempted to kill President Ronald Reagan in order to impress her.


Lead/co-star Meg Ryan is 46.

Talented, perky blonde actress, Golden Globe best actress nominee for "When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle", and "You've Got Mail". In "Top Gun", "D.O.A.", "The Doors", "When a Man Loves a Woman" good role, "French Kiss" didn't get along with co-star Kevin Kline, "Courage Under Fire", "City of Angels", "Kate and Leopold", "In the Cut" raunchy role, etc.

Divorced from Dennis Quaid (1 son). She adopted a daughter from China. Kept company with Russell Crowe, John Cusack, and Matt Dillon.


Lead/co-star Glynnis O'Connor is 51.

Impressive actress, just missed the brass ring. In "Jeremy", "Baby Blue Marine", "Ode to Billy Joe", "California Dreaming", "The White Lions", "Melanie" exceptional role, "Johnny Dangerously", "New Best Friend", etc.

Mother of 2 daughters. Outstanding in the made for TV movies "Little Mo" as tennis ace Maureen Connolly and "Why Me?" Last on screen in 2002.


Lead/co-star Kathleen Quinlan is 53.

Stately brunette actress, Oscar nominated best support for "Apollo 13". In "Lifeguard", "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" good role, "The Promise", "Independence Day", "Wild Thing", "Clara's Heart", "The Doors", "Breakdown", "My Giant", "A Civil Action", "The Hills Have Eyes", etc.

Married to actor Bruce Abbott (2 sons).


Lead/co-star Dan Haggerty is 66.

Big, brawny, bearded actor remembered on the TV series "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams". In "Easy Rider", "Chrome and Hot Leather", "Hex", "King of the Mountain", "Americana", "Terror Night", "An Ordinary Killer", etc.

Married twice (3 children). Worked as an animal trainer and stunt man. Served 90 days in jail for selling cocaine in 1984.


Lead/co-star Alan Young is 88 today.

Dependable, comedic actor, remembered as Wilber on the "Mister Ed" TV series. In "Margie" w/Jeanne Crain, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", "Gentleman Marry Brunettes", "tom thumb", "The Time Machine" dual role, "The Cat from Outer Space", "Em & Me", etc.

Married twice (3 children). Once dated Marilyn Monroe. He is devoted to Christian Science. Still active, he does voice over work, notably for Disney.




Lead/co-star Gene Tierney (70) 1920-1991.

Radiantly beautiful movie star, Oscar nominated best actress for "Leave Her to Heaven". In "Tobacco Road", "Belle Starr", "Son of Fury" w/Tyrone Power, "Heaven can Wait", "Laura" pivitol role, "Dragonwyck", "The Razor's Edge", "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", "Whirlpool", "Close to My Heart", "The Mating Season", "The Secret of Convict Lake", "Plymouth Adventure", "Never Let Me Go", "Advise and Consent", "Toys in the Attic", etc.

Divorced from designer Oleg Cassini (2 daughters). She suffered a nervous breakdown from depression. Her second marriage of 20 years was a happy one.

"Although she was beautiful in her films, they couldn't quite capture all of her. Fortunately, I did, even if it was late in my life." - Spencer Tracy.


Lead/co-star Anton Walbrook (70) 1896-1967.

Imperious, suave and handsome Austrian actor. In "Victoria the Great", "Lola Montez", "Angel Street", "Gaslight" (1940), "The 49th. Parallel", "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp", "The Red Shoes" as the obsessively demanding impresario, "Saint Joan", "I Accuse", etc.

He was described as a "respected screen actor, half Jewish, a homosexual and a man of conscience". His co-star of "The Red Shoes" Moira Shearer said he was a loner on the set, often wearing dark glasses and eating alone.


Co-star/support Ned Sparks (73) 1883-1957.

Essential character actor, usually a sourpuss, chomping a cigar and given to sarcasm. In "42nd. Street', "Gold Diggers of 1933", "Lady for a Day", "Going Hollywood", "Alice in Wonderland", "Imitation of Life" w/Colbert, "The Bride Walks Out", "One in a Million" (which he was), "Magic Town", etc.

Married in 1931. A radio star favorite.

Estranged himself from Hollywood friends in the last years of his life, whereas only a handful of people attended his funeral.


Also birthday wishes to our own Ted Turner who celebrates his 69th. today.


In memory of those who died this day November 19th:

British character actor Francis L. Sullivan in 1956 at age 53, comedic character actor Stepin Fetchit in 1985 at age 83, talented starlet Diane Varsi in 1992 at age 54, Oscar nominated director Alan J. Pakula in 1998 at age 70, dependable German actor Helmut Griem in 2004 at age 72, character actress Ruth Manning in 2004 at age 84, and producer/composer Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day) in 2004 at age 62.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 21st:


Lead/co-star Jena Malone is 23.

Exceptionally gifted starlet, had a stunning debut in "Bast*rd Out of Carolina". In "Contact", "Stepmom", "The Book of Stars", "For Love of the Game", "Donnie Darko", "Life as a House", "Cold Mountain", "Saved!", "The Ballard of Jack and Rose", "Lying", etc.

Also on Broadway. She won legal emancipation from her mother due to mismanagement of her career earnings.


Lead/co-star Nicollette Sheridan is 44.

Statuesque blonde actress, made a splash as Edie on the hot TV series "Desperate Housewives" (Golden Globe nominee). In "The Sure Thing", "Noises Off", "Spy Hard", "Beverly Hills Ninja", "Raw Nerve", "Lost Treasure", etc.

Divorced from Harry Hamlin. Dated singer Michael Bolton. Met Leif Garrett at age 15. Lived with him under his mother's roof as a minor. The relationship lasted 6 years.


Lead/co-star Goldie Hawn is 62.

Attractive 'ditzy' blonde actress, won Oscar best support for "Cactus Flower", and Oscar nominated best actress for "Private Benjamin". In "Butterflies Are Free" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Sugarland Express", "Shampoo" (Golden Globe nominee), "The Duchess and the Dirtwater FoX" (Golden Globe nominee), "Foul Play" (Golden Globe nominee), "Best Friends" (Golden Globe nominee), "Swing Shift", "Wild Cats", "Overboard", "Deceived", "The First Wives Club", "The Banger Sisters" (Golden Globe nominee), etc.

Married twice and current companion to Kurt Russell since 1983 (1 son). Mother of Kate Hudson. Appeared on the TV series "Laugh-In". Is an accomplished ballet dancer.


Co-star/support Juliet Mills is 66.

Reliable English actress, in "So Well Remembered", "Carry On Jack", "The Rare Breed", "Oh! What a Lovely War", "Avanti" (Golden Globe nominee), "Beyond the Door", "The Other Sister", etc.

Married since 1980 to Maxwell Caulfield (2 children). Daughter of John Mills and sister of Haley Mills. Goddaughter of Viven Leigh. On the TV series "Nanny and the Professor" (Golden Globe nominee). On the soap "Passions" (Emmy Award nominee). Also a Tony Award nominee.


Co-star/support Laurence Luckinbill is 73.

Capable actor, in "Boys in the Band", "Such Good Friends", "The Money", "The Promise", "Cocktail", "Messenger of Death", "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", etc.

Married to Lucie Arnaz since 1980 (3 children). Divorced from Robin Strasser (2 sons). A prominent TV performer, and Tony Award nominee. Last on screen in 1989.


Co-star/support Joseph Campanella is 74 today.

Brawny, talented actor, in "Murder Inc.", "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre", "Ben", "Meteor", "Body Chemistry", "A Show of Force", "The Glass Cage", "Dust", "The Showdown", etc.

Married since 1964 (7 sons). Stage actor and Tony Award nominee. On numerous TV shows and series.

Rumored to be the voice of Berkshire Control in the classic science fiction movie "Silent Running" (1972).




Co-star/support Robert Drivas (47) 1938-1986.

Charismatic, once promising actor, in "Cool Hand Luke", "The Illustrated Man" good role, "Where It's at", "Road Movie", "God Told Me To" good Sci-Fi horror flick, etc.

A stage actor and director, he was on a few TV series. Nickname was Pretty Boy. He died of Aids.


Co-star/support Vivian Blaine (74) 1921-1995.

Bubbly blonde actress/singer, remembered as Miss Adeleide in "Guys and Dolls". Also in "Jitterbugs" w/Laurel & Hardy, "Greenwich Village", "Something for the Boys", "Doll Face", "Nob Hill" w/Raft, "State Fair", "Three Little Girls in Blue", "Skirts Ahoy", "I'm Going to Be Famous", etc.

Married 3 times. A prominent musical stage actress. Also on TV. A clothes horse involved in the apparel industry she appeared on many "Best Dressed Women in America" lists from 1973 to 1983.


Lead/co-star Ralph Meeker (67) 1920-1988.

Dependable, macho actor, in "Teresa", "Somebody Loves Me", "The Naked Spur", "Jeopardy" w/Stanwyck, "Kiss Me Deadly" outstanding as Mike Hammer, "A Woman's Devotion", "Paths of Glory" exceptional role, "Ada", "The Dirty Dozen", "The Detective", "I Walk the Line" w/Peck, "Brannigan", "The Food of the Gods", "Winter Kill", "Something Wild", etc.

Married twice including to actress Salome Jens. Also on TV.


Co-star/support Steve Brodie (72) 1919-1992.

Reliable 'tough guy' actor, in "A Walk in the Sun", "Crossfire", "Out of the Past", "Home of the Brave" Good role, "The Big Wheel", "Winchester '73", "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" w/Cagney, "The Steel Helmet", "Donovan's Brain", "The Caine Mutiny", "The Far Country" good western, etc.

Father of actor Kevin Brodie. Also on TV.


Lead/co-star Eleanor Powell (69) 1912-1982.

Talented, leggy, fresh-faced tap-dancing star with a dazzling smile. In "Born to Dance", "Honolulu", "The Broadway Melody of 1936", "The Broadway Melody of 1938", "Lady Be Good", "The Broadway Melody of 1940", "Ship Ahoy", "I Dood It" w/Red Skelton, "Sensations of 1945", etc.

Divorced from Glenn Ford (1 son). She began her machine gun foot work on the Broadway stage. Quoted: "I'd rather dance than eat". Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

TCM is giving this lady of faith a birthday salute for most of the day. And deservedly so.


Lead/co-star Dorothy Granger (82) 1912-1982.

Popular actress in over 200 films since 1929. In "Politics", "The Beast of the City", "The Dentist" an outrageous short with W.C. Fields as her dentist, in numerous pre-codes and also "Naughty Marietta", "Show Boat", "Camille", "**** Tonk" w/Gable, "Westward the Women", "So Big", "Raintree County", etc.

Played opposite Leon Errol in many comedy shorts. Was considered for the role of Belle Watling in "Gone With the Wind", until director George Cukor was dismissed from the film.


In memory of those who died this day November 21st:

Charismatic actor/boxer Max Baer in 1959 at age 50, supporting actor Paul Wexler in 1979 at age 50, portly character actor Harry von Zell in 1981 at age 75, brassy character actress Lee Patrick in 1982 at age 80, comedic character actor Jerry Colonna in 1986 at age 82, prominent director Daniel Mann in 1991 at age 79, amiable actor/director Bill Bixby in 1993 at age 59, and handsome TV actor Gardner McKay in 2001 at age 69.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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Born this day November 24th:


Lead/co-star Shirley Henderson is 42.

Impressive, dark-haired actress from Scotland, in "Rob Roy", "Trainspotting", "Wonderland", "Topsy-Turvy", "Bridget Jones's Diary" as Jude, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" as Moaning Myrtle, "American Cousins", "Marie Antoinette", etc.

Unmarried, she is also a stage actress. Being age 35 at the time that she first played Moaning Myrtle, she is the oldest actor to play a Hogwarts student in the Harry Potter films.


Lead/co-star Billy Connolly is 65.

Big, burly talented Scot, in "Absolution", "Indecent Proposal", "Muppet Treasure Island", "Mrs. Brown" exceptional role, "The Imposters", "Beautiful Joe", "Gabriel & Me", "White Orleander", "The Last Samurai", "Fido", etc.

Married twice (5 children). Also a writer. Known for his Long, messy hair, 'Goatee' beard and lots of bad language in his stand-up show.




Lead/co-star Geraldine Fitzgerald (91) 1913-2005.

Gifted Irish beauty, Oscar nominated best support for "Wuthering Heights". Also in "Dark Victory", "'Til We Meet Again", "The Gay Sisters", "Watch on the Rhine", "Wilson", "Three Strangers", "Nobody Lives Forever", "The Pawnbroker", "Harry and Tonto", "The Mango Tree", "Arthur", etc.

Married twice (2 children). Lifelong friend of Maureen O'Sullivan. Made 2 grand appearances on TVs "The Golden Girls" (Emmy Award nominee). Also on Broadway.


Co-star/support Alan Lake (43) 1940-1984.

Reliable British actor, in "Catch Us If You Can", "Charlie Bubbles", "Hide and Seek", "The Swordsman", "Flame", "The Office Party", "Con Man", etc.

Widower of Diana Dors (1 son). After she died in 1984, he committed suicide on the 16th anniversary of their first meeting. Was a master Swordsman.


Co-star/support Lee Bonnell (67) 1918-1986.

Capable actor, in "Stranger on the Third Floor" w/Lorre, "Lady Scarface", "Parachute Battalion", "The Gay Falcon", "Sister Kenny", "San Quentin", "The Checkered Coat", etc.

Was married to Gale Storm (4 children). He became a wealthy executive.


Lead/co-star Howard Duff (76) 1913-1990.

Dependable, virile actor, in "Brute Force", "The Naked City", "All My Sons", "Woman in Hiding", "Shakedown", "Private Hell 36", "Women's Prison", "While the City Sleeps", "Boy's Night Out", "A Wedding", "Kramer vs. Kramer", etc.

Divorced from Ida Lupino (1 daughter). Played Sam Spade on radio. On the TV series "Mr. Adams and Eve" w/Lupino.


Lead/co-star Kirby Grant (73) 1911-1985.

Reliable actor, on screen from 1935, in "My Favorite Blonde", "Hello, Frisco Hello", "Destination Tokyo", "In Society" w/Abbott & Costello, "Lawless Breed", "Snow Dog" which began a series of movies as Cpl. Rod Webb of the Yukon, etc.

Remembered as TVs "Sky King". Was killed in a road accident.


Co-star/support Roman Bohnen (54) 1894-1949.

Grand character actor, in "Of Mice and Men" (1939) as Candy, "So Ends Our Night", "The Hard Way" as Ida Lupino's husband, "The Song of Bernadette" as Bernadette's lazy father, "The Mask of Dimitrios", "None But the Lonely Heart", "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers", "The Best Years of Our Lives" as Dana Andrews' proud dad, "Brute Force", "Song of Love", "Joan of Arc", etc.

He left for Hollywood in the late 30's to pursue a film career mainly as an effort to earn money for his family and ailing wife, Hilda.

Is the mean boss in the short film "The Tell-Tale Heart", shown on TCM.

It was said that his death was due to the enormous pressure he was getting from government investigators to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, ala John Garfield.


Co-star/support Cathleen Nesbitt (93) 1888-1982.

Lovely character actress, in "Pygmalion", "Caesar and Cleopatra", "Nicholas Nickleby", "Three Coins in the Fountain", "Black Widow", "An Affair to Remember" as the grandmother, ""Separate Tables", "The Parent Trap", "Family Plot", "Julia", etc. Married for 62 years (2 children). Was the original mother of Rex Harrison in the play "My Fair Lady".


In memory of those who died this day November 24th:

Brassy movie star Ruth Chatterton in 1961 at age 67, suave, 'wise-guy' movie star George Raft in 1985 at age 80, and dependable co-star Jeffrey Lynn in 1995 at age 86.



Mongo (& Bartlett)

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